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  1. 1.) The murder was done in broad daylight. More than 16 people testified against your sachkhand vasi jathedar. He invoked Giani Zail Singh's protection and went away scot-free. 2.) This was a conflict between two brothers, they decided to get the Nihangs involved because both were religious and felt Santa Singh could settle the matter amiably. Of course you are free to believe the opposite if you want because, yes, Santa Sio is Sachkhand vasi after all. 3.) His nangs set up a horse farm there. It was only with his death that they were finally thrashed and chased away. Balbir Singh h
  2. Several of my relations are still dragging their feet in courts because this pathetic excuse of a Nihang promised to resolve their land dispute, murdered the main players and then took over all the land for himself. Obviously this does not concern you, but there are many others who have a similar tale to tell. These are signs of a true Gurmukh only for the NRI nangs who deify him as their Guru.
  3. The Sarbloh Granth steek was plagiarized off Akali Nurang Singh Ji's work; the Panth Prakash was similarly plagiarized off the SGPC commissioned exegesis.
  4. If we can accept Ala Singh as a perfect Gurmukh, only then can a traitor like Santa Singh be accepted as being sachkhand vasi.
  5. Exactly, the same Giani Inderjit Singh. That idiot Mirch even confronted this guy with pictures on a similar thread on Sikhsangat.
  6. Never realized that Taksal now possessed the prerogative to declare someone a traitor and then dispatch them straight to Sachkhand.
  7. Mate, why don't you wash the Sukha off your bootha and wake up. Even the hardcore Taksalis are beginning to support Nidar. Look at his Canada seminar. Who turned up to watch? None other than Giani Inderjit Singh.
  8. Santa, at the end of the day, did not possess the guts which Poolha and Umranangal (and in no way am I condoning their actions) did. He was, essentially, overly ambitious but lacked the political acumen to realize his desires. On one hand he lost favor with the Sikhs, with the Akalis and then with his beloved Indra. The Budha-Dal, naturally, cannot admit to his failings; for them he is Guru incarnate. The truth, however, eventually manifests and whatever ludicrous myths the UK nangs construct- 'many Budha-Dal shahids were in Operation Bluestar;' 'Baba Ji warned the Sant against Akali treachery
  9. You read my comments again, admin cut, and you will see I was neither for the Sant nor against; but admin cut-al-qaum will always be Indra's stooge (or lover).
  10. And what is the alternative? A weakened man in Nanded beset by factionalism on all sides? An opium addict and his bunch of NRI supporters? P.S. John Singh sounds much better.
  11. For all we know, Balbir might be the true Jathedar. After all the pictures Crystal posted, its beginning to seems as if all these Jathedars are just winding up idiot kids in the UK.
  12. Typical admin cut retort, bring up the usual 'they shouldn't have been in their' line when obese-al-qaum is scrutinized.
  13. After Bluestar- family's still insistent it was Santa Singh who ordered their murders. I am hunting down the original publication still. '... Ranjit Singh, an important functionary of the Nihang sect called "Buddha Dal," was appointed as head of the organization after its the chief Santa Singh was ex-communicated by the Sikh religious establishment for lending support to the government after the June 1984 operation Bluestar, Santa Singh received the support of the central government and he continued to remain influential. According to Simarjit Kaur (Ranjit's sister-in-law), Santa S
  14. On what merit could Santa Singh acquire Jathedari of Akal-Takhat? I have already substantiated that the fool was in cohorts with Congress pre-Bluestar, the truth requires no vilification. Secondly, stop with the pathetic canards constructed by the nangs from Midlands regarding the Budha-Dal and the Dharam Yudh Morcha; I would expect them of someone like Kamalroop Singh. Let's face it, the Dal acted contrary to Panthic interests. Thirdly on one hand you assert that the Sant and Indra were one and then yourself dismiss your contention by claiming the contrary- at least the Sant (if your tale is
  15. There is supposed to be a publication in the Ajit which lists at least 22 cases against Santa Singh. I was informed that the information was submitted, to the newspaper, by Akali-Nihang Ranjit Singh of the Dal. One of the chief functionaries of the Vaheer, Ranjit Singh and several others soon parted ways from Santa Singh after he began castigating the Dharam Yudh Morcha. He collated evidence against the Jathedar and submitted it to Ajit which printed it in consecutive editions. Santa Singh had both Ranjit Singh and his younger brother murdered- the case is still in the Punjab High Court. Polit
  16. Picture is from when he presented his initial publication on the Dasam Granth to Baba Prem Singh Ji. Wasn't this Sangat Singh also named in some grooming case or something? Or was that another individual with the same nomenclature?
  17. Contradicting yourself now aren't you? The initial thrust of the argument, regarding Santa Singh, was his close connection with Congress rather than Sant Jarnail Singh's. Please do not attempt to derail the topic because some nangs are starting to burn.
  18. Here is something else I found: An interesting excerpt from Cinestaan; it seems 'Nanak Shah Faqir' wasn't the only controversial Sikh film. Dara Singh's 'Raaj Karega Khalsa,' initially opposed by Giani Zail Singh, also fell foul of the Budha-Dal. Intriguingly, Santa Singh not only threatened bloodshed if the film was released, but also dispatched 30 of his goons to prevent advance screenings of the film. Later when Dara Singh informed Rajiv Gandhi of the matter, he received a prompt apology from Santa Singh. What are we to make of all this? 'The film was an expensive production
  19. I asked some relatives who were around back then. Santa Singh, basically, was a Congress supporter from the start.
  20. Interestingly enough, in my experience, its the Nihangs who degrade him more than any other jatha/samprada.
  21. Contrary to modern depictions of the first Nanak, it is an accepted fact among the Nihangs that the Guru carried a sword and quoit. This picture, from Harjinder Sunner, depicts this fact clearly.
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