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  1. I forgot to mention this but this has been happening a lot more as of yesterday - I remember I posted a pretty major experience about a year ago - where I hit this place which was like a bottomless pit of energy. Something very powerful. Beyond anything I've ever experienced. And it has life to it. It's not in a particular place - like you know when you see parkash, you can point out where you see it? Or if you hear shabad, you can say "I hear it in my head" or "above my head" or wherever you hear it? But this has no position. Neither inside nor outside the body. Yet it's mor
  2. I'm 23 lol. Hopefully I'll have a "mini me" one day but I'm not even married yet. But to answer the question - the physical aspect of the mind/body complex still lives life with complete passion. But what's different for me is there's less of a sense of "self". Like just dissolving. The system exists in one capacity but also does not exist. During meditation, the shift is more towards dissolution (every idea of "self" is completely gone - including the feeling of the body, dreams, thoughts - I won't get into this too much) but outside of meditation the shift is closer to a centre point. It's r
  3. I appreciate the kind words. But also my views on ideas like this have really changed. I don't think there is a beginner or expert. Everything (god) is already there. There's nothing to look for. I want you to watch this next video carefully: ^^^ I think this can be compared to how we see people. Both objects in each scenario are the same, but they're perceived as different. Just like how we see people. On the physical surface, just bones, flesh etc - a biomechanical suit. Which is run by some sort of intelligence that has been shaped by a persons experiences (including previou
  4. As for physical measurable experiences - "parkash" is a lot stronger and feels like a "tool". If I'm ever tired, I just sit in the place where there's light (when I say light I don't mean a literal light but more of a light that's colourless but also can get very bright - I know it's probably hard to try and figure out what that would look like). But sitting in that spot feels refreshing for the physical body. The mind lets go of the body in a very different way now. It's like it just dissolves and then all that's left is space. It's a very easy and smooth process. Just like sugar
  5. How's everyone doing? I miss you guys. I'm never on here as much as I want to. Just thought I'd post an update because a few people sent me personal messages asking how things are. bhagti isn't even bhagti anymore. everything in the physical world and the mind feels like a cluster of sensory information. just a bunch of lines, sounds and a compilation of "noise" making up a "world". It's like not even existing anymore. Even though there's a body, there's a mind and there's sensory input... it still feels like nothing exists. Illusion is the best word to use but that doesn't d
  6. ਅਖੀ ਬਾਝਹੁ ਵੇਖਣਾ ਵਿਣੁ ਕੰਨਾ ਸੁਨਣਾ ॥ To see without eyes; to hear without ears; I think this is the corresponding shabad
  7. Blessings to everyone. I am writing this today in a bit of shock and disbelieve but at the same time a lot of peace and satisfaction. These past few weeks/months had been a bit of a rough sail for me. I had lost a lot of faith in spiritual teachers. I had been hearing and seeing a lot of drama that didn't sit well with me. So part of me fell off the boat a bit. I was still listening to shabad and looking at parkash. But I wasn't putting effort in to try and move further. I was sitting still. Something even worse happened in my personal life a few days ago. A very subtle but v
  8. One day someone throws a stone at you and hits you with the stone. You ask yourself, “who am I angry with?” You are quick to respond, “I am angry at that person” However, it was the stone that hit you… not the person. Why aren’t you angry at the stone? You think, “I’m not angry with the stone because the stone had no intention to hit me. The stone is an inanimate object that was thrown by a person. So I am angry at that person”. Using that logic, you shouldn’t be angry at
  9. I'm looking for a job in Downtown Toronto this summer. My resume is pretty thick and I have a really wide range of skills and experiences. it's my last term of University and I'm about to graduate.
  10. I've been spending a lot of time recently observing how people react to conflict and other situations of tension. And I'm starting to see how carrying a certain perspective can either make or break your spirituality. Whether this perspective taking is developed through bhagti or whether you need to develop this perspective to do bhagti is beyond me (like what came first, the chicken or the egg?). But I've summarized it into a few different categories. Disclaimer: this is not a complete list and is solely based on where my current understanding of the world sits. I'm just sharing what my curren
  11. I pretty much never intervene in conflict but I think it’s necessary right now This portion of the site is dedicated to sharing experiences. Simple. No arguments, no treguni posts. Nothing. If you guys want to discuss something, send each other a personal message. That’s what a lot of us do. We talk directly with each other in private conversations. I would recommend doing the same, especially if it’s a personal issue. People who don’t believe in sharing their spiritual experiences, also usually believe in not reading about them either. People who don’t share, typically feel s
  12. A new realization emerged today -> The higher self is neither day nor night The higher self is neither left nor right... nor behind nor in front The higher self is neither man nor woman The higher self is neither human nor animal The higher self is neither cold nor hot The higher self is neither sound nor silence Shabad is heard within the mind, but who is the one perceiving shabad (anhad naad sounds)? Who is the one creating shabad? If the higher self were silence, who is the one who perceives the silence? Wh
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