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  1. This is a non issue... .Just like everything else we argue about in terms of men vs women here lol. Sant Ji said that we can work through these in house issues AFTERWARDS we have our own home.... I'm not telling you all to jump up and discuss only Khalsa Raaj.... But come on "guys" (Am I going to get in trouble for not acknowledging women? Lol?) There are so many other great threads to explore here like in the Bhakti section....
  2. I agree with above posters. Singh Sabha Canada go against sikhi, and write very inaccurate articles... Some Examples. http://www.singhsabhacanada.com/?p=252 http://www.singhsabhacanada.com/?p=462 http://www.singhsabhacanada.com/?p=88138 http://www.singhsabhacanada.com/?p=87654
  3. Yea sure? And link me a Easy Bhai Gurdaas Ji Vaaran Steek? In Gurmukhi?
  4. What shabad's to read for someone passing away? Or passed away? What are the Alaniya de shabad? Thanks.
  5. Someone i know who is Amritdhari ate meat by accident. :((((
  6. Here's a fix... Hence forth you all take a Hiatus on making and commenting on topics regarding Equality, Damdami Taksal Authenticity, And Sri Dasam Granth. And you Focus on all the Great things this Website has to offer... Just Explore...
  7. We know the problem... how do we fix it ?
  8. Read Salok Mahala 9 everyday preferably in the morning. With the MEANINGS/ARTHS. Or listen to the salok mahala 9 video on youtube by rajkaregakhalsa and just read the ARTHS along. Wake up call everyday
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