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  1. This is a must read! We can all learn from this Shabad and relate it to our own lives. gauVI mhlw 5 ] gourree mehalaa 5 || Gauree, Fifth Mehl: ijs kw dIAw pYnY Kwie ] jis kaa dheeaa painai khaae || They wear and eat the gifts from the Lord; iqsu isau Awlsu ikau bnY mwie ]1] this sio aalas kio banai maae ||1|| how can laziness help them, O mother? ||1|| Ksmu ibswir Awn kMim lwgih ] khasam bisaar aan ka(n)m laagehi || Forgetting her Husband Lord, and attaching herself to other affairs, kaufI bdly rqnu iqAwgih ]1] rhwau ] kouddee badhalae rathan thiaagehi ||1|| rehaao ||
  2. Anyways To the person who made this post, where are you now sis? Do you still need any encouragement/guidance/support/advice? I'm sure we can help you out and advise you or give you tips on how to stay a strong singhnee
  3. karmjeet that's a wonderful post.. I'm interested in learning more about what happens to brahm gyanis after they pass away.. Where did you get that info? Or maybe Gursikhs just passed it on to you?
  4. where did that show air? i don't even remember it
  5. According to what most of the Panth says, an Amritdharee person should marry another Amritdharee person. There is more balance this way. Marriage is the union of two souls, and if the two souls are on a different path, there can be lots of problems. I've seen Sikh people marrying non-Sikhs or just plain "punjabis" that don't follow the religion, and it has MOST DEFINITELY caused s-e-r-i-o-u-s problems in the relationship. At first it may not seem like a big deal, but eventually, the religious/spiritual differences can create a huge barrier between the husband and wife. It really lowers your
  6. wow! some of those pictures are very, very beautiful. I like the first two especially :D
  7. interesting photo, although i don't know who bhai raam singh ji is and why they're treating him like a guru.
  8. Dearest brother. Sikhi IS about becoming humble and modest, controlling your mind, and becoming a saint-soldier. Sikhi is the game of love, and Amrit is simply the first step that will put "prem rus" into you, and get you ready to feel the divine bliss of Naam and Bani. Amrit is simply the initiation process, and it is absolutely essential ("pritham rehat ye jaan khande kee pahul chhake"). However, this physical Amrit is there to HELP you develop the internal Amrit Naam. It's definitely not along the lines of Sikhi to utter your nitnem without knowing the meaning, or to do paat like parrot
  9. Akalbir, you're so right! To "heydudeswassup", I agree that sometimes it probably is just sleep paralysis. However, I know of Gursikhs that have actually SEEN spirits and ghosts pressing them down. When you do a lot of simran, your "third eye" opens, and you are able to see things that normal people can not see (like ghosts, spirits, shaheed singhs, etc.) And I was told by an high avastha Gurmukh that this is the first step to getting Guru Ji's darshan My opinion is that it probably can be sleep paralysis sometimes, but there are times when you can FEEL that it is something else. You c
  10. I AM surprised, however, that the moderators of this site would approve of such a ridiculous post :roll:
  11. I never said anything wrong about sikh awareness! relaaaaax people
  12. dear maha pavitar ji you should ask on another website, maybe someone with real knowledge will be able to help you out
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