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  1. Here are the benefits of Registered members: - They can chat in the room - They can contribute more to the gallery - They can be more accountable to the post to protect integrity of quality of forum- ensure member its not posting from multiple guest accounts to get their point across - They are available for personal clarification/ also have ability to take the issue with person via private messaging instead of personal back and forth in the thread. - They can get points for their post (we don't have thumbs down on the post, just positive or no rating)
  2. Guest posting is now disabled on most of sections except for Meditation section, it was pilot project. We have given enough flexibility for guest posting in the past. I think its time for respected guest to register with us - so there is transparency, accountability of whats being posted and also so that you can interact with us more closely.
  3. Its not that simplistic bro. They dont beleive in God in abhramic sense as they beleive in Absolute non dual reality/Non dual God reality without abhramic notions. See- Buddhist sutra including heart sutra- gate gate for more info, for example- form(sargun) is empitness(nirgun), empitness(nirgun) is form(sargun). They also have buddhisatva - realized awakened beings equivalent to bhramgyanis, and also beleive in buddhist gods -sargun devotion spread out in various different school of thoughts/sects within Buddhism.
  4. The problem with that is - all the newbies had to go through nindak phase as they reach certain milestone in posts..lol..rank change is driven by posts - milestones.
  5. Sangat ji, need your help with your feedback revamping rank titles as they seem bit outdated and cheesy when i think about it now...lol. Here is the current set up... any feedback on new title/ranks... or we can disable them. Let us know either way. Nayana Bacha||Nayani Bachi 10 Sayana Bacha||Sayani Bachi 50 Ladla||Ladli 100
  6. Ermm or It could be that all paths leads to the same truth or aspects of truth where there are more similarities than differences.
  7. SAadmin


    Beautiful, where is this place? Indeed janat.
  8. Counting is just an aid tool out of many tools in naam simran to do encouragement comes in form of bhagti intial stages by product of intial stages in nine different types of bhagti fall under dharam khand. It's a stage not a maryada. I grew out of it as i used to do it.
  9. It is gurmat, those stages are gurmat- ever heard of dharam khand, gyan khand, saram khand, karam khand and sachkhand?
  10. I study that as spiritual development, just as baby is not taught phd stuff right away just like that spirituality is bit like that, everything in stages- above discourse should be look at intial steps to draw seeker in then provide updesh from gurbani as you posted to transcend them. Every dharam has four stages- shariat, tariqat, marfat, hakikat, contextualization and conceptualization is key. See it as stage there are no conflicts there. Gian of gurbani is *NOT* the missionary stuff teaches about being good person, have good morals and rest of simplistic way its about knowning who yo
  11. Interesting example is Buddhism, how it spreads to various asian countries. I think most of monarch kings were influenced by buddhism in asian countries and that itself was factor of buddhism spreading across the Asian continent.
  12. One can relate to five khands as part of their spiritual meditative experience as they spiritually evolve for eg- gyan khand - gyan khand mein gyan parchand - meaning- awakening of one's pure cognition (perception) of divine knowledge- feeling/pure spontaneous knowningness such as divine insights usually appears in spacious meditative state which points towards underlying essence reality of all-everything and everyone.
  13. Great, it looks you studying these charitars quite intuitively and deeply. Awesome.
  14. I think we had good discussion on this specific charitar. Paapiman, can you post another charitar on new thread for discussion.
  15. I always wondered about this, what exactly is 405th charitar. When this supposed to revealed. Why is it hidden. Can anyone please shed some light on this
  16. Exactly, its not like this charitar make men look great. It made men look like they think with their ___. Yet we don't see men compalining about it how unfair the insinuation . We take it face value and learn to grow from it unlike crazy feminist who scream sexism non sense.
  17. I don't think thats true, there are lot more stories of men being deceptive and deceiving too which are in charitopakhian. Its talking about human nature in general, not limited to specific sex.
  18. Satkiran if you think moral of the story is made out to be that she looks like a slut only then you are missing the plot. Yes story insinuates she is acting slut but thats just one aspect of story not whole. It also give her credit (credit where its due) of being more smarter than men: she had full consciouness of understanding the highs and lows of life This statement holds true not just in this story but all aspects of her life. Thats a moral of the story, its all pointing towards above in bold, forget the nitty gritty details of the story, don't psychoanalyze it too much, mo
  19. Very interesting post. Thanks to kam
  20. I am not saying anything about donation. I don't think we should cut out donation to site itself just because some of it members have some ideological differences when it comes to sikhi. That site has still has good stuff and has much common ground material which all sikhs can agree on. World isn't black and white.
  21. You got it, whole bunch of them we see on spn.
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