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  1. Forum was going through some updates last night and night before, it should be fine now.
  2. Here are the benefits of Registered members: - They can chat in the room - They can contribute more to the gallery - They can be more accountable to the post to protect integrity of quality of forum- ensure member its not posting from multiple guest accounts to get their point across - They are available for personal clarification/ also have ability to take the issue with person via private messaging instead of personal back and forth in the thread. - They can get points for their post (we don't have thumbs down on the post, just positive or no rating)
  3. Guest posting is now disabled on most of sections except for Meditation section, it was pilot project. We have given enough flexibility for guest posting in the past. I think its time for respected guest to register with us - so there is transparency, accountability of whats being posted and also so that you can interact with us more closely.
  4. This topic is closed. Note to OP- Please refrain from opening up polarizing gender based topics. Soul in all is gender less as per gurbani, so those who are fixated on gender based debates and discussions may be take a step back and make effort to get out frog tunnel world they are living in !!!
  5. Wake up is flagged for using multiple guest id- concerned singh to post. Please stop playing silly games. Just because we allow guest posting does not mean you guys abuse guest posting feature.
  6. Yes please go ahead. You can upload up to 100 pics
  7. Its not that simplistic bro. They dont beleive in God in abhramic sense as they beleive in Absolute non dual reality/Non dual God reality without abhramic notions. See- Buddhist sutra including heart sutra- gate gate for more info, for example- form(sargun) is empitness(nirgun), empitness(nirgun) is form(sargun). They also have buddhisatva - realized awakened beings equivalent to bhramgyanis, and also beleive in buddhist gods -sargun devotion spread out in various different school of thoughts/sects within Buddhism.
  8. Band aid fix- temporary relief from thoughts. Nothing less nothing more. Replacing one addiction with another.
  9. I am sorry to hear about your situation. How open is your father for rehabilitation, yoga-excerise or even some form of travelling sight seeing to just get out so it change the environment for him?
  10. SAadmin


    Welcome to our forum which is open to everyone. I am sorry about your situation as a parent. I understand challenges behind autism..i wish your son well, very healthy conscious mindful living.Its upsetting and offensive for sure for sikh in this case sikh pupil to have his patka pulled off from his head. Patka-head covering/turban is considered sacred symbol - crown sikhs wear proudly as sign of nobility and practically to take care of our hair. Yes please do write a letter providing proper context of incident, situation that took place. Most sikhs are also very forgiving as compassion(dya) is integral part of sikh faith. They will understand the situation behind the incident.
  11. Dude do whatever resonates with ya deeply not via conditioning but deeply in meditation drop that question of what you drawn towards- feel the divine will and be guided by it... enjoy the worldly game... Dont think being behingum is any easier for a second than grishti jevan. They are both hard, external circumstances are beyond our control..only free will you have... if we have (even that could be argued) is how nirlaip/calm are you regardless of situation, relationship status. One could be biggest bhogi/engaged in worldly affairs while behingum and one could be nirlaip as jalkamal/cool as cucumber while being in gristhi/ bhog..worldly relationship status does not mean anything. Maharaj leela is way beyond our minds.
  12. Ok well you are playing with semantics, putting words in my mouth. i know what i said you purposely ignore- key term - optional. I dont need your psychoanalysis on what i said, leave it up to readers. In the meantime, you can go take a hike, its beautiful day and feel kudrat rather than sitting as sock jock arm chair quater back..!!
  13. Not my personal reference. Lot of sevapanthis have read rumi works, even mainstream kathavachik like gyani pinderpal singh have read sufi/rumi literature. It's pretty well known in spiritual-adyatamic circle.
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