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  1. No there is no need to pressure anyone into converting. In Islam we are allowed to marry a women from a different faith as long as she at least believe in the book, and our children are raised as Muslims. So there it is actually not mandatory to convert your partner. I cant speak for other peoples actions. But it is true that it is not mandatory to convert your partner. I know i would never even ask anyone let alone pressure them.
  2. Bro if you were smart instead of insulting other people.. all you have to say is all people are equal... only god can judge us...
  3. YO if you met this girl that your talking about.... trust me... she can make you feel really stupid...and bro this girl can punk you and make you feel like the girl.... BRO i wish you met this girl....SHe could beat u up her self... p.s shes in university
  4. Like think about it, if you actually cared about the sake and imporvment of your community, you wouldnt insult the people that live in there.... If thats what you care about. your breaking the community yourself
  5. Then u say no community is perfect and we all should strive for improving our society.... BUT then u say "watch the video i posted, for your own sake, saying other people in the community which may be muslim, like to rape n whatever...." like bro i know you wanna be a good person but u have some personal issues that makes u hate us
  6. Listen bro first of all my name is not abdul... second of all look how u changed your tone after i said no ones gonna listen to you if you make ignorant remarks... thats good your learning but your dumb cause you say first,,,,, fight for what you believe in and find your own path..... then you say dont be an embarrsment to your people... your still talking ignorant... u didnt learn anything...
  7. Good i like how you feel stupid. And listen people dont listen to this dalsingh clown, hes gonna drag you straight to hell... . Here watch a more realistic video that demonstrates things more fairly....
  8. Why should anyone listen to anything u have to say at all when u think like that.... n another thing dont change the subject, come lets talk face to face
  9. Yeah and everyone in your fuckin villages acts like gurus right? Dont judge everyone on a handful of people,
  10. Leave the girl alone, And this is to whoever started this article, i'm gonna find you and when i find you im gonna make sure you dont have hands to write something like that again. Trust me im really good at finding people, i already got your ip address on lock, so you better start looking out the window. dont judge other muslims upon my actions, im just fuckin crazy P.S I think what the girl did was actually pretty brave and actually very intelligent so if you dont see that then stay ignorant your whole life..
  11. Yo is it a fuckin english class? is she preparing for an essay or something? When having caps locks makes her stupid? thats how i know you come from a stupid uneducated family. Yo your lucky your not in front of me, i wanna fight you, send me your email or something please
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