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  1. If Idiot are running organisations then the information they give too will also seem tainted and no body will want to know because of the idiots in charge. In the Sikh world, they are most disliked for how they are to the peoples. This will put people off buying their works
  2. Chatanga you are right and atleast you accept it is issue and speak with respect. Dalsingh meet me face to face
  3. Let's see what you do about the issue you speak of Mr hero dalsingh. Call me oussy to my Face.
  4. Me pointing out a corrupt organization is not me degrading myself. You've pointed out bad elements too so you're degrading yourself? You are probably one of their chamche too
  5. Jaikara shut up! Dalsingh those shenanigans are promoted by these groups. Kashi House. My point is simple, they said and I have heard with my own ears that they do not make profit from sales but they take wages. That is profit. If you cannot see my point that they are a lying thief then God help you. This money is being used to promote the shenanigans in Nidar Singh Akhara and by Kashi House.
  6. it is issue when people are robbed for nothing. it is this type of thing which turns people to go away from sikhism
  7. They say money not being used but money used to pay their wage which have nothing to do with what people are paying for I am reporting them to national lottery fund
  8. They have said so this things themselves. I have heard with my own ears and their workers also told me. They are thief and I have all their books. Their work isn't acadaemic but is instead collection of sources to out into one pile.
  9. They have say that they are a voluntary organisation who is doing the works out of devotion but it's a lies. They are not proper historian and their work is taken from other peoples work and put in one book. They are thief people
  10. Then why are they lying to people just to pay their own wages?
  11. Kashi House which says they are a not for profit organization which wants to promote Sikhism uses money which they receive from sales to pay the wages of their self proclaimed historians and workers. Sanatan Shastar Vidiya Akhara of Surjit Bains is also used to make money to pay people's wages. Its just lies after lies with these people.
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