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  1. No, hence the need for remote work. Would need to invoice on my end as a consultant or supplier rather than employee.
  2. My background is on the creative and marketing side. I worked with social media marketing, making strategies and analysing data to create marketing strategies. I also worked on the creative side producing images, video, websites. I'm proficient in the Adobe Suite for editing video, audio and photographs. Please PM if you have any opportunities.
  3. OP is advertising @sarabatam could you please delete the contact details for the sidh.
  4. Only suggestion would be to change bath time to just after 12am. Regarding point 3, don't try to exert effort now that you've decided to do things 'properly'. Check out mingyur rinpoche's videos on youtube on how to just observe without effort and Gurbani also says 'Tu karta karna mai nahi. Ja hau kari na hoey'.
  5. Yes Start doing Nitnem if you are able. Include a period of Gurmantar or Mool Mantar meditation in your day.
  6. You haven't been able to demonstrate that. Tohi mohi mohi tohi antar kaisa. Our TRUE nature, the Satnaam, is that of Waheguru. Everything else is illusion.
  7. The Bani you quoted does not say we are separate. Nothing can exist that is not part of Waheguru. Our delusion of separation is an illusion not a fact. man too(n) jot saroop hai aapanaa mool pachhaan || Please stop being childish and accusing people who don't agree with you of disrespecting Guru Sahib. If you can't engage in a discussion without throwing insults just be quiet.
  8. Incorrect. We are all one with him. We have to realise this through naam.
  9. I never removed my kara for any sports, never had a problem. Didn't play much basketball though. Sarbloh is important because it also offers protection against negative entities.
  10. Anything you do via trial and error is a scientific process.
  11. Thanks I can never find anything on sikhitothemax. Even copy pasted the gurmukhi paapiman posted.
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