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  1. Wahhhh wahhh wahhhhh heee guruuuuuuu Dhann Guruuu Nanaak Tuhiii Nirankaar!! many many many wishes
  2. WJJK WJKF!! First of all I congratulate you for having such thoughts..It may be an inner alarm for a great spiritual life ahead!! What we get to do is dont think you are thinking so!!Just say I dont know what's happening and how it's happening!! Just flow with rythm and say maharaj Mera muj mai kish naahi jo kish hai so tera!! Say maharaj I dunno why I've not kept kesh yet!! Dunno why I am still devoid of amrit even After taking birth in house of guru nanak!! And dunno How I spent past very years of my life and now dunno how these thoughts are coming!! Say again and again maharaj I have no idea that why I want to be what I'm not yet!! Na ho krta na mai kiya!! I have done nothi g yet; and I am doing nothing now! Dont look around!! Dont dont see how others are doing!! Dont calculate yourself with others! Just say It's onlyyy youu who are awakening these vairagggmayiii thoughts within me!! And it's onlyyyyyy you who can make it happen!! I might be in the same boat!! And in case of taking amrit ,I'm still in same boat!! I usually cry each day that maharaj please bless me with amrit! I keep all rehats and try my best to be in rehani!! But still I'm not blessed!! (I dun think if I should share it or not):Few days Back,I was in so much vairaag! It was like I want to take amrit at the moment.. Then After praying I asked Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj to reply me about my destiny if I can get amrit or not..I also asked maharaj plzz tell me if I can,then this will happen sooner or will take time.. I was crying and then I took hukamnaama..yOu know what hukamnaama I got,,,I was like maharajjjjjjjjjj and I lost all words.. raag maaroo mehalaa 1 ghar 5 ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh || ahinis jaagai needh n sovai || so jaanai jis vaedhan hovai || praem kae kaan lagae than bheethar vaidh k jaanai kaaree jeeo ||1|| jis no saachaa sifathee laaeae || guramukh viralae kisai bujhaaeae || a(n)mrith kee saar soee jaanai j a(n)mrith kaa vaapaaree jeeo ||1|| rehaao || pir saethee dhhan praem rachaaeae || gur kai sabadh thathhaa chith laaeae || sehaj saethee dhhan kharee suhaelee thrisanaa thikhaa nivaaree jeeo ||2|| sehasaa thorrae bharam chukaaeae || sehajae sifathee dhhanakh charraaeae || gur kai sabadh marai man maarae su(n)dhar jogaadhhaaree jeeo ||3|| houmai jaliaa manahu visaarae || jam pur vajehi kharrag karaarae || ab kai kehiai naam n milee thoo sahu jeearrae bhaaree jeeo ||4|| maaeiaa mamathaa pavehi khiaalee || jam pur faasehigaa jam jaalee || haeth kae ba(n)dhhan thorr n saakehi thaa jam karae khuaaree jeeo ||5|| naa ho karathaa naa mai keeaa || a(n)mrith naam sathigur dheeaa || jis thoo dhaehi thisai kiaa chaaraa naanak saran thumaaree jeeo ||6||1||12|| Raag Maaroo, First Mehla, Fifth House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Day and night, he remains awake and aware; he never sleeps or dreams. He alone knows this, who feels the pain of separation from God. My body is pierced through with the arrow of love. How can any physician know the cure? ||1|| Rare is that one, who as Gurmukh, understands, and whom the True Lord links to His Praise. He alone appreciates the value of the Ambsosial Nectar, who deals in this Ambrosia. ||1||Pause|| The soul-bride is in love with her Husband Lord; the focuses her consciousness on the Word of the Guru's Shabad. The soul-bride is joyously embellished with intuitive ease; her hunger and thirst are taken away. ||2|| Tear down skepticism and dispel your doubt; with your intuition, draw the bow of the Praise of the Lord. Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, conquer and subdue your mind; take the support of Yoga - Union with the beautiful Lord. ||3|| Burnt by egotism, one forgets the Lord from his mind. In the City of Death, he is attacked with massive swords. Then, even if he asks for it, he will not receive the Lord's Name; O soul, you shall suffer terrible punishment. ||4|| You are distracted by thoughts of Maya and worldly attachment. In the City of Death, you will be caught by the noose of the Messenger of Death. You cannot break free from the bondage of loving attachment, and so the Messenger of Death will torture you. ||5|| I have done nothing; I am doing nothing now. The True Guru has blessed me with the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam. What other efforts can anyone make, when You bestow Your blessing? Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary. ||6||1||12|| Please read the tukk in rehaoo!! And maharaj also replied sehaj SAETHEEEE dhan karee suhaelee... Bin bhaaga kuj nhii milda!! Dhan are the souls who are blessed and I touch the feet of these souls!! I hope you get all your answers! Gur fateh!!
  3. Shabad Jot Jagaayey Deepak Nanaka Bhao Bhanjano ||

    (So light the lamp of the shabad O Nanak , and burn away your fear) 

    -Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

    1. mahanpaapi


      Absolutely correct, many many Blessings on this auspicious occasion.

  4. Yes !!You are right he is the creator of this entire universe!! Naraks ,swaarag,khand , brahmand all are his creation.He is NIRANKAAR!! He does not need any particular place to stay in..If we talk about the avataars,then it's not like yes this body is guru sahib and that's it! No! It's something that we can't define in words. "SACHKHAND VAASEY NIRANKAAR" THERE is no place other than Sachkhand that can be called as his home! Yes he is everywhere as his jyot is the main reason of life in anyone.But this life is also affected by another factor that we call " Maya"/kaal.Though Kaal is also a manifestation of waheguru himself,but it's something that our limited intellect can't describe! See what's happening there in syria,what's happening in Naraks ,then It means it's waheguru who is only one responsible for everything.He is burning people each and everywhere..but NO!! Gurbani says he is deen dayal,merciful,he is bakshanhaar!! He is the bismillah,he is the saviour ,he is raakhanhaar!! It means though he is everywhere ,his jyot is in kan kan of universe ,but this but is still there! We can't answer some facts.. You know why we need this body?? It's a joon...We are here for laikha jokha,for experiencing dukh and sukh and to finally merge with akal purkh.To attain this, our story begins.In womb body is formed and then Subtle elements enter.So Mahapurkhs define WOMB as a punishment!!! It's not like womb is dirty and all that!! No!! It's like soul says maharaj I had to be with you and now I'm staying here and a new world filled with maya is waiting for me..Though Maharaj is still there to take care of you(maata key udar mai pratipaal krey),but you( from that single light) are again going to have an exam,where that light will be taken over by many other factors.And it's said that we feel extreme pain there..pain to subtle body and emotional pain to soul... Womb is for souls who are coming to this world as a joon.Who are coming for laikha jhokha,for improving their mistakes ..This goes for souls who were seperated for akaal.. But when we talk about Avataars,We are talking about Nirankaar himself.He is supreme and divine jot and this jot is in everyone and finally it merges in him. He does not take birth for any laikha,or things like that.He is already the ocean! That's why All this 5 element body ,mind are a mere illusion to the world. Actually this 5 element body does not exsist at all!! Yes!! It's something unspoken! Remember dasam pita has asked his sikhs to not look for anything in his angita (after he left the world--- this is also an illusion, ),but nothing was found!! It's because there was never a body at all!! Now people will say it's insane!! But this is the fact!! Now you tell me if this body is not true ,if he is already the supreme jot who doesnt need any source to merge in anything else, who is above the game of mind and senses ,then was he a product of womb?? I mean how can we think like this !! Yes he is you and I'm also he,but can you still call yourself guru sahib ?? No!! Never!! He is he!! Just he!! We,I are he+ this +this +that+many more!! This 'he' in us was never in womb,was never in pain during the journey we have travelled yet!! These this,that and other factors are the reason for each and everything! These participate during period in womb,naraks,pain,etc!! And the Ultimate goal is to completely eradicate them and becoming single "he "!! So,Guru Sahib is already the supreme,He never entered womb,infact no "he" in anyone enters womb ,because that ultimate jot has nothing to do with anything else other than the divine ocean/akaal/sachkhand itself!! We can't discuss this mystery and it's not a mystery at all! It's something that is the only truth!! And this truth is truth! Bottom line is" No avataar is the product of womb".. It's not a joon! He is AJOONI!! It's just the game of eyes of the world!! We say what we see!! But with what we are seeing ,is nothing other than an illusion! These eyes are false!This world is false! The womb is false! The product of womb is false! Only truth is this "he" ,in you ,in me,in womb(and now we can say womb is a truth/but truth is he/not the womb),in everything else! This he was never born!! This "he" in you and me never reincarnated! It's singing his praises from the very beginning ,but it knows no language,no voice,no words.It's simply " he"!! So please No one should say that Guru Sahib stayed In womb,he suffered dukh,sukh,I mean...... We can go on and on on this! You will provide your facts and I will mine! But bachans of saints,mahapurkh unfold the mystery!! Rest is clear to us!! Gur fateh!!
  5. Bhai Gur dass Ji: Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhii "NIRANKAAR"!! Bhai nand lal ji: Guru Nanak Aamad Narayan Saroop Humaana Niranjan "NIRANKAAR" roop|| To be in womb means formation of a body,to attain form ,Manifestation of elements,development of senses(10) and its union with mind and soul.. Now some tell me how who is formless , is above the game of senses or mind can be a product of womb??? Never!!! "Guru Sahib " himself is the creater of womb!! He himself is the creator of forms!! Then how can one say that he stayed there ?? NO WOMB IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE HAS THE POWER TO CARRY GURU SAHIB( NIRANKAAR HIMSELF)!! Womb is considered as a punishment period by many saints.So our guru sahib ..NO NO!!!! Never!! And He can create the entire universe ..He is the supreme power..And he doesnt need any physical 5 element participated activity (sexual intercourse) to create a being!! Stupid are those who are thinking like this about Guru Sahib!!
  6. I'm hearing various kinds of sounds.sometime like they are coming from right side,sometime like from left side ,some time I wonder if these are coming from behind or for upper side.But these are there and mainly knock the Upper side of head!! I try to find what is goin on in my room,but it's like they are from inside!! But not certain about it!! Last night a sound of instruments were there but it was like it's coming from very far distance.I tried to find out whether kirtan is being sung somewhere around!! But again it was like it's coming from the roof of room!! And sounds like insects are making noises keep ringing my ears.I 'm feeling little irritated as I'm not sure whether it's really something like ringing sounds or these are actual sounds of insects within my room?? But these sounds are knocking my entire head!! I really want the end of this suspicion!! *hard to explain my situation* *sigh*
  7. Veerji ,I actually dunno anything about him.I was about to ask about him.I had heard about him ,on net,news etc.So thought he is a spiritual person,as he is called as satguru by many.So thought like that! Would like to hear views from others too! Gur fateh!!
  8. Baba hardev Singh died in car accident ! Can spiritual beings die this way? 

    1. BhagatSingh


      Yes. Spiritual people die in all kinds of ways. Whatever God has done, they accept it.

    2. mahanpaapi
  9. Waheguru!! Dhan Guru Ramdass Ji maharaj!!
  10. Okay!! But are there any specific evidences that prove that baba g did not allow so?
  11. My points in this debate: About menstruation : I believe during menstruation chances of getting impure increases.Though there are many hygienic products,but when we talk bout SGGSJ,then doubts arise.So,one should not stop his naam abhyaas,his meditation,paath naim or can even visit to Gurudwara sahib.But PROHIBIT to sit on maharaj's tabya.I mean though nothing is getting leaked out,but how can one sit with "Blood(coming out of vagina) wrapped in a pack".. This goes for women like me of low awastha.But I believe if your awastha has risen to such an extent like you are now one with jyot saroop,then all rules are excluded.That's a different scene! So ,I can't argument here! About Women as panj pyaare: I think one should consult a pooran saint or brahmgyani here.can anyone please share Baba Nand singh jee's or bhai randhir singh jees or baba Isher singh's view bout it? What I think is that yes!! If woman is of very high awastha,has a very ucha sucha jeevan and has achieved union with supreme then she can be a part of Panj pyyarey! If one is not fulfilling that requirements,then he should not be a part of panj pyaarey..This goes for both men and women! About jathas or maryadas or sampardas: Here I usually get irritated! Here skepticism eats me! I mean how can a true sikh use these titles! When you are taking amrit,then amrit is amrit irrespective of its jatha.Always focus whether 5 sikhs are pooran gurmukhs ? If they are pooran gurmukhs,then they will hold everything on its place.Then there will be no need of any query.They will be guided by maharaj himself!! So please for god's sake,dun use such words like jatha,samparda or maryada.That thing just creates skepticism.It's not mandatory that any samparda has ALL followers who are gurmukhs or vice versa.. WjKK Wjkf!!
  12. Actually I'm too suspicious whether it can be called as meditation or not! I just try to imagine what can it be!what can be its essence! What's the reality!! I dunno anything!!! I dunno what is meditation! Nothing!
  13. Dhan Dhan Dhan Guru Maharaj!! Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyaarey!! Saadi v vaari aye gi kdi sachepatsah!!?
  14. From few months back,I had been suffering some problems with my eyes .I can't see straight any more.I mean I lose my concentration while focusing somewhere.Like when I'm focusing on notebook ,on board or at any where then suddenly focus shifts to another place.The focus gets concentrated somewhere else.I thought It's due to my cylinderical no. Of spectacles as I've started seeing at an angle not straight.I visited eye specialist he said nothing is wrong with my eyes and now He has asked for MRI of brain. I'm confused as if it has to do anything with meditation??
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