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  1. Thank you... buy link above didn't work but the album seems to be available on iTunes.
  2. What about mother, sister, brother aunt, etc.? What about any other human being? What if the killing was justified (such as in self-defense)? Do you want a separate criminal code? What's the point of living as part of society then?
  3. A bit curious, but not overly surprising considering his posts. Hope he finds peace.
  4. You can download any video from google/youtube by using the Firefox web browser and the video downloader add-on. Get the add-on here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2390/
  5. It states on the cd1 page: Sikh History, Mythology & Concepts by Prof. Inder Singh Ghagga (Gurmat Vichar).
  6. Is CD1 by the same Inder Singh Ghagga we're talking about on this page: http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=8938
  7. Veerji, one suggestion simply to improve readability: please break up the text into more paragraphs. I for one certainly appreciate your posts, so please don't think that the lack of feedback implies anything negative. Thanks for your efforts
  8. This forum is for people to learn and ask questions about Sikhi (Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike). Other sub-forums are available if people wish to discuss other religions. Even a casual glance at his posts will make his motives of proselytizing ample clear. If he has no genuine questions or interest in Sikhi then what is his benefit to the sangat? Why should we tolerate this ‘Rajs’ attempts (laughable and uneducated though they may be) to slander us and/or our faith? No Vair here. Pity, perhaps, but no Vair. I vote to give 'Rajs' a boot
  9. So the troll shows his true colors.
  10. Actually, I think the verse simply says that Waheguru bestowed his grace on Baba Adam and does not refer to him as the "father of mankind" (whatever that means). No. I do not believe Shri Guru Granth Sahib discusses the biblical origin of man.
  11. That would be rather unfortunate. I'm sure that, at the very least, the sangat will agree with me that this forum is better with you here than without you.
  12. Please correct the spelling - that's TOTA puri.
  13. Indeed, these are assumptions; this thread is full of assumptions, though. I'm just thinking out loud... Thousands of people, including babies and children, die each day because of starvation, disease or at the hands of criminals and thugs. I don't see most of us doing anything to stop these needless deaths even though our direct action could help save many of these lives. Yet, in this scenario, people are willing to go to great lengths, even sacrificing their own precious lives, to attempt to save a baby's life. Why do we not act in the former situations? I also hope that those who'd b
  14. Real life is quite different than the movies. The baby may die even if one did cut off his hair and attempt to pass as a priest. Or perhaps you save the baby, get yourself killed in the process, and the baby grows up to be the next Hitler.
  15. I started reading "The Construction of Religious Boundaries: Culture, Identity and Diversity in the Sikh Tradition". I have so far managed to read through about 70 pages, but haven't resumed reading since I stopped about a month ago
  16. Good documentary overall, but some of the translations are horrid.
  17. How can someone who doesn't believe in the Guru and Gurbani be a Sikh? No one can strip you of your faith due to its very nature. As far as your intentions, you probably mean well but changing the Khalsa in the ways you want is beyond any man's reach. We are reading what you have written, and some of us disagree with most of your points. By your own admission, you also lack credibility. You are also confusing some of the issues and do not seem to have an appreciation of Sikh history. Again, Sikhs should not care about numbers. Sure they are. The "5Ks"
  18. Anyone know if it's possible to get a Sword/Kirpan for the Groom for a wedding in the USA?
  19. Yeah, very shallow similarities. There are many foreign insurgents or 'terrorists' included in the ranks of these people. They have come to Iraq solely to fight against US troops which represent the Western world. Where were the so called insurgents when Saddam Hussein was murdering and butchering his own people? Where were the Iraqi people, for that matter? There is no evidence supporting these claims. We will probably never know. That is an utterly stupid and foolish claim. You should study some more history before making such absurd statements. Jarnail Singh
  20. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, you troll :twisted:
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