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  2. Yes, but Guru sahib has also said beloved of Lord dont like to perform siddhis. Mahapurkhs like Baba Nand Singh jee also ate physical food. Kabeer ji has written in Gurbani that Bhookhe Bhagat na keeje yeh mala apni leeje . Bhul Chuk Maaf Sat Kartar
  3. Good question. We are all prisoners. We did not chose to take birth and play out this game. Even if you are born into heaven, you are still chained. Goal is liberation to become free, to ascend. To do that we raise your vibration and light-en up mentally/physically. Anyways your question is what happens after, if there's no birth and death. You become a free soul, you can go anywhere, your natural state is 1 billion times more joyous than, lets say, king of the whole world in perfect health. Don' you read gurbani? There are countless indescribable worlds, there's no end. Also your desires are fulfilled, and at the same time you are desire less. Just peace. Maybe then you "merge" with God consciousness. Its simply complete freedom.
  4. It only worth donating to someone/something that's one time thing or helping someone that has potential. Everything else is wasted. Like donating to Bill Gates so he can feed the hungry people in Africa, that's a waste. they eat today they will be hungry tomorrow. Helping poor family fix a house, getting rid of someone's debt, etc, these are all useful and approved by the Lord. Liberty in North Korea and ECO Sikh are example of good organization to donate to.
  5. Which night we stay awake as per Nanaksar maryada? Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday. 18th night or 19th.
  6. One thing that is interesting to see is people that are doubting others expierences. This is a public anonymous forum rather then a public public one. Please just go internally and just see, any other debate on the matter is just that, a debate of words and nothing spoken of personal expierence.
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  8. What I'm saying is yes that's true. But there's still work to be done. And it's posted in discussions and debates.
  9. There is a trend these days on youtube, to add masala and unnecessarily sensationalize stories. No doubt , that Naam will create certain vibration, and it will be spread to where ever you go, and what ever you touch.
  10. Very simple. Keep mind connected with ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ and dont be concerned with outside things.
  11. I totally agree with the mobility part. I will see what I can do.
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  13. Can the @admin @moderator Please change, remove title of this thread. Each time this thread opens. Its extremely disrespectful.
  14. I use this app from this website http://tubemate.net/
  15. Waheguru Ji Update 16 9/30-771 Jaaps 10/1-801 Jaaps 10/2-751 Jaaps 10/3-932 Jaaps 10/4-1,040 Jaaps 10/5-850 Jaaps 10/6-680 Jaaps Total done this week 5,825 Total done since started 60,882 64,118 left til 125,000
  16. One dude in the military did shoot himself more than once, but it was twice, and almost impossible to do because if you shoot yourself, you drop the gun, and have to crawl over to it, pick it back up, and shoot again. No way that is happening five times. The consious dissonance of the mind trying to accept Kalyug is strong enough. The confusion of looking around and seeing everything be shit, everyone act like shit. Then you go places like universities and the military expecting these groups to be the ones set apart from the delidri masses and...boom...there you are deeper in kalyug than ever, in fact working for kalyug, surrounded by more hate and ignorance than ever. You thought you were signing up to be a hero, and fight shoulder to shoulder with real men and women for a good cause. Then you realize you sold your life to evil people, to be surrounded by evil people who are worse than any bogiman they told you was the enemy. Your faith in your government, and humanity itself crumbles and many people choose to off themselves rather than put back together the broken pieces of themselves let alone their shattered worldview. I have looked everywhere. The Paanth is the only place of hope. The only thing worth joining, the only thing worth sorting out. Everything else is corrupt in nature or too far gone.
  17. The easiest trick they have is called state checking and what you do is during the day habitually as you are awake you see if you can read things more than one time and if you can read it twice successfully you're awake things like clocks or books posters and because you've habituated yourself while you're awake to keep asking yourself if you're dreaming or awake then when you're dreaming you naturally habitually ask yourself the same question only when you're dreaming and you go to read the poster twice or read the clock twice you have an opportunity to notice that the letters or numbers are shifting and are not permanent and in that moment you can achieve lucidity that's a dream initiated lucid dream. Easiest trick to recollect your dreams is to keep a dream journal where every time you wake up you immediately write down your dreams because in the first few seconds you're awake you still have access to dreams that moments later you will have forgotten and in this practice of keeping a journal as you wake up during the night or in the morning it brings your focus and attention to remembering your dreams so not only will you be able to go back and read your journal dreams that you actually forgot about but you will remember dreams more frequently just because of this habit. The wake initiated lucid dream is a little bit harder because you have to maintain consciousness through meditation as you fall asleep but you can't fall asleep you have to allow your body to fall asleep but keep your mind conscious while it goes through the hypnagogic imagery and different sounds and sites you see as you enter the dream world Sorry Hanji I don't remember much about the wake itiated lucid dream process and I had to use voice to text so this is probably hard to read cuz I was in a hurry
  18. Are they not suppose to say “Do you accept Jesus ... ........?” Looks like a forced conversion
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