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  1. thanks for sharing, forgive me but could someone do give some translated highlights of this? anything is appreciated. thank you
  2. Yogi bhajan spoke a lot about this... he said something like i dont want you to open it, its already open, you day-dream you fantisize, i want to close it, focus it inward. he also said waheguru mantra is a trikuti mantra (agya chakra). My limited experience and education showed me its seeing beyond duality, seeing your true self beyond labels to see the truth. Bhagti trumps all yogic practices, it gets rid of the spiritual traps or hang ups, just attaching to maharaj gives you all yogic benefit and power. Using intuition, being able to navigate from the soul rather than ego, agya chakra can
  3. difficulty is good, jsut keep going. Do ardaas and jsut keep reciting, listen only to the mantra keep listening, mind will wander and lsiiten to a thought but go back to the mantra. start simple dont worry about nabhi center, that may make you try to influence and experience. just listen to your voice saying waheguru, say it, hear it, feel it and keep going. even if the "quality of your meditation" wasnt "good" there is still benefit putting your time and practice into it I am no expert whatsoever but this is what has helped and still helps me.
  4. Kundalini symptoms does not include fatigue i dont care what anyone has said-so misunderstood. dont worry about these "energy blockages" , let guru take care of them. do your nitnem, drink more water, check your diet and also when the headache starts-look into what happened before it maybe what relievs it. Do you do cold showers? that can help with headaches and fatigue. even just cold water on yourr feet can help a headache. Walking when you can will cure a lot of issues also.
  5. Ah ok. I would think tapas because meditation builds tapas which can actually physically heat the body and possibly dry it out if not given nourishment like water, ghee or other healthy fats, good food to balance the the heat. I am no expert, just what it seems like to me, but yes, tapas definitely can physically heat the body
  6. I took a "sacred sanskrit class" which talked about this. Very interesting. Even the physical letters are representations of effects (my teacher claimed). http://www.soulanswer.com/mystical_gurmukhi.html this course also goes more in detail about this too
  7. What makes you say meditation is the cause? I could make up some reasonable links but it would be more accurate to hear why you associate the two first
  8. I have been wondering about this too and am really trying to reduce sleep. ill share random points that i have heard of and/or experienced. I had a nutrition teacher who's colleague would do 8 hours of chi gung each night and didnt sleep at all. Cold showers help a lot! I definitely find reading more bani helps reduce sleep but i dont think we can force it i think reducing sleep has to happen naturally. wake up when you can for amrit vela and really really fall in love to quiet the mind, I find if i slow the breath it can help. I might do a big inhale and do a full exhale recit
  9. Most likely he is against that because people tend to strain themselves. this would cause more damage to the flow of prana through the nadis. Kumbakh is praised in many traditions from what ive studied. Just be relaxed with it and don't hold to the point of strain and its good.
  10. It slowed down my mind enough to let me experience a glimpse of the essence. i felt a profound connection to all pervasive power more than i had before. i felt as ease with myself a deeper relaxation. i was more receptive to gurbani too it felt i was touched deeper from doing path Actually it also made my brain also seem to work better haha my memory got better especially when i did it for 30 minutes a day. give it a try if youre interested i definitely recommend it
  11. also you could inhale waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hold heeeeeeeeeeeeee exhale guruuuuuuuuuuuuu or recite to help count saying waheguru x amount of times maybe per 2 seconds or something
  12. yes and please dont strain yourself if 5-5-5 or 10-10-10 works do whatever you can but keep the same ratio and relax any unnecessary tension in the body especially when holding breath
  13. Ive heard there was a mslim spy present and he saw guru maharaj behead the panj pyare, he saw them put the heads back on. no matter what the story is we understand the message he was teaching us and the blessing he gave us.
  14. this is prana and apana mixing. negative and positive blend. polarities blend to merge with the divine. the purpose of Hatha yoga sun and moon blend and kundalini rises we go beyond polarity. no need to get into the asrtology. all inside
  15. just do simran with love and that will open it, surrender is all that works for dasam duar... it can open through seva many ways, give up the ego and love god to merge and it opens. just meditate on guru mantra until that is the only thing that exists, let it continually cut the thoughts until you merge into the gurumantra. banis as well let it cut thoughts until that is all that exists, your identity merges into guru manta. "waheguru gur mantra hai jaap homai koi" from what ive learned effort can only take you to trikuti, 3rd eye, to go beyond that you need total surrender, technique doesnt
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