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  1. Crackhead...the best you can do? I've been called way worse. You Stupid Singh pathetic & lame, retarded, maybe your pagh is too tight. Go and play with your toys in you cot ,little boy. Your tutteh haven't dropped yet
  2. I agree mrdoaba. I have plently of fresh desi friends who take feem...however I do disagree. If the dose is too much it will make you very doped out. I've seen it first hand. Oh another example is how freshies use feem before sex..... Sorry soulfinder, it was directed at the person who made that statement about pills.
  3. To understand drugs you have to take them yourself and experience it. Everyone has different reactions to drugs. No person will have the same reaction as his buddy. Another example I will use is personX doing a line of cocaine and never touching again ( as they realise cocaine is rubbish and pointless). The other side of the coin is the friend of personX...Mr Y takes a line with personX, but loves the feeling and rush he has got..thus addicted, chasing that high/feeling. As a drug user & abuser of cannabis. I would recommend not to even bother. As humans we dont have the disciple..we will
  4. An example of the above I will give you is brickies or freshie builders. A lot take feem before they start work and they just chakkkkk it one time. The amount of energy and speed it gives you. However like I've said many many many times. Using drugs isn't the problem. The problem is when you increase your doseage because the dose you take doesn't do anything..thats when the drug takes over & destroys the person
  5. Feem is produced by the mahan dodda plant. They make an excision on the plant, it gives out a sap...they collect it. Store it over night and it becomes dark aka kali /kala nag/nagni/afeem. It's very very strong. You only need a small size of a rize darna. However like I said. Drug use and abuse are two different things. The khalsa can take drugs like opium and cannabis..But in the right way and the right dosage. Taking drugs needs discipline. Not getting high every single moment. As you said baba bahadur singh took a shit load of feem...his sons do pills...What glory a
  6. Sorry I don't meet admin cut boys like joginder who are cowards. I don't associate with cowards, it's either gangsters, killers or dope dealers. Of course while you guys pose infront of your mirror in your latest bana getting a haddi over yourself. Scumbags and vermin like me are on street corners and around the area protecting freshies and apneh from scum Europeans ie polish smackhead drunks and preditors who would beat the poor innocent people up Rob/intimidate and leave for dead. Don't think apneh aren't in the mix. You realise how many pervert singhs /freshies there are wh
  7. There is nothing wrong with being a murderer. Some situations call for it. When its either your blood or next man's blood on the floor then come back and say murder is wrong. Chucking a ball into the mix... What about the khalsa of old? They stole robbed looted and killed for provisions according to rattan Singh bhangu.was their choice wrong? No...situations dictate your response/your move.
  8. Just because next man takes X amount of drugs and some Singh does pills doesn't mean its right. Traditonally nihangs take cannabis and feem. But like I said. There is a difference between using drugs and abusing drugs. Learn the difference please. Khalsa doesn't take pills. You might as well pop ecstasy /mdma pills and go to a rave with your shastar in the air having a nice little nach. More over cook with cannabis. Make a nice cannabis tarka for yoir sabji. Using drugs is gurmat. Abusing drugs is manmat. Cooking with cannabis, making cakes, cookies b
  9. Lol. Look dude. Maul mornie is a student of nidar Singh. He even calls him "gurdev". If someone who is vvvv experianced in silat fma etc. Why hasn't he exposed nidar Singh and said he is mixing various arts together?* now you can't say shit son. Infact it is you gatka boys and gays who are mixing different martial arts together just because your gatka skills are shit and there is only soo much you can do with bananas and watermelons and tube lights.
  10. I don't think winding up is the case. Its about politics and fear of death. Balbir like everyone said is a heavy..whereas these so called nihang heads, taran dal singhs, Joginder etc are cowards. Spilling Sikh on Sikh blood is a big sin. However spilling a Panchods blood could be a noble deed. It's just about actions. These nihangs head come to the UK often,however in India they are sucking Balbirs admin cut.so they just go where there is $$$$ and safety from death. Or maybe they are playing a game, getting close to balbir.
  11. You can have shiny and expensive weapons swords daggers...whereas a rusty shank, scissors, screwdriver does the same damage.plus you can leave it in the Bunda and walk away.
  12. admin cut Joginder . admin cut you 2 samurai. I'm straight from the gutter of Southall. Hanging around by myself with a rusty screwdriver.
  13. Like I said.it's all about the business. The golak. They would never stop these abusers carry on if they didn't contribute to their pocket. As bad as sulleh. Any gurdwara who allows these pervs on stage.
  14. Because you want to bad mouth nidar Singh. Answer "koi"s questions on sikhsangat. I am following that topic. So go back on that site and finish what you started....silat, fma..really?
  15. I'm not anti drugs. I don't care about everyone else. I only care about those who claim to be nihangs and gursikhs yet these very same people are drug addicts! There is a diffrrence between an user and abuser. Or maybe im just jealous that Joginder didn't share any of his supply of nagniiii when he was here. Apppe nasha dafda. Sanu v dehde
  16. No no no no, how dare you !!! How bloody dare you highlight the destruction of the Akal takht by our very own people! You aren't supposed to mention that. Blame for the Akal takht being destroyed is on nihangs and the governments hands. Please leave the dear pyaara khalistanis out this. They did nothing to destroy the countledd frescos and steal the ivory and gold....gursikhs would never do such a thing.
  17. Listened. to this whole clip...this is definitely not edited.it's a real flowing conversation... WHY THE COVER UP?
  18. Pathetic khalistanis. Also note one image is of baba thakur Singh with a hammer...khalistanis aaap video upload kitha si
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CCChRGte37g
  20. I can't comment on the question. What I will say is, our people are never happy. It is very well known that our women have a problem with turban men. Only because of western ideals of beauty...These same women who would shun a dhariwala singh are falling at their feet for goreh with beards. I personally know Many "Sikhs" who cut their beard and slander guru roop.yet these are the same cowards a few years later grow their beard to fit in with this style/trend. Sorry for being off topic.
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