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  1. BTW, Rikki, are you related to "newAgeSikh" by any chance? Maybe by IP?
  2. I don't even know how to respond to this farcical load of BS. Are you high or something?
  3. Because, first there is no need for it - the Guru tells us so. Secondly, maya is everywhere - even in the seemingly devoid "mountains". We just have to accept the fact maya is a part of this world and there is virtually nothing wrong with it in moderation. Finally, even if I did go out there, I would probably starve to death. Can't have that, can we? Sure they can - with the Guru I will say this: There's nothing wrong with falling in "love" with another being - it is natural - so long as the Guru comes first before everyone and everything. In another thread, another Sikh want
  4. Practically speaking, when people fall in "love", they are attracted to the person's personality and physical features. We don't know which characteristics in a person are attributed to the "soul" and which are biological. So, the question is, is it even possible to fall in "love" with someone's "soul"? Also, how do you take reincarnation into account? Are two souls who "love" each other outside of Waheguru's hukam? If the bodies perish and are incarnated into other living beings, their "love" is no more. Like I said earlier, everyone has their own opinions but I simply will NOT equate the
  5. These rules are outlined in the Rehit Marayda. That is how we can say (for example) that a Sikh cannot drink, or commit adultery etc. Will again refer you to the Rehit Marayada. NOTE: Since I don't want to debate the meaning of the word "Sikh", I have assumed that you meant Sikh = Khalsa. If you feel different, feel free to ignore what I have said. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for me, I do not equate "Love" for things that will perish (mother, father, husband, wife, pet etc.) with Love for (Wahe)Guru (which I consider as the only true kind of Love). I
  6. People that live in Las Vegas don't gamble - they know better :wink: Gambling's only for the visitors - they help pay our taxes
  7. Looks like I missed this thread I'm 23 and residing near Las Vegas, Nevada/USA at the moment. I've been in the U.S. since high-school. I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science and I'm putting it to good use Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!
  8. Who the heck is "Osho" and why should Sikhs care what he says?
  9. Wahe + Guru or Wah + E + Guru => Waheguru. Pretty self-explanatory I think.
  10. The concept of "fearing" God is not present in Sikhism. The Guru guides us in determining what is "right" and "wrong". For Sikhs then, it is the respect and love of the Guru that stops them from committing acts which are against Sikhi.
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