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  1. therefore see jugraj as a"trang" to dwelve in naam.....
  2. @Tina Kaur Bains just keep ur nitnem/pehra goin, if you had any respect for our bro then do that without fail...i still think he wil come out all guns blazing.lol
  3. just to add a personal message..i have utmost respect for jugraj singh as he spoke of topics dear to me personally... he got very emotional on grooming which is a uk issue..but we had no backing from no one...let me tell you "show off" sikhs, when sh!t hits canada (first then usa)..us uk sikh mans will represent in numbers...
  4. this brother is a true brother, ive had my arguments with him, but my man was a true warrior, his tongue was as sharp as his martial skills..i can only respect that.. a nishani of kalyug...those who are doing justice to kalgidhars message get in such situations....i hope people really understand the "khed" now.. I hope its just a message for us mooraks and he will be ok, as i know people who have had cancer (4th stage) and cured like a new born with a ardaas from thukre mahapurkhs so i am sure a collective jaap from innocent sangat will heal him..i hope this is the case..plus i know
  5. there's a saint who lied about the direction of where the cow went to a butcher... please contemplate, and make sure you praise me when you have contemplated...serious man..ffs
  6. jasbir, these are your interpretations.. before you had dalsingh cheer leading you, but now mate, seriously..to be fair i didnt read your whole article, but i am sure it goes along the line where by you say that you need to meditate and therefore have a better insight on everything as "vishnu" is communicating with you (i say duality/ego), but you will insist that you are all "one", but vishnu is still wispering in your ear...ok.. before you go on about im not with one and you are, save it jas..
  7. so im sure you are gonna tell us, please enlighten us as the mediator of vishnu.. im sure "you" jasbir do not go to a dentist and say, "please check my teeth akaal purkh, or in your words vishnu" but you must say i trust you "dentist"..then why say dentist? the karam is on jag mata.. therefore you get blessings of jag mata, you questions peoples understanding of devte..i question your understanding of nirankar..."its all one" seriously mate..do better then that..
  8. kalki avtar is an avtaar of vishu who will end kaliyuga and introduce satiyuga..however vishu gets egotistical thinking he made all happen so maharaj gives him a little reminder that vishnu (kalki) is just a servant and not be soo egotistical.. guru nanak himself is the manifestation of nirankar, the almighty...no kaam,krodh, lob,moh,ahankar...as you can see, kalki had ahankaar,so cannot be the avtar of nirankar..
  9. It depends on the shooter, most do not know how to shoot and the 'kick' mis fires the aim which is why i agree to what you are saying in the knife is more lethal.. its just an excuse for some not to train and contemplate taking a life in self defense (what the khalsa is really about)... i thought the panj pyare administer the amrit..? Didnt maharaj say contemplate dharm yudh?? and if you did, what would you do to prepare?? spar with women? and still no answer to my 'fooking' question about mai bhago not rallying her fellow women..wake up seems to have bounced on his bed
  10. this is like the old bhudiya who say "i wish you have a son" to pregnant women..as i witness in a gurdwara..you are both as bad as each other..both in extreme,
  11. you may want to ask jasbir who has narayan/vishu whispering in his ear the ultimate truth..also ask for the lottery numbers..
  12. We see this a lot especially in US/Canada. Sikh Gurus were human beings who reached enlightenment.etc....
  13. @JustAnotherSingh your onto something my brother...just wait for the snakes
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