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  1. Sikhphilosophy.net - rise and fall Having been a member of the above forum for almost 6 years...do then suddenly get blocked without any notification or reason provided...left me slightly concerned at what has happened to what was one a great forum. A few years ago...the forum was full of souls yearning to share experiences...members diving in and taking the journey described by our beloved Guru Ji... but one by one, everyone started to disappear...members getting blocked...members being targeted for wanting to discuss Simran...the inner journey...a journey of self transformation a
  2. its a tough one, trying to understand this intellectually... the mind i believe really has unlimited capabilities...but when its being tormented by a zillion thoughts it is not in a pure enough state to hear and see the 'sign's of Wahegurus existence... just like when we are busy during the day, thinking about work, worries etc....we don;t really feel our own existence...then when we start to meditate or sit quietly...boom...we can hear our hearts beat...our pulse..some ringing in the ear...we're now aware of so much of ourselves in that state...and through a quiet focussed mind...we can see
  3. I also find that if i am very dedicated with my Simran, and my longing is strong and intense...that the purple/violet turns to white...and the more Simran i do, the more focus on Gurmanter, the white just becomes more brighter and intense day by day until it fills my minds eye.. and then if i miss simran for a few days, or get pulled back into Maya, the brightness reduces.
  4. also, include some listening to shabad kirtan...any particular shabads that inspire you, shabads that detail and portray a longing to meet waheguru... basically anything that helps you get into that zone of feeling some longing, or love...i think this longing, powering the methods above is a sure way of success :) god bless your journey
  5. or you both respect the fact that you both have views, ideas and strong opinions, and work together to decide the best way forward... why have the panj pyare? why put 5 dominant male leaders together to help the panth forward? if 2 women can't function together how can 5 men? its because they recognized the One within them all...and were immersed in that 'One' ... and if following Sikhi allows you to get passed your barriers, maybe you will see and experience that also...and you will see the God in your partner and vise versa...and there will be no need for nether of you to want to be the lead
  6. It might be human psychology, but seriously, a true sikh who wants to realize and experience the truth within them (Waheguru), they are seeking to go beyond everything that you write. to recognize and literally see Waheguru in All...because the truth behind all the characters in this play is....that only Waheguru exists. take off the costume and see what underneath! so, if you are stuck in this..the male needs to be like this, in order that the female to be like this and that, or else this or that might happen.....you have pretty much lost the point of where sikhi is trying to take you...
  7. it gets a little easier my friend... this feeling used to hit me very hard in the past...not being interested in the world that much.. but you will get used to it...in fact you will get better with your interaction with the world because a new 'you' is being born, one that will act and behave better, purer, and truthfully...
  8. From what i remember of when i first started to do simran \ meditation daily... the blue \ purple light is the beginning of the activation of your inner eye....its a huge blessing... complete opening takes time, effort, regular simran...preferably during Amrit Vela, if not anytime is good...and you will see changes to what you see with your inner eye... the more you fight the Ego, desire, greed, anger and lust in your daily actions and replace with Sat Karams, and continue to do your simran...the more the light become brighter and brighter...this is the light of your soul...or waheguru...wil
  9. i am going to start taking photos of my physique instead of checking weight...and just comparing the photo's every 2 weeks.. i think that might give me a better indication of my progress...especially looking at whether i am retaining my muscle mass whilst i lose fat...retaining muscle mass is important when losing weight... to persevere is the key i think... i've starting doing my visualization whilst i lie in bed before i fall asleep... and usual amrit vela simran when i wake up in the early hours.
  10. a good place to work towards is dasvandh of your time...so 2.5 hours of the day... i have been working towards that amount of time...obviously some days it is difficult because tiredness and sleep take over. but that's not a bad thing...need to listen to your body and rest...so that the next time you do simran mind is refreshed and more focused. if you're doing almost 3 hours already then i think you should not really worry about the length of time you spend doing it...but rather the quality of the simran... i have only reached greater lengths of time in Simran when i am pulled deeper within
  11. i agree, you wouldn't read someone's experiences of a roller coaster then sit on the roller coaster yourself expecting to have similar experience to that person.. yes some things will be similar...but others won;t... i used to spend hours reading and researching on stuff like this...but the explorer in you gets on a high when you step into the unknown and have no prior mental inclination as to what might happen...the awe is experienced with a free and open mind...and you're easily taken in by it whereas if we keep reading what others think or experienced...a small part of us is always wonder
  12. its sad because we have attachment to body...a feeling during life that we cannot live without it.. believe me, your fear of things like this will slowly go away...the more you do Simran. Fearlessness will start to develop within you the more you start to realise that you are so much more than your physical body...your capabilities are way beyond the limits of your body god bless
  13. yes, stretch...remain supple...and relaxed..that's the best thing for people our age....on a deeper level, the more suple and relaxed the body, the better our life force energy can circulate the body... have you ever had a stressfull day...then rubbed the back of your neck...that amazing tingling sensation that rushes to your head and alleviates the stress of a stiffened neck...that's your energy flow... work with your own body weight. i have tried every trick in the book in my life to lose weight...build muscle... for losing weight don;t believe all these one trick methods...you will only
  14. because of my tai chi martial arts practice...i have to remain supple...flexible...to allow energy movement through the martial arts movements.. the first thing my taichi Sufi said....quit doing the usual mainstream body building...strength training...its all physical...and will stiffen you up...and affect chi flow so now i do a lot of mediation on movements...i imagine doing bicep curls...pull ups... then i follow it up with no more than 3 sets of the exercise spaced throughout the day...rather than taking my muscle to failure...i concentrate on my nervous system....improving the signal fro
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