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Important program of all human incarnations

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Important program of all human incarnations

All the human incarnations have the single common point which is the spiritual guidance given to the human beings since that is the most important program. Other factors like the physical form, dress, language, culture and composition of the three qualities are not important and variation occurs as you can see Jesus, Rama and Krishna. Therefore, God is represented by this common characteristic of true spiritual knowledge only (Satyam Jnanamanantam Brahma…, Prajnanam Brahma…Veda; Jnanitvatmaiva….Gita).

Even the liberated soul should be in constant awareness of the Lord and even if the liberated soul is made to sit on the throne of God, it should remember that the Lord is the kingmaker. The wheel (Sudarshana Chakra) is always revolving around the finger of the Lord. The revolutions indicate constantly that Sudarshana is zero only. The finger of the Lord indicates the number one. All the zeros placed after one get values only due to the existence of the number one behind them. This must be the constant memory of the liberated soul even if it becomes the human incarnation. If ego enters, it will fall down and Sudarshana was born as Kartavirya with ego and was killed by the Lord Parashurama in the war. But Parashurama was also the human incarnation of a liberated soul only. Again he committed the same mistake and Rama who was the original human incarnation of the God removed his ego.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony


Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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