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  1. After viewing the link , i believe we need religion / guidance How do we know if were are doing good or bad ? We don't , I believe we need guidance, guidance can be in sikhs case from the sri guru granth sahib , but we must action the guidance otherwise it is useless.
  2. wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ke fateh The following is an extract from the book Hair Power written by Sarup Singh Alag in particualr his section about Guru, Gurbani and Hair chapter 4 page 81 Sarup Sing Alag also mentions in his book that it is scientifically proven that the hair serves as a factory providing Vitamin D for the body , Vitamin D protects a person against TB , and is essential element for bones,teeth and the nervous system. Guru,Gurbani and Hair Chapter 4 page 84 ( Note :- I will not attempt to quote the whole chapter just part of it , hopefully the translati
  3. I believe we should maintain heritage at all costs , its our hitory our identity . We should consult top historians / restoratioists when undertaking any work in order to preserve its authenticity, plan work to its finest details even though it may take years to do. I also believe if planned correctly sri harmandir sahib being a tourist attraction as well as a place of worship is not a bad thing, because more people come to visist sri harmandir sahib and ask questions / have guides explaining the history of Sri Harmandir Sahib , people would become more aware of sikhism , knowldege would gr
  4. chinderpalsing , there are always 2 side to the story , I agree 100% with what you are saying , if a person says bow down to me then that is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly , especially in the presence of sri guru granth sahib Saying that I have seen him and seen DVD's of him preaching , and I have seen him tell people not to bow infront of him , bow infront of sri guru granth sahib ji. Either he is preaching one thing and practising another or there must be an explanation for this . In india bowing down to elderly people or ustads is a show of respect and not of worship . There
  5. Do you know what purpose he is collecting the money for ? I've seen him when he came to the U.K whether he was fake , hypocrite only god knows . But he was preaching from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and insisting people not to bow down to hime or give any money , I saw it myself , people don't stop , they carry on anyway. His purpose was to make sangat take amrit , is that a bad thing ? Secondly , don' you think everyone does this i.e. make collections 1. If you listen to radio stations , don't they plead the sangat to make donations ( is this wrong also ?) 2. When a gurudawara opens
  6. very nice story taken from :- http://www.sikh-history.com/cgi-bin/Ultima...ic;f=1;t=001992 quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation. They talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: "I don't believe that God exists." "Why do you say that?" asked the customer. "Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that G
  7. I may be related to alot of things but it doesn't mean i eat them every time i see them
  8. i believe that , how would we feel if someone killed our family and ate them , cooked there limbs in olive oil with MDH massala How would we feel ?
  9. Hope this helps you , ( I read your thread and was very sadened to hear you have been through such unhappiness , I don't classify my self knowing everything about sikhism ( more the opposite ) or even put myself in your shoes , I just thought I share the little knowledge which may or may not insert Wahegurus Faith backi in you) you can try :- 1.listening to Kirtan alot 2. Go to gurudwara everyday , or more often , and when there share your feelings with Waheguru 3. listening to katha , and understanding it ( I found Bhai Ranjeet Singh Dhadrian wale katha , very effictive) its simple to
  10. very good is point k correct Should it read one should NOT ......... BUT think God is in all
  11. Good post , what were your answers ? From the first grasp of answering these questions , I would answer them as follows probably wrong but here goes ) 1. What was the need for sikhism ? reply:- What is the need for any religion ? 2. Yes The Gurus are tolerant of other religions , but not necessarily true that other religions are tolerant of the Gurus. Sikhism believes in one god , it is a universal religion , sri guru nanak dev ji , when preaching did not go round preaching to convert people but to make people aware of what is true and what is false . Sri Guru nanak Devi Ji expla
  12. the public couldn't record at this venue but there were 3rd party company video recording at this venue , and will publish the ( VCDs/DVDS) in the near future .Like a lot of people I want to get hold of the recording , when / if i do i'll let you guys know .( i am working on this at the moment ) Have you see his site , there are some recordings to listen to , especially his international kerva www.taritabla.com
  13. he was superb , the clarity of the table was un-believeable. The concert was well balanaced , in the sense it wasn;t just classical tabla playing , some modern fusion stuff was played as well
  14. i think when it comes to kaam , it means lusting over other women other than your life partner ( i.e. your wife) is wrong When you mention can't enjoy "sequal material" you don't want to do this , becuase if you are enjoying this kind of " material" then your mind is constantly thinking about these desires . When confronted by the opposite or even the same gender , the images that you enjoyed whilst viewing the "material" are being visualised in your mind and in some extreme cases thats when abuse occurs You should only have eyes for your partner ( i.e. wife , husband)
  15. Who on Punjab radio are broadcasting these bad rumours ? Have anyone heard the exact dialogue , if so are they targeting against Baba Ranjeet Singh Ji ? There has to be some hatred between certain members of Punjab Radio and Channel 926 Amrit.bani In order to pursue this further and mail punjab radio we need a bit more facts , from these facts it may be a good idea to write a standard letter signed by sangat and then sent to them , rather than individual responses.
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