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  1. http://singhstation.net/2018/12/canada-lists-sikh-extremism-threat/ In a First, Canada for the first time under the Justin Trudeau regime has listed Sikh extremism as a threat to the country. The document drawing scrutiny is Public Safety Canada’s annual report on the terrorism threat to the country. A section on current threats lists “Sunni Islamist extremism” and “right-wing extremism” followed by “Sikh (Khalistani) extremism.” There had been no mention of Sikh extremism in previous years. The 2018 report notes that while violent activities in support of an independent Sikh homeland (Khalistan) in India have fallen since the 1980s when terrorists carried out the bombing of an Air India flight, killing 331 people, “support for the extreme ideologies of such groups remains. For example, in Canada, two key Sikh organizations, Babbar Khalsa International and the International Sikh Youth Federation, have been identified as being associated with terrorism and remain listed terrorist entities under the Criminal Code.” READ MORE - http://singhstation.net/2018/12/canada-lists-sikh-extremism-threat/
  2. PUNJABI PODCAST - Guru Nanak's Legacy - Kartarpur Sahib Kartarpur is the abode of Baba Guru Nanak Ji, the founder of Sikh religion, equally respected among Muslims and Hindus. The Gurudwara at Kartarpur has a spacious and beautiful building and can be seen from another Gurudwara located across the Indian border in the historical town of Dehra Baba Nanak. Voiceover - Gurinder Kaur (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) www.singhstation.net
  3. BREAKING: Vikram Singh Dhanaula Ends his Hunger Strike following written assurance from Kejriwal http://t.co/ON5PJKB9JE

  4. Sikh Sewaks Australia Annual Bibi Bhani ji Camp 2015 http://t.co/adHFu9t3Sd

  5. Warrior Saint – Shaheed Baba Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale http://t.co/NxYjLOxwCM

  6. Akali Ex-Minister Sucha Singh Langah gets 3-year jail for graft http://t.co/CUp8VJVOVy

  7. Urgent Appeal to help END Vikram Singh Dhanaula’s Hunger Strike http://t.co/1w2OHCKiJP

  8. Indian Men flee country after sexual assault of 3 teen girls in Woolgoolga http://t.co/cIgQDaUvVA

  9. Melbourne Ppl Its going to be another Hot day today. Pls PUT SOME FRESH WATER FOR BIRDS AT YOUR HOME AND GARDEN... http://t.co/7txM7x5qV7

  10. Arvind Kejriwal to take Oath as Delhi Chief Minister on Valentine Day http://t.co/uEqSzwUOTJ

  11. Delhi Assembly Elections 2015: AAP records biggest Victory so far Wins Social Media too... http://t.co/tilkCyyVuM

  12. LATEST: Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up and congratulated Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal and... http://t.co/NJVix49pMG

  13. Breaking: Massive Beadbi of Gutka Sahibs discovered in Ludhiana http://t.co/PJHCtGBzyJ

  14. Gurmat Samagam in Birthday celebration of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale http://t.co/9pCDHoreWa

  15. Latest Update on Issue in Gurudwara Sahib Keysborough... Akali Gurtej Singh Manmeet Singh Devinder Pal Singh... http://t.co/n322y7AUKB

  16. SFJ Calls For Assemblages at Thai Consulates To Internationalize Tara’s Extradition http://t.co/MNrZsOZU8u

  17. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji, Sikh Naujawan Melbourne’s upcoming Sikh Family Camp 2015 will... http://t.co/ZXkHTjYsWv

  18. Reminder for Sydney Sangat EVENT DETAILS:... http://t.co/b6Wlcllrd7

  19. DOWNLOAD Copy of Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020 released by Sikh Federation UK #SikhManifesto http://t.co/xKMDJkyASK

  20. 80 yrs old Joga Singh honoured Local Legend Award for his selfless service http://t.co/lTH7bttudC

  21. Keysborough Gurdwara Committee Apostate insults Guru, Sangat & Bana http://t.co/plaU75g4ZR

  22. Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 – Daduwal to support Badal Candidates http://t.co/MSXrwWjD2J

  23. Delhi assembly election 2015: Dera Sacha Sauda to support BJP http://t.co/Ws9ZQ3vXbu http://t.co/2oaIFeu4K5

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