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  1. note: I do not believe this posting violates any laws, under the law your expectation of privacy is null and void once you put up a public profile and attach public comments to your name, the reason I post this, is because I believe it is important to draw attention to such individuals who promote false and insiduous hate against men of her own community (see below) here is her face book https://www.facebook.com/karmanIzblit/ (Karman Deol ) and her youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/yodawwg420 on a yahoo video which shows an alleged sikh man converting to Islam she made offensive comments, some of which are suspiciously like propaganda radical islamists have been using to gain converts as reporting in the news "im a jatt and i used to be sikh but i converted too, honestly learn how to have respect for other religions, it doesnt matter, god is one, why does it matter to you so much, and at least muslim men have their women under control and they dont run around in the streets naked or smoking or doing drugs or running around with guys, i see alot of sikh girls that do that, im not saying everyone is, you wouldnt say this if u r amritari and u were religious, people like you make the sikh kaum look bad." "not like everyones the same. half of the sikhs boys i seen dont shower and they smell like baby oil all the time, and you have never read the quran so you cant say anything, most the things people do these days is a sin, and their only allowed to marry 4 wives only if the wives say its okay and if they other women needs financial support, if you havnt researched anything then dont say anything, arnt you afraid of god, there is only one god, doesnt matter what religion you are, life is a test" "is this what the guru granth sahib teaches you? to disrespect other religions? and most sikhs arnt even sikhs, they eat meat, cut hair, swear day and night, they drink and do drugs, so no ones better then anyone, stop making yourself look better when were worse, humble yourself and be afraid of god. you should do good things, donate to poor people, do community service and dont be selfish, do things for people like their more important then you, like i do, i do more for others then myself." "that dress half naked trying to act like white people and theor parents just let them, even if they dont, their kids still do it, kids disrespect their parents daily, but from what i have seen, muslims are so respectful and i think muslims dislike sikhs because sikhs dislike muslims first, and if you dont have any dislike for anyone why would they dislike you, theres no reason, liffe is a test and in the end you should be afraid of god." "first of all, prophet means messenger of god and if you dont know anything about it, why dont u be smart and go search it up and find out for yourself, and sikh means to learn, and look at the golden temple it has 4 doors facing north south east and west, for what reason? to respect all religions from all sides of the world, and what teachings have you learned? and its a sin to make someone convert into islam by force or pressure, i used to be sikh and now im muslim because i want to be" "...i know we are supposed to be proud of who we are, but theres a different religions for different kinds of people, its not supposed to be about religions, its about your beliefs, sikhs and muslim have the same beliefs, but islam tells you things that prevent you from kalyug, and sikhism is like a less detailed version of islam but no one is opened minded enough to understand, theres no need to ask things on youtube, go search it up, and no ones telling u to becomes muslim. follow your heart." thats great, does the guru granth sahib teach you to say these things? or your parents, look at the comments and compare the so called sikhs to the muslims, i think the muslims look like more kinder people not the so called sikhs, dont bring shame to the sikh kaum make then proud and sikhs do convert into islam, so what? your acting like he killed your child. why dont you go read the guru granth sahib and become more educated and then come say something. have some shame saying things like these.
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