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  1. In terms of doing good deeds alone, would like to add that without naam the fruit of these can be stolen or lost: Whereas with naam: and also Simran isn't something you just 'sit at home' and do, when you walk in hukam everything is simran, every thought and deed. If it's your hukam to sit in a cave and meditate that's fine, and if it's your hukam to be a householder and gregarious that's also fine. Everyon'es path is different, Guru Nanak's way has no dogma because once the Sikh discovers hukam they learn to follow their unique path.
  2. You can achieve power by practicing mantras. In english you could say that you 'sidh a mantra'. As I mentioned above: Haumai naavay naal virodh hai. Doay na vasai khataey. If you practice a mantra, any mantra, with the aim of getting power, anger or anything related to the five thieves or ego then it is not naam. Naam is your 'true self', the Satnaam. Man tu jot swaroop hai, aapna mool pachaan. The examples of abuse Sikhilove is making above refer to people who get some amount of power and use it for personal gain of some sort. Not all of them do so overtly, t
  3. Condensed Quote from Raymond Kinman who had a near death experience : Brother, life is VERY realistic... but it ain’t real. None of this is real. I don’t put much stock in the idea that this world is all there is. This is a very, very small part of the infinite whole. I like to think of myself as an actor in a play. I am playing a very small, but very important part in this play. This is not real, it is just a very realistic drama. A play. A movie. This movie is a place where God can pretend that he is not God. God isn’t a person. God is everything and everyone
  4. Would jus tlike to point out that i'ts not possible to use naam for ego. We shouldn't confuse gyaan and ridh-sidh with naam. Haumai naavay naal virodh hai. Doay na vasai khataey.
  5. Problematic. He may have got a better response by approaching the matter in a different way and ensuring the Gurbani was treated with respect. It looks like he went in there alone. Are there no Sikh organisations he could have approached for support? With enough pressure and publicity in the right way the outcome may have been better. Unpopular opinion: From a political point of view we did lose the war and this is generally what happens when someone loses a war. They have weakened to the point where we can make scenes like this without retribution but unless our political clout rise
  6. Its not a hindrance per se, the problem is if it leads to arrogance. The way to prevent this is seva.
  7. Interesting considering singapore has a significant sikh population. Tell him to contact ministry of manpower.
  8. I'm not sure how to describe this more than a 'feeling'. While meditating you should start differentiating between your mind (manmat) and Gurmat. Thoughts that arise themselves (not out of logic) and that are absent of any aspect of the five thieves is what I would consider hukam. People often make excuses that they can do something wrong because it's for a good cause, this is manmat, noble as it may be.
  9. The way people treat you changes as you progress. Act in hukam, there's no need for these things to take you away from naad unless your reaction is not according to hukam.
  10. I don't understand why it takes you away from naad, is it because of the work itself? Or your reaction to the request?
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