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  1. Wahhhh wahhh wahhhhh heee guruuuuuuu Dhann Guruuu Nanaak Tuhiii Nirankaar!! many many many wishes
  2. WJJK WJKF!! First of all I congratulate you for having such thoughts..It may be an inner alarm for a great spiritual life ahead!! What we get to do is dont think you are thinking so!!Just say I dont know what's happening and how it's happening!! Just flow with rythm and say maharaj Mera muj mai kish naahi jo kish hai so tera!! Say maharaj I dunno why I've not kept kesh yet!! Dunno why I am still devoid of amrit even After taking birth in house of guru nanak!! And dunno How I spent past very years of my life and now dunno how these thoughts are coming!! Say again and again mahar
  3. Shabad Jot Jagaayey Deepak Nanaka Bhao Bhanjano ||

    (So light the lamp of the shabad O Nanak , and burn away your fear) 

    -Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

    1. mahanpaapi


      Absolutely correct, many many Blessings on this auspicious occasion.

  4. Yes !!You are right he is the creator of this entire universe!! Naraks ,swaarag,khand , brahmand all are his creation.He is NIRANKAAR!! He does not need any particular place to stay in..If we talk about the avataars,then it's not like yes this body is guru sahib and that's it! No! It's something that we can't define in words. "SACHKHAND VAASEY NIRANKAAR" THERE is no place other than Sachkhand that can be called as his home! Yes he is everywhere as his jyot is the main reason of life in anyone.But this life is also affected by another factor that we call " Maya"/kaal.Though Kaal
  5. Bhai Gur dass Ji: Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhii "NIRANKAAR"!! Bhai nand lal ji: Guru Nanak Aamad Narayan Saroop Humaana Niranjan "NIRANKAAR" roop|| To be in womb means formation of a body,to attain form ,Manifestation of elements,development of senses(10) and its union with mind and soul.. Now some tell me how who is formless , is above the game of senses or mind can be a product of womb??? Never!!! "Guru Sahib " himself is the creater of womb!! He himself is the creator of forms!! Then how can one say that he stayed there ?? NO WOMB IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERS
  6. I'm hearing various kinds of sounds.sometime like they are coming from right side,sometime like from left side ,some time I wonder if these are coming from behind or for upper side.But these are there and mainly knock the Upper side of head!! I try to find what is goin on in my room,but it's like they are from inside!! But not certain about it!! Last night a sound of instruments were there but it was like it's coming from very far distance.I tried to find out whether kirtan is being sung somewhere around!! But again it was like it's coming from the roof of room!! And sounds like insects are m
  7. Veerji ,I actually dunno anything about him.I was about to ask about him.I had heard about him ,on net,news etc.So thought he is a spiritual person,as he is called as satguru by many.So thought like that! Would like to hear views from others too! Gur fateh!!
  8. Baba hardev Singh died in car accident ! Can spiritual beings die this way? 

    1. BhagatSingh


      Yes. Spiritual people die in all kinds of ways. Whatever God has done, they accept it.

    2. mahanpaapi
  9. Waheguru!! Dhan Guru Ramdass Ji maharaj!!
  10. Okay!! But are there any specific evidences that prove that baba g did not allow so?
  11. My points in this debate: About menstruation : I believe during menstruation chances of getting impure increases.Though there are many hygienic products,but when we talk bout SGGSJ,then doubts arise.So,one should not stop his naam abhyaas,his meditation,paath naim or can even visit to Gurudwara sahib.But PROHIBIT to sit on maharaj's tabya.I mean though nothing is getting leaked out,but how can one sit with "Blood(coming out of vagina) wrapped in a pack".. This goes for women like me of low awastha.But I believe if your awastha has risen to such an extent like you are now one with jyo
  12. Actually I'm too suspicious whether it can be called as meditation or not! I just try to imagine what can it be!what can be its essence! What's the reality!! I dunno anything!!! I dunno what is meditation! Nothing!
  13. Dhan Dhan Dhan Guru Maharaj!! Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyaarey!! Saadi v vaari aye gi kdi sachepatsah!!?
  14. From few months back,I had been suffering some problems with my eyes .I can't see straight any more.I mean I lose my concentration while focusing somewhere.Like when I'm focusing on notebook ,on board or at any where then suddenly focus shifts to another place.The focus gets concentrated somewhere else.I thought It's due to my cylinderical no. Of spectacles as I've started seeing at an angle not straight.I visited eye specialist he said nothing is wrong with my eyes and now He has asked for MRI of brain. I'm confused as if it has to do anything with meditation??
  15. This december's pooranmashi is on the night of 24 or 25 ?? Please someone reply asap!

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    2. sukrit kaur

      sukrit kaur

      Yes veerji!! Thank you!!

      Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhii Nirankaar!!

    3. Ragmaala


      sukirt penji, where have you been hiding :)   doing bhagti ?

    4. sukrit kaur

      sukrit kaur

      Gurfateh veerji,

      Just praying and wandering for just ONE glance of his glory!!

      ptaa nhi kuj hove ga v k nhi!

  16. Waheguru!! Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhii Nirankaar!! Veer ji, I've a query.So 25 nov's night is the night of pooranmashi? So according to one's own time zone,One should do whole night kirtan/meditation on the night of 24 or 25 ??
  17. I buy readymade Dabur Triphala chooran.I dunno how to prepare it.
  18. Yes I usually take Dabur trifala churan on daily basis..It is very beneficial for constipation.lol..It is very much beneficial for digestive system.So it mainly balances vat..It also pacifies pitt and kaff.So yes it maintains a proper balance of these three factors. You know there are listtt of benefits of Triphala.But all depends upon how we are using it.Even it's said that it can heal any disease,but all depends upon the use of basic ingredients in adequate ratio.
  19. Yes I've recently joined ayurveda after thinking a lot.Vaat,pit and kaff are basic forces ,factors which are responsible for different diseases.To maintain healthy state,there must be proper balance of these three factors(Tridoshs) in body. Vat is vayu-cold,dry ,light nature.causes movements in body.IT is the factor responsible for pains in body.It is active after digestion of food.So from 2-6 am pm. Pit is fire.Yea it is heat.So ,responsible for digestion.it is active during digestion of food.so,10-2 am pm. Kaff is water and land ,so heaviest of all.It is active after eating fo
  20. here it's very much evident about origin of maya.As how it (as an constituent of Kaal) was originated from God/supreme itself.As Kaal was a ansh(ray) of supreme divine then he created this maya to cheat the seeking souls.how she is disguising and trying her best to make everyone slave of herself.
  21. Actually I liked reading that! Hope we all turn out as that Raja throughout our lives and achieve that sehaj awastha to merge with akal purkh! Dhan Guru Maharaj! Yes this Maya is of verryy bad character,always tries to allure us,what a devil character! Always wants to eat us for her own satisfaction by offering us sweet poison. And devils are those who are loving this sweet poison and crying day and night in call of more poison. What a big trap!
  22. *sigh* What I understand of it is: Here we can take the scenario in two contexts.First,the woman/feminine character representing Maya/Ilusion and man/Raja/Masculine character representing human jeev/human as person. So that defines how Maya/illusion tries to distract a person from his path.As our ultimate goal is to merge with that supreme.And before doing that we need to cross many sub stages.And to achieve a awastha where one is free from these 5s is one of those sub stages and yes higher awastha though.But that man (with god's /gurus grace) doesnt indulge in all this.He just sits still in
  23. Oh It's pretty much nasty!! And the worst part is that singh and kaur are involved in it! Oh god! Desecration of SGGSJ= Direct big insult of Guru Nanak dev ji!! Very shameless indeed!
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