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  1. Interesting considering singapore has a significant sikh population. Tell him to contact ministry of manpower.
  2. I'm not sure how to describe this more than a 'feeling'. While meditating you should start differentiating between your mind (manmat) and Gurmat. Thoughts that arise themselves (not out of logic) and that are absent of any aspect of the five thieves is what I would consider hukam. People often make excuses that they can do something wrong because it's for a good cause, this is manmat, noble as it may be.
  3. The way people treat you changes as you progress. Act in hukam, there's no need for these things to take you away from naad unless your reaction is not according to hukam.
  4. I don't understand why it takes you away from naad, is it because of the work itself? Or your reaction to the request?
  5. sorry I didn't have time to expand on this when I wrote it. Kirtan is Gurbani. Even if it's Dharna kirtan a la Rara Sahib, the message is that you should jap naam. If someone has that opinion I would get as far as possible. One of the most confusing things about finding a murshid is that so many of the techniques of Gurmat overlap with techniques used for bad intent. People can dress themselves up like a Gursikh, and pretend like they are the real deal but underneath they can be, basically, spiritual thieves stealing your kamai. They will dress up their message with lot
  6. Sant Isher Singh Bachans, I think it was on youtube or gurbaniupdesh. 12-2am is the most beneficial 2-4am is slightly less 4-6am slightly less again
  7. Amrit Vela doesn't imply that you shouldn't do simran 24/7 or that there is anything wrong with doing it at a different time or that you need to wait for that time. It starts at around midnight until 6am, being most beneficial from midnight to 2am.
  8. You mentioned this dripping years ago and said you thought it was a pipe but then also heard it somewhere else? Are your insects continuous?
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