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  2. Simran diya kuj savdaniya,shabad da dhamaka_bhai sewa singh tarmala.mp4
  3. Another verse below (extract from Gurbani Arth Bhandar Pothi), which can possibly be used to support freedom of speech and encourage tolerance. Bhul chuk maaf
  4. The below extract is from Gurbani Arth Bhandar Pothi. Bhul chuk maaf
  5. Please read the extract below from Vairag Shatak. It explains how Greed troubles a human being. Quote Oh Greed! Due to your support I have worked in servitude but received nothing from it ! I have endured the cruel words from fools, which would make anyone cry. I have restrained my mind and held back my tears, being unsure about my future I have not replied in any harsh way. Just like a worried person who fake laughs, showing their teeth excessively, I have clasped my hands together and regularly saluted so many idiots. In the same way I salute you Greed, I have been trying to please you for so long, but now please leave me alone, I'm just a servant why do you continue to burn me? Unquote[1] [1] - https://www.manglacharan.com/post/greed-why-do-you-continue-to-burn-me-vairag-shatak Bhul chuk maaf
  6. Sant Ji currently Live in Kharar which is near Mohali if anyone would like to meet them please contact Bhinder Singh Ji
  7. The below device, in combination with Simran/Kirtan (of Gurbani Shabads/Tuks related to Stress elimination), might help a person in managing his/her stress levels in these tough times. https://neuvanalife.com/products/xen Bhul chuk maaf
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  9. Many topics which are discussed on here get irreleantly linked to a whole group and hatred is spewed against them. There are many Note badal appointed sgpc president jagir kaur behind dhumma at so called panthic smagam Then we should just go to pandit ji and ask him for straight path to rabb. I wonder how us sikhs, the religion most against nakli Sadhs sants and dere baba have fallen to them ourselves.... We have perfect environment, highest population percentage of low castes in punjab, a country of oppressed people india, who are unknowingly waiting to be freed from clutches of brahminvaad but we are to busy going to dera instead of putting people on path of gurmat and doing parchar. At the time of writing the past comment I was shocked and surprised after finding a pdf file being shared on this forum which showed rituals of reading gurbani to get certain reward, including repeating lakh times then throwing water around and other fruitless rituals. The sad thing was that most regular posters on the forum were agreeing with it and supporting it even though the first line showed that it was written from ideas gathered from radha swoamis, udasi's, nirmale, nakli nirankaris namdhari kooke (who have their own guru dom) and other fake sikh virodhi sects. Also shocked that sikhs were scared of ghosts and ghost videos.... Even from wam pharam believing hindu I would not expect... There had been many publications like gp6 which have been released to confuse sikh nation and create further divide, having read some of other ones and realising it waste of time and developing of negative thoughts while reading it, it was assumed it would be better to ask people who have already read it to find out whether it contained anything questionable, false or anti sikh. I did not want to bring in kala afghanas writing into it, but due to the long time period in between release of Book it was hard to find other critique or analyse of it. 'Te Sikh V niglea gaya' is a good book. Available online, success da rah youtube channel also is doing audio book on it ATM. Success da rah channel gives impartial and equal view on topics like dasam granth, "it is upto you if u want to read or not", many great Sikh scholars have Debates for 100s year and not been able to resolve issue.
  10. Underwater volcanoes miss most people's mention. The advanced scientific mindset present in Gurbani is undeniable.
  11. Thank you Hanji. I listened and I was reading along for a bit, but I got hit with such bliss, that I just drifted into the deepest sleep. I'll have to watch a few times. I was sitting on the floor watching then boom I was laying in bliss then gone. I only passed out maybe two hours but I feel like I slept a whole night.
  12. Quote During the encirclement of Anandpur Sahib when supplies were running low, Guru Gobind Singh sent a letter to the Raja of Nahan, Mediniprakash, requesting supplies of opium be sent for the troops. ਜਲ ਥੰਮਣ ਬੈਰਾਗ ਰਿਪੁ ਥੱਕਿਆ ਬੈਹਣ ਨ ਦੇਹ | That which keeps moisture away, tears away from one's eyes, and doesn't allow one to sit with fatigue ਚੰਪਾ ਤੁਮਾਰੇ ਦੇਸ਼ ਮੇਂ ਭੇਜ ਹਮਾਰੇ ਦੇਹਿ | The opium in your land, send those supplies to me Unquote[1] [1] - https://www.manglacharan.com/post/guru-gobind-singh-ji-penning-letter-to-raja-of-nahan-requesting-opium Bhul chuk maaf
  13. I come across this beautiful illustration, before this things were bit confusing for me. This pic is for those who are listening to Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana or prabh milne ka chao or Waheguru Simran you tube channels for naam abyiaas. I know it is kind of spiritual science anatomy, but it is true and helps a lot.
  14. The Gurmukhi version is there in the link below bro. Bhul chuk maaf
  15. Quote ਮ੧: ਉਤੰਗੀ ਪੈਓਹਰੀ ਗਹਿਰੀ ਗੰਭੀਰੀ ॥ Oh big and firm breasted Woman, think deeply about this ਸਸੁੜਿ ਸੁਹੀਆ ਕਿਵ ਕਰੀ ਨਿਵਣੁ ਨ ਜਾਇ ਥਣੀ ॥ (You'll end up thinking) "How can I bow down to my mother-in-law? I cannot bow with (the arrogance of) my big breasts" ਗਚੁ ਜਿ ਲਗਾ ਗਿੜਵੜੀ ਸਖੀਏ ਧਉਲਹਰੀ ॥ Friend, these mansions, built from solid mortar (thick), as high up in the mountains (perky) ਸੇ ਭੀ ਢਹਦੇ ਡਿਠੁ ਮੈ ਮੁੰਧ ਨ ਗਰਬੁ ਥਣੀ ॥੧॥ Even these (big and perky breasts) I've seen crumble (droop over time); oh Woman do not be arrogant about your breasts. Unquote[1] [1] - https://www.manglacharan.com/post/do-not-be-arrogant-guru-nanak Bhul chuk maaf
  16. By Amrit Vela Trust- Rinku Veer Ji (Bombay Wale)
  17. Last week
  18. Im with Bhai Simranjit all the way although I have not listened to the other clip yet. The thing with chautha padh is that nothing is physical so seeing faces of the gurus whilst doing abhiyas isnt necessarily a good thing and from what bhai Seva Singh used to say, its just kaal playing tricks on you. Same as if you see different coloured lights. I will listen to the other clip too.
  19. Shukria Hanji. I had never heard of Pitta before. Also it is very important to keep your bowels clean. "Make sure you bust several grumpies a day lest you act like a grumpie yourself", so says Dave. In the military, for ground forces, the number one cause of soldiers becoming too ill to fight is they neglect poopin out of fear, and their body becomes toxic then ill. My cousin who was a Navy Corpsman said when he was nested with ground troops his job as a medic ultimately was play mom, carry the guys extra gear to give them a break, and make them poop regularly. He said the rest was iv and salt water balance and the odd patch up job before evac.
  20. Jo Baba Nand Singh Ji di Nindya karda hai... os naal estra da ho jaanda hai, watch Bachan No. 4 :
  21. Very interesting, i didn't knew that. But i know that cold shower would give you shock like feeling and helps to stop any ongoing thoughts or general anxiety issues. It helps a lot for building up concentration for naam simran in the morning after a good night sleep.
  22. 1891054294_ChopaiSahibSimranNaal__GianiThakurSinghji(DamdamiTaksaal).webm
  23. Quote When Bibi Amaro went with her uncle-in-law to meet, Amar Das, to meet Guru Angad, they were taken to eat Langar, Mehima Prakash (1776 CE) describes it as follows: ਲੇ ਚਲੇ ਸਾਥ ਲੰਗਰ ਕੇ ਮਾਹਿ । ਸੰਗੀ ਸਗਲ ਬੁਲਾਏ ਤਾਹਿ । They were taken to the Langar [Bibi Amaro and Amardas], and Guru Angad called all the attendants [to serve them]. ਮਾਸ ਭਇਓ ਸਿਧ ਰਸੋਈ । ਅਵਰ ਦਾਲ ਭਾਤ ਭੀ ਹੋਈ । Amongst the food was meat and other types of lentils as well. The text mentions how Guru Angad also ate with them, the text describes it by saying: ਜਬ ਮਹਾਂ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕਾ ਖਾਇਆ । ਮਹਾਂ ਅਨੰਦ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ ਹੋਇ ਆਇਆ । When Guru Angad ate the Maha-Prashad [the meat sacrament], he was filled with great bliss. ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ਮਹਿਮਾ ਕਿਆ ਕਹੈ । ਜੋ ਪਾਵੈ ਸੋਈ ਸੁਖ ਲਹੈ । What can one say about the Prasad [sacrament's] of the True Guru, whoever has enjoyed it has attained its bliss. Unquote[1] [1] - Meat Served in Guru Angad Dev Ji's Langar (manglacharan.com) Bhul chuk maaf
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