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  1. I suppose that's fair enough. However, I do have many arguments that justify homosexuality. First of all, if two consenting adults love each other, why should their actions not be justified? The key word being consenting adults, meaning that pedophilia and bestiality can not be compared in any way to homosexuality, and to do so is heinous and wrong. I can only follow your argument if you think that heterosexual relations are just as bad as homosexual ones. Another argument against homosexuality that is often heard is that it is unnatural. But what does that even mean? No, homosexuality doesn't produce children. But aren't there enough in the world that don't have homes? And by no stretch of the imagination will homosexuality take over the whole planet and result in the end of the human race. Also, it is a very common occurrence in nature. Lastly, human beings, Baptized Sikhs included, benefit from many things that are unnatural. Unless you are living as an ascetic, devoid of all manmade materials, then you are not living a "natural" life. But I digress. I'm incredibly different from many of you; I'm not baptized, I don't follow many of the physical tenets of Sikhism, and I live in an incredibly liberal part of the US. I just support many philosophies and ideologies of Sikhism, (I was raised that way) and merge them with my own. And I do find that your response is far more accepting than many others, so thank you for that.
  2. I am Sikh, and I am bisexual. I also recently attended a dear friend of mine's wedding -- he married another Sikh man. The ceremony took place in an American Sikh Gurdwara, and it was just beautiful. This couple is so loving and authentic. They embody all the Sikh values of unconditional love for others, oneness with God, and Seva, among many others. They play amazing Kirtan and read the Sri Guru Grant Sahib regularly. It's so hard for me to imagine that such wonderful people can be considered "unnatural" and unwelcome in the Sikhi community. Conversely, I am friends with many Sikhs that are heterosexual, and though they may not partake in such "sins," they do not even hold a candle to this couple. They are not nearly as loving, spiritual, and selfless -- not to say that they are bad people, but in terms of spirituality and Sikhism, the homosexual couple is the most evolved I know. And I do not think that they would be "better Sikhs" if they hid their true selves and conformed to what society would expect of them. I believe that their self-acceptance is part of what makes them such amazing Sikhs, and more importantly, amazing human beings. So, pardon me if I fail to understand how they could possibly be considered "unnatural sinners" and "not good or true Sikhs" because of whom they choose to love.
  3. It rather upsets me that homosexuality is criminal in India. Conversely, America has made great progress regarding same-sex marriage. But here's my question -- what are the opinions on it in the Sikh community? I really want to believe that it's accepted in Sikhism, and that there is no stigma or hate regarding it...but I have a feeling that I'll only be let down. Thoughts?
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