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  1. there's a saint who lied about the direction of where the cow went to a butcher... please contemplate, and make sure you praise me when you have contemplated...serious man..ffs
  2. so im sure you are gonna tell us, please enlighten us as the mediator of vishnu.. im sure "you" jasbir do not go to a dentist and say, "please check my teeth akaal purkh, or in your words vishnu" but you must say i trust you "dentist"..then why say dentist? the karam is on jag mata.. therefore you get blessings of jag mata, you questions peoples understanding of devte..i question your understanding of nirankar..."its all one" seriously mate..do better then that..
  3. It depends on the shooter, most do not know how to shoot and the 'kick' mis fires the aim which is why i agree to what you are saying in the knife is more lethal.. its just an excuse for some not to train and contemplate taking a life in self defense (what the khalsa is really about)... i thought the panj pyare administer the amrit..? Didnt maharaj say contemplate dharm yudh?? and if you did, what would you do to prepare?? spar with women? and still no answer to my 'fooking' question about mai bhago not rallying her fellow women..wake up seems to have bounced on his bed
  4. this is like the old bhudiya who say "i wish you have a son" to pregnant women..as i witness in a gurdwara..you are both as bad as each other..both in extreme,
  5. Samurai, veer if it's replication of the first five then why do we allow black males or causcsian males or for that matter why do we allow males from castes which were not represented by the original five? yes because its 5 pyareh, not pyaria... and mai bhago was the body guard of maharaj..ok now just asnwer the f'kin question.. why did mai bhago not rally up the women to replace the 40 mukhte who initially bounced from the battle field.. asmuch effort you and jasper are about protecting the rights of women for equality in regards to amrit sanchaar etc, i
  6. jasper mate, i literally read your first line then scrolled down to the summary where i also just read the first line. You whole way of thinking in terms of equality if for men and women to do the same physical actions and if a man wan to make a gentlemanly suggestions,ie, ill hold the door for my women then i suppose you will kick off calling this inequality.. IMO men should be expected to lead a warrior life in sikhi where as women 'choose' to lead a warrior life, both need to do bhagti. the equality is in they both have a choice to lead a warrior lifestyle by taking amrit but the sanch
  7. mate you and jasper keep on going on like a broken record.. and your views regarding women as 5 pyares is silly and backed up by only AKJ's.. and the new 3ho spiritual mindset.. you just don't get it, men and women are different...equal but different but the way you mans are going on is like if a man stands up and pisses then a women can as well... if you had a bro and sis, and it was late one night and you needed milk asap for whatever reason, would you tell your bro to go to the shops or your sis.. and lets say your sis is 20 and your bro is 18.
  8. no not a pinnacle.. but the fact you are callin on admin with the tuck tail etc mode says it all.and if admins want to stop me then i need to questions their liberal approach..
  9. after your first few words..i felt no need to read the rest..its like you are telling me to bounce and me telling you to bounce too..soo im here to protect, while you are here to bounce...soo keep meditating!!..we warriors are here to face sh*t.while you "feel connected"..we warriors don't mind, but you meditator's seem to have a chip on your shoulder.....fix it asap.. let it be...lol..actually..LOL
  10. ffs..she is khalsa..how can a man rape her?? why do we need to "teach our girls self defense" did guru sahib not teach them enough?? do we MALES need to TEACH them..hhmm
  11. it's soo good following sikhi in a blanket environment... like those in Canada and u.s....let me predict the response..."just meditate and feel the sh*tness"....id rather fight with guru gobind singh ji's energy
  12. @amardeep start traveling and meeting people... if you need contacts ill give you a few to meet...
  13. i've also done jaaps of other mantes from dasam bani, i dont want to go on but its just sooo natural for me, plus im more yodhaa type....so it makes sense to me plus i know who i was in previous lives so its no biggie to me... my personal opinion is this...when you choose a manter its a khed of prem....vaheguru is the ultimate mantra as baba nanak meditated for several yugs to create this mantra (for those who want mukhti)...in vaheguru is gyatri.......it seems like you are more active and yodha type but you feel guilty into being shant and smiley face...theres nothing to be guilty about,
  14. Its true this forum is not our real reality/identity (maybe for some) so i get the argument for sharing experiences..which is a good thing i suppose.. But anyway do not beat yourself up about this, just carry on, not as if you did ardas for chalisa or anything...even if you did, he knows all, as in.. there's no need for justification to someone who already knows..let it go and move on, maharaj is there always it is the "you" who is stuck.. ive got to thank you, (im not a thank you person, im more 'get on wiv it' person)...as since my last post on this thread ive just been doing this
  15. i was specifically talking to ragmaala in regards to do certain things, if he needed to, and did mention for him to pm me which was an indication that i would not share openly here...soo.. it is what it is.. put your foot on the gas and crack on bruv..good luck!!
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