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  1. You seem to be reading Alif Laila stories a lot lately...
  2. Wow! Then what makes you think that the innocent Hindus killed by the kharkoos were not innocent?
  3. So subjective, how do you know Kharkoos are not terrorists?
  4. Wow! you guys have justification for each and everything. So big talks, only because nobody for your family was raped and brutally killed. Awesome! women are raped to nourish and revive Sikhi. God forbid, next time if any woman from your family is raped, hope you don't file a case for justice because it all happened for good cause. This is poojari wala rabb, which Dhadriawala rejects in his talks.
  5. Ha ha ! don't be sorry yet, wait and watch, he will be dragging all your mystical sant, brahmgyanis, mahapurkhs, vidya martands etc. in the arena
  6. What kind of spiritual vibes are you looking for? Do you really think good people carry some Auras around their head or vibes around them? If this is the case, why Lehna Ji didn't immediately recognize Guru Nanak in their first meeting? Didn't he receive strong vibes?
  7. Right, I already suggested last year to change this forum's name to Brahmanwaad Ver 2.0. These people have their own version of Sikhi. See this:
  8. Similarly, adding great prefixes such as 108, Vidya Martand, Brahmgyani, Mahapurkh, etc. won't either.
  9. Nope, I am questioning your dumb Mahapurkh.
  10. Wow! What an achievement. Kudos to Mahapurkh that he knew that the women would get raped on the streets of Delhi. Still, he didn't feel the need to warn poeple by acting dump, just to please God. What if this Mahapurkh come to know in advance that his mother and sisters would get raped and brutally killed, would he still be Mute? Why do we go out on the streets every year for 84 justice? Wouldn't they say is all your Maharaj's hukam?
  11. I am sorry, but in DEMOCRACY, anyone possessing illegal arms, guns etc. and killing innocent people (It's well known that innocent Hindus were killed in 80s by pulling out from the buses in Punjab by khadkoos) are known as militants and terrorists. Period. Only if they could use their brains and constitutionally fight for the rights, the story would have been be altogether different.
  12. Interesting. Could you please elaborate. What did you find awesome in them? Do you think their specialities should be adopted by all other gurudwaras?
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