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  1. I never removed my kara for any sports, never had a problem. Didn't play much basketball though. Sarbloh is important because it also offers protection against negative entities.
  2. Anything you do via trial and error is a scientific process.
  3. Thanks I can never find anything on sikhitothemax. Even copy pasted the gurmukhi paapiman posted.
  4. It means if you look like you are meditating on the outside but nothing going on inside then what you are doing is useless. i.e. if you are faking it.
  5. The main point is to remember that the hindu gods are below the Ik. They are still in maya.
  6. Antargat is better but if you can't do it start with baikhri. By the time you get to the end you'll probably be antargat.
  7. Calm down. Sikhi is a practical path. If you eat healthy and exercise every day but one day eat a cake you are not doomed to obesity. Mistakes and slip ups are inevitable, just dust yourself off and get back to work.
  8. Yes it will. Be honest and follow hukam even if you get bad grades.
  9. Thank you both. I'm guessing the Sant Teja Singh author is not Sant Teja Singh from Rara Sahib is it? Is the Sant Attar Singh he mentions from Mastuana?
  10. Thank you. Traditional ones in punjabi are also ok
  11. Where can I get a copy? Are there different versions?
  12. Just observe it as it happens. Gurbani will never hurt you, only heal you, so think of any experience while doing simran as a cleansing.
  13. Lights out or dim is best. Ignore the watching, don't pay it any mind. It's ok to be aware of it but keep your focus on Waheguru. These things take notice when you start doing bhagti, the simran will flush them away. It's important to be both fearless and and bear no ill will to them as per mool mantar. Turning on the light or the fact that you are not aware of it during your day to day does not mean it's not there. Better to be fearless and embrace what comes, as Sikhilove stated. I would recommend mool mantar and jap ji sahib as well, they are the explanation behind g
  14. Sants' job is to join Sikhs to Guru Granth Sahib, not to come up with their own lineages. There is no tradition on Sikhi to choose a leader based on reincarnation or rebirth and the custom of going to an astrologer to trace your past life, future fortune etc is considered a waste of time and a maya trap. Guru Sahib repeats again and again that our job in this life is to Jap Naam and not be concerned about the past or future. You denigrate oral tradition. Oral tradition is part of our culture, not everything is written. Part of the issue here is that you want something that you consider to
  15. Sehaj means stability. Sehaj shun means stability in shabad. Sunn is not sleep, it is a place before sleep. Saying that sleep is sehaj doesn't any sense. I haven't watched the video and I don't intend to, however the only benefit of the doubt I can give the author based on what I've read from you is that sunn can be mistaken for sleep by the uninitiated, which may be what he meant.
  16. I don't agree with this message people are getting from somewhere that you should fall asleep. Sunn is the space between sleep and wake, it's not the same as sleep.
  17. Either can be done. Mool mantar should be done only when you can sit and focus on all the words. Waheguru can be done any time. Mool mantar is an explanation of Waheguru. Jap Ji Sahib is an explanation of Mool Mantar. They all go hand in hand. From rara sahib recordings I vaguely remember something like 40 Waheguru mala = 6 Mool Mantar mala = 5 Jap Ji Sahib paath, but not 100% sure.
  18. I thought nij ghar is through the crown, above dasam duar?
  19. I think it was your thread form 17 years ago lol! But agreed.
  20. Bad energies trying to trigger a response. Dhoop won't stop that, just observe without trying to stop it.
  21. It's more for cleansing the space rather than for stopping thoughts. Nor is the aim of meditation to stop thoughts. Thoughts will continue in your lower mine, eventually you will separate from it and won't be conscious of the nonsense but it will still be there.
  22. I heard a native american refer to smudging as 'spiritual hand sanitiser'. I think our tradition of incense is the same concept?
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