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  1. Y isn't there a poll on this debate? :? At least then we wouldn't be going round in circles, page after page. Every1's opinion could be looked at easily by statistics rather then reading posts saying the same thing againand again! 8) :roll: I think every's gettin fed up of it K4ur :wink:
  2. As far as i know a lot of ppl have an individual opinion on gambling. So is it right or wrong? :? I'm referin 2 the sense of the lottery....Maya! People running after Maya...... but still play the lottery :!: I found 2 shabads from Guru Arjun Dev ji, GGS p913 kaahoo bihaavai khaeluth jooaa Some pass their lives gambling GGS p1180 jooaaree jooeae maahi cheeth The gambler's consciousness is focused on gambling Wot do ppl think? :?:
  3. When reading Bani, or doing my patt sumtimes my dhian (focus) tends to wonder. I'm sure it happens to other ppl 2. I jus wanted ask ppl wot they do to improve their dhian and how they can focus better on waheguru. Can any1 share their experiances, and wot actually worked better for them. So we can all learn to concentrate better on Waheguru.
  4. A very informative website. I enjoyed learning more about different aspects of Sikhi, and the different kinds of Sikhs. It was very interesting reading about the history.
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