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  1. And to the Bhramin Dhanna was just a braindead uneducated monkey who lacked "class, style, art and depth." Yet with his unique intention and true nature and the grace of akaal he gained alot more then the bhramin ever could. Then again thats my opinion I too am known for my lack of class style art and depth so i guess the statement that it will only attract braindead thinking was probably correct But thank the Lord Guru Nanak is universal and has a place for all of us .. even the bad asses !
  2. in response to my above contradiction in the eyes of shaheediyan i shall state.. Ya WHat?? You questioning me.. !!! You know who I am... .... ... My understanding is simple just because it always existed doesnt mean it existed because it was for Gods own ego, its like a beautiful women doesn't be beautiful she just is.. in the same way the naam always existed not to force God worship just because God worshipping is like a oogling at a beautiful woman.. and for those who are too holy to acknowledge beautiful woman then please replace with whatever you regard is worth oogling at.. and for women replace with whatever you lot oogle at.. shoes.. handbags etc you guys can get back to ur discussion regarding intention of accuracy of Bachitar Natak.. Over and out. !
  3. Haha.. Thanking the SA lot.. is like thanking a leaf for being green, pull it from the tree and soon it shall wither away and become brown and shrivelled. In this case the tree is your own ability to be open minded when you read what is written, lol my metaphors are like water in a dirty glass.. nasty and undrinkable..
  4. I think it makes perfect sense, Guru Gobind Singh wasn't sent to reveal God or to provide naam or create a new movement, but simply to teach humanity how to uphold dharam "29. “I (i.e., God) have honoured you as my son. And created you to spread the knowledge of my way. On reaching there, you are to start way of righteousness, and stop people from unwise (â€kubudhâ€) ways. " The only lines being accredited to Gods own speech In the same way the devtas were not created to start a new naam or religion but to engage in righteousness in their desires to establish a new naam righteousness became polluted with their own aims and objectives, in the same way Mohammed (PBUH) was not revealing anything new but ensuring that dharam played a part in what had already been revealed by previous prophets unfortunately after Mohammed (PBUH) the fight for succession created differing paths (panths) Sunni Shia etc.. In the same way Guru Nanak revealed naam (which always existed), whereas Guru Gobind Singh was all about dharam yudh, all about upholding dharam for humanity, unfortunately we also have in recent years forgotten the universal teachings of Guru Gobind Singh and and created our own paths
  5. Listen to the shabad being read while the baba goes crazy,, its seems totally perfectly in place to me !! Meh Bhaoreee.... Also wasnt there a cool group of sikhs from down hazoor sahib ends who would dance while reciting bani etc. Plus Guru Maharaj describes shakti as dancing.. I believe the negative attitude towards dance is from the courts of mughals where women danced for the pleasure of men abit like spearmint rhinos
  6. sometimes the body can be a cage, most of the time we dont care, but once in a while some people feel such an urge that their bird like soul breaks free, in such cases the body becomes a rag doll to the uncontrollable un explainable rush of emotions and love pouring out from within.. In other cases he may be doing interprative dance routine to the shabad being sang, which I think is a welcome development to exploring Sikhi in many new and wonderful ways.. Also like to add, come on man!!!.. how is nobody amazed that a Baba of his age is able to perform those moves man ! He should be in the olympics..
  7. Could it be that Mach isnt a fish but is actually sperm? and the manu is not first man but infact the egg within the woman ? Or is that just some crazy fetish story I once heard
  8. Cool reminds me of the good ol' days at Putney, with Danny's guitar and the bookshelf of doom !
  9. I feel sorry for the dead buffalo.. talk about wrong place at the wrong time,.. wonder what a buffalo was doing in balbirs car?
  10. use a camera put the poster on the wall, and use a tripod photograph the whole thing, and then put it together in photoshop
  11. The issue here is fatehsinghs pm services !! not faith not practice, It is always worth learning before insulting. Guru Nanak could have gone around smacking up people and destroying their shrines, instead he took the approach to observe the practice of others and then to bring the ras of naam into the lives of those people. He did not destroy mecca, simply spun it around when asked to move his feet, he did not drown the hindus at the ganges, simply threw water towards the punjab and explained his reasoning, neither did he eat the cannibal, or lay the smackdown on kaljug when he came to do darshan of Satguru Nanak. In the same way we should aim to model ourselves on that approach instead of turning towards aggression and insults. But would be interesting to discuss whats the difference (significance) in the use of the word maridan and fakira in this shabad.
  12. There is no difference between me and God I just dont realise I am God, and therefore If I Am God then I am the destruction as well and the creation and in it all I am the preserver, Hence Kalki Avtar is just another me. Maybe Kalki is the destruction of the self at that point when one becomes nihklank without mark or blemish. It could be that the blemish is karma, so a person who has no karma because he has either settled all accounts good or bad, or placed it all in the feet of the one who keeps the accounts (satguru) then in effect that person becomes nihklank without any marks and so the only step left when you have nothing is for the complete annihalation of the I . ego.. and the release of the I true self, hence even in the end there is no kalki just Akaal.. then again maybe its a missle which was created in a war factory hidden under the village sambhal
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