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  1. New Jathedar is Baba Maan Singh Ji Budha Dal. There is no conspiracy behind the accident. Many who were close with Baba Ji knew Baba Ji was preparing the Sangat that he was leaving.
  2. Yea wood frames usually go up first and then people have the option of brick, stucco, stone etc for exterior.
  3. All the framwork and what not is 99% of the time wood (unless you use sheet metal stuff which is not at strong as wood) and then exterior would be brick, stucco etc. The base And foundations of the house is cement.
  4. If you have the right permits etc you could build yourself a nice house for 300-400k. We were thinking of building in the future another house on our property but gotta still look at what the city allows etc
  5. Im east coast, Toronto side. It depends where the acre is located. Could range from 30k to 200k.
  6. Brij pasha is really essential when it comes to trying to understand our puratan ithihask granths. Dunno why everyone favoured brij pasha back then
  7. Nah i rather not. Ill just message you nevermind seems like i cant message you hmm
  8. India, few stores in Canada such as Saucha Sauda. Ill take a pic of my library and send it on dm lol
  9. Yea Gurbilas patshahi 6 was written by Bhagat Singh. There were also two Gurbilas P 10, one written by Koer Singh and another written by Sukha Singh. Koer singh version is older like written around 1750s while Sukha Singh version is 1797
  10. Like my library is packed completely. I probably have spent over 1000 dollars buying granths and books and its gotten to the point that i have become a hoarder
  11. Language skills in the sense of understanding them? Like my understanding of brij pasha is like 45 outta 100 but with more reading it gets better. Like i even started nanak parkash for a bit and read with the punjabi translations and a lot of stuff started to make sense even when i was reading without translations. It depends on the time and effort you put in. Like if you read all of nanak parkash and sooraj parkash, you guaranteed can read everything else with ease.
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