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  1. be a true udhasi and pdf them all.. and give em out to everyone..
  2. dude copy and paste it all into one text document save it as rtf. or if you can save it as a pdf, makes much easier reading and can be uploaded onto the ftp or over yousendit
  3. GUV If you take the meaning that "their are countless ram raheems puraans and quraans yet I do not follow their ways" then it may be similar to the ideas of the 3rd path found in Ugardanti, which is neither hinduism or Islam. Meaning that your quoted bani wouldnt contradict the previous bani quotation. As in the Ugardanti (I believe) the other paths are not neglected or seen as lower just not the path that Maharaj desires to persue.
  4. lol bringin rain is no big feat.. who cares.. !! the fact is the most amazing thing that the saints of akaal purakh including the naamdhari satguru baba jagjit singh ji, is that they bring the rains of naam and truth to the people of this world. That miracle occurs on a daily basis.. so who cares about the rains.. ps.. i think im in that pic.. second pic just to the left of the guy giving out parshad and laughing (probably coz he just farted)..
  5. TSingh I love your gurdev what an excellant way to put it.. ! It reminds me of a nirmala baba in patiala whose house I went to .. who also when asked about Kalki avtar, and such other prophecies said.. something along the lines of "A farmer will sow the seeds and tend to the farm waking each day reacting to the changes too much sun and he will put on the motor to irrigate the fields. Others will stand back waiting for the perfect season to arise, so that they may harvest the greatest harvest and reap the greatest of rewards. But how do those fools survive while they wait, as the
  6. Battles.. i dont think in the past 100 years there have been any other then world wars.. and as many nihangs died fighting on the fronts against the brits pre raj days.. guess wernt many left to fight other wars.. a few pop up now and again. but no grand battle ..
  7. teek vadia, if its just taksali singhs i dont doubt the shudness of the bani, however i doubt there will be gana chopping its all good.. looking forward to the program. akaal
  8. will the chatka of ganas (sugar cane) also be going on during the dasam granth maharaj akhand paath? ps which singhs are going to be doing the paath
  9. Its actually just a big joke.. and i bet 21 years later the nihangs will say.. oh sorry there was no update or book... but the die hard nihangs.. they will still believe in the book.. and the site update.. have faith ...
  10. nothin man.. either its on some hard drive i given out to someone to copy kirtan from or its gone gupt..
  11. no bucket head as long as u have ur head covered.. u are religious.. and as your head is covered by a bucket.. you must be a saint..
  12. i would say "wow... have you lost weight.. ! " and then say... "wanna play hide and seek for another charasi lack joon... !!!" and then cry that i just wasted my chance .. infact thats usually what happens everytime i go gurdwara.. lol walk in quickly matatek.. say howdy to maharaj sit for awhile chatting crap with mahraj.. and then when i leave.. thats when i remember i wanted to pour my heart out to maharaj.. then think.. naaah will do it next time.. and off i go...
  13. I love the way the old birs and texts have the spelling mistakes and missed out words written in the borders.. how cool.. and the use of two colors of ink. and the fact that they never new about finger spaces..
  14. nope still searching through old hard drives looking for it ... grrrr sikhs..grrr seva...
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