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  1. Yes brothers I agree with you all, our love for God and Gurus is simple as universal love we should try indeed to spread to everybody has an open heart without fanaticism... Raj Karega Khalsa...
  2. ​Yes I agree with you but as you can may know in islam there are branches like ismailism, alevism and druzism where they share with us or we share with them the same beliefs that divinity is within us so the way can be slightly different but we should become more friend with those who respect us as common human beings and not unbelievers like others may think. Sat Siri Akaal
  3. ​We have to not confound islam with terrorists, terrorism is the illness of all periods of islam from time of Aurangzeb, I was then speaking not about terrorists but simple islam...
  4. Sat Siri Akaal Jee, I don't know why we cannot claim easily that even if the Holy Qur'an is a miracle of God and is authentic and also we can share the belief of all prophets, peace be upon them all, and also in Muhammad * as the last one we can be in the same time gurmukhs who can live according to teachings of our holy Gurus. One thing doesn't exclude the other one, it's time to spread universal love, isn't it?
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