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  1. What? So God doesnt listen to our prayers? He doesn't ever change things for us? I need the audio of Ardaas if anyone could link me to that I'd appreciate it.
  2. Hey Guys... I thought the Sikh New Year was on March 13 (Chet 1). I'm confused now :/ I thought today was the anniversary of the formation of the Khalsa, which is different from the Sikh New Year. I checked on Sikh sites and the two are two different things. Someone help me understand pls.
  3. I really admire those Sikh women who wear dastars. Maybe someday I will too. I would like to. We Sikhs need to unite! Who cares if we're punjabi Sikhs or white Sikhs, all that matters is that we are SIKHs. There is so much unity in the Muslim community, I really like that. I want to see that kind of unity in our religion.
  4. I've noticed the same thing. I've come across so many rude Sikh girls (I am a girl myself). You smile at them and they give you mean looks. I dont understand this. I have also noticed that Muslim girls (esp the ones that wear hijab) are so friendly with one another. There is this sense of community, unity amongst Muslims. Sikhs seriously lack this quality. It makes me sad to see this... I wish there was more unity amongst Sikhs. Now I make an effort to say satsriakal to any elder Sikh I see and smile and say hi to other desi ppl, whether they say hi to me or not. Least I know I'
  5. I want to visit Pakistan. Some of my family has gone back there and they say our house still looks exactly the same. (Muslim- by the way, welcome to Sikhawareness)
  6. 8) Valentines Day is kind of annoying... when you have no one to spend it with :roll: (I know this is a reallyyyyyyyy late reply but oh well)
  7. Thank you guys! The appeal was approved so thats good. Now I just have to wait until the end of this week and then I will know if I stay for this quarter or then return for next quarter. I want to hug all you guys It might sound weird but, being able to tell you guys whats happening and you guys actually replying to my post, really helped me. Thanks for the support guys. It means alot to me. May Waheguru ji bless you all with a 100 sons Pheena: I'm in my fourth year. I'll still need another year-2 yrs to finish. Mehtab: Bro! :| *Jaappiiiiiii
  8. Thank you, each and everyone one of you, for replying. I really appreciate it. Iron- I'm not giving up on getting myself an education. I am currently in the appeal progess and will know the result in a couple of days. Then I will have to think of what to do next depending on what the result is. I'm really scared. HeyDudeWassup - I tried doing what you suggested, but the only person I end up angry with is myself. I have only myself to blame for this. And currently no ones support as I cant bring myself to talk to anyone about it yet. Pheena- You're right. Sometimes one hits rock
  9. I am going through a difficult time right now. So many things are going wrong. I had not been doing well in uni and am being dismissed. This was a complete kick in the stomach as I had just found the strength and motivation I once lacked. For the past few years I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, when I looked ahead to the future, I saw nothing. I felt hopeless and depressed. Then just a few months ago it started to become clear to me about what I wanted to do in life, what degree I wanted to do. All the motivation and excitment I had once lacked, was now back. I was really
  10. Wots that about :? Seems interesting.
  11. Yeh true.. obviously since there is only one God, all His teachings are going to be similar (until people corrupt them). Islam accepts Christainty and Judaism as messages of the same God. And Jesus was born a Jew.
  12. Its not "embedded in the crown of the British monarch" is it? I thought there was this big mystery of whether the diamond the British have is really the Kohinoor? And isnt the Kohinoor supposed to be a huge diamond?
  13. Hey guys! I havent been on in a while, hope everyones alright. Well I've been having this conversation with some people, non-Sikhs and basically they want to know if Sikhism is a revealed religion. I tried to explain the best I can, keep in mind I'm no expert in all this, and well now they are asking: what was the need for sikhism? are the Gurus tolerant of other religions and if they are then why create a new one? Is the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji the word of God? Did God reveal the truth to Guru Nanak ji? Why would God send down a new revelation thousands of years later? Now I
  14. Oh thats not what I meant. Someone else said something about how the army wore those colors. And I was just saying that people should look at its historical context. If it was done because of a situation back then that doesnt exist today, then we really dont need to avoid wearing green and red innit? If the reason behind not wearing those two colors is because of the emotions related to the colors then thats something else...
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