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  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh As per my understanding , when you feel sleepy you must sleep but do it by listening to the shabad and then waheguru ji will wake you in sunn.You cannot force it by trying to resist sleep.You will go into semi sleep through sehaj dhun.What we call sleep is actually sehaj. Like Guru Granth Sahib Ji is saying that everyone wants sehaj but we can get sehaj only through shabad as per the last line.
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  4. Here are 108 wise sayings of Dadi Janki.... https://www.hindu-blog.com/2018/09/dadi-janki-quotes-collection-of-108.html
  5. most likely, however, these are divine mysteries beyond out mental comprehension, so I usually keep head might down. one should do whichever is most comfortable in the beginning. WaheGuru is Gur Mantar.
  6. Here is perhaps the greatest version of the Hanuman chalisa. Take a look and hear what all the fuss is about.
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  8. Online Sangat on here is good to have, discussions and talking about gurbani is good. Above all, read gurbani, and believe the Gurus. The world/ humans and even spirits will try and sell you rubbish once you step onto this path. The True Bhagats don’t buy or believe it. They only believe the Guru.
  9. in my view the best approach is that I really want to see Baba Nand Singh Ji, and seek HIS guidance, but I am not eligible for that, then make a concerted effort. Please PM if wish so.
  11. i havent attended any protest physically, but i am actively participating on twitter, insta and you tube. Doing hashtags on twitter doing tea-breaks and lunchbreak. I have also donated money to khalsa aid who are actively helping out farmers there.
  12. 🙏 Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, January 20.


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    The Panthic Sikh Rehit Maryada (Section Four, Chapter X, Article XVI) states: “s. It is not proper for a Sikh woman to wear veil or keep her face hidden by veil or cover.” There should be differentiation between a veil and hijaab. A veil is that which covers the face and body. The hijaab is like a headscarf which covers the head, but leaves the face visible to see. The Qur’an requires women to dress modestly and cover their body and head. The practice of covering the face with a veil is an ancient Arabic cultural practice which has been adapted by Islamic culture (but not instructed
  14. Don't want to say anything wrong, but i think he means that only knowledge of gurbani is like nothing. We have so many granthis, lecturers in uni, organisations' presidents, SGPC members etc, they all have knowledge but they don't practice naam or gurbani, and I won't hesitate to say that they don't believe 100% what they know. I have learnt how to practice naam but I don't do it, and instead carry on sleeping late in the morning. Does my knowledge means everything ? would it take me anywhere ? No. I do love gurbani, and it is the love which would help me reach the spirituality heights.
  15. VERY NICE POSTS. Bro, I have a few questions 1) All the Sants / Mahapurkhs were Sannyasis --- can we householders become brahm gyani, if the answer is Yes -- then please show me some examples. Don't give example from puritan times. I want examples from Modern times. 2) Is it possible to attain brahmgyan stage while living in foreign lands such as Canada, Amerika atey UK. Reason I ask is because here dollar and pound is the King and life is extremely worldly, materialistic. Worldly duties get to a very high avastha here, where as in India you can have constant daishan, visits to Gurud
  16. Bramacharaya is a very high state of mind, and for that one has to do a lot of kamaee. It is not just saying I will do so and get it, it is to fight with the mind on the internal level with the weapon of Naam alone. That is the right weapon to knock out the mind, for with other methods and weapons, the mind can not be subdued, for as seen in the history, it has defeated big rishis, munis and sanyasis. So to deal properly with this enemy of kaam, one needs the correct weapon, which is His sacred Name as per Bani, all other efforts are futile and a waste of time. And also do not r
  17. Perhaps lucky Singh can help or chatanga who is proficient in historical granths.
  18. Can I confess my sins? I used to indulge in homosexual activities as I didnt have a strong father figure growing up. Now that I am trying to strengthen my spirit there are times I fall and go back to my old ways of watching porn and self-pleasure. I feel that I cannot sleep with a man now but the mind is still stuck in the past because the battle is firece as I took drugs. And when i feel sad, the urges kick in and is linked to my homosexual past and i just watch porn yet again. I am unable to kick the habit fully and would like to confess to someone. Please help me
  19. 29 Views and no response. Please someone reply !
  20. I will surely contact him bro. Thanks for the info, but please tell me is he brahmgyani and is he from Nanaskar? I have lot of respect for Nanaksar.
  21. The aim is still not to dwell on the astral though and to live life in the third energy, here and now. There is a lot to be learned here on earth, even Truth masters learn here. We go to the astral upon death, but life is here and now on earth, accepting that is important. Working, supporting your own life, Practicing Gurbani in your daily life, enjoying life and learning as you go along is the best way to live. But respecting life, so not meditating in the hills all the time etc. We take to exercise and meditation in the evening and night and live life during the day. Not needing darsha
  22. Veer ji its not easy to meet them as usually the best way is to check out local samgams if they are attending. Or you can check social media with Damdami Taksal links. That would be the ultimate dream come true as its only a puran bramgyani like the late Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale could do that.
  23. He is omnipresent, so physical or geographical locations have no value, your inner being is His real temple where you can find Him for sure. A Brahmgyani, is also His form as seen in Sukhmani Sahib. Unlike we humans, They do not need to be close to us to give their blessings. Wherever one is and sincerely pray to Him, He himself will make us meet Them. Meanwhile continue with your daily practices of meditating on Him, He will pull and put you on the right tracks. Your kamaee can never be lost, for as the Bani says: no thief can steal it, water drown it or fire burn it, it i
  24. In my early 20s I could sit in one asana from 2.5 - 3 hours motionless. I had reached a state where no thought existed, time use to stop, breath use to stop for a couple seconds. I dont know what it was. But it was like Sunn. Then I married, kids and for 20 years I was engaged in worldly activities. Now I can hardly sit motionless for 1 hour. I lost all the kamaiye. Good Luck everyone.
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