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  1. I got some triphala and various churans on a trip to Punjab. Generally it seemed good for gut health, but I found it to be very astrigent. I would probably take half a teaspoon every other day or every two days as you said.
  2. I recommend everyone to check out this Youtube channel, The Mardana Project; it's both eye opening and frustrating but also gives me hope:
  3. I don't either - there's so much about Raag Kirtan that I don't know, it's a much bigger topic than I thought. Also I should have worded my eariler comment properly....the Afghani Rabaab wasn't traditionally used for Kirtan although today it is. Seems to be the most popular. From what I was told, it's rare to come across anyone who's learnt the two types of Rabaab I mentioned. Maybe with the exception of Namdharis - thank God they have preserved this Vidya. In the video, I think it's still the Afghani one. It's has a very distinct 'Arabi' sound to it (in Kirtan it doesn't sound as obvious). My ears aren't trained but if you listen carefully, I think, I think it sounds the same as this...notice the Arabi vibe it has:
  4. @dalsingh101 This is the Afghani Rabaab correct? I recently learned that this type of Rabaab isn't used in Gurmat Sangeet/Raag Kirtan. I believe the Seni Rabaab and more rarely the Sur Rabaab is used:
  5. According to the Namdhari Samparda, the following is a list of things required to make Havan Samagri, although I have not till date been able to figure out what 3 & 4 are: ਸੰਦਲ ਸੁਰਖ਼ - Red Sandalwood ਸੰਦਲ ਸਫ਼ੈਦ - White Sandalwood ਛੜ - ??? ਮੁਥਰਾ - ??? ਭੋਜ ਪੱਤ੍ਰ - Himalayan Birch (leaves or bark?) ਜੌਂ - Barley ਇੰਦਰ ਜੌਂ - Bitter Oleander ਗੁੱਗਲ - Guggal (Indian Myrrh) ਸੁਪਾਰੀ - Betel Nut ਸੰਧੂਰ - Vermillion ਛੁਹਾਰੇ - Dates ਬਾਦਾਮ - Almonds ਦਾਖਾਂ - Sultanas ਖੋਪਾ - Coconut (chopped) ਲਾਚੀ ਹਰੀ - Green Cardamom ਲੌਂਗ - Cloves ਮੁਸਕ ਕਾਫ਼ੂਰ - Camphor ਤਿਲ - Sesame Seeds ਕੇਸਰ - Saffron ਕਸਤੂਰੀ - Musk ਖੰਡ - Sugar ਘਿਓ - Ghee I would appreciate it if someone could help me find out what 3 & 4 are. Thanks! Soon to follow, screen shots of the Vidhi! Gurbar Akaal!
  6. Sant Ji uses the reference as an example for the Panth. It's defo out there. It's not like an endorsement or a choosing of sides per se.
  7. Sant Ji mentions Israel/Jews in a video of theirs - how the Jewish people made a nation for themselves. I saw it not too long ago but I'm having trouble locating it. If anyone knows which video it is I would be grateful if you could post it here. Dhanvaad.
  8. When writing commentaries and making Gurbani interpretation there is a system, part of which is as follows: Vyakaran - grammar analysis. Nirukta - etymology analysis. Uthanka - historical context. And two types of Arth: Bhav Arth - outer layer, surface meaning, literal meaning. Antreev Arth - inner layer, deep explanations, metaphors, analogies etc. All this must be taken into consideration.
  9. Yeah thanks. I see what you mean. Even the "dried one" is still very resiny. In Iran, where they use it a lot, they buy in large packets and and dry it out further..sort of like dry roasting, before storing. Using a stone pestle and mortar would cause a lot of loss because of the texture, no? I will see if I can get one which is not so rough.
  10. Thanks beere I really appreciate it! Now when you say pure kesar, do you mean non-commerically packaged kesar i.e. fresh? Also, if I was to grind kesar for storage I would grind it without water right? Cus when I did it last time it got mould on it after a few days.
  11. Overall I agree with what you're saying. I'm not denying there was a need for some kind of revolution or lehar, but as you say Singh Sabha overshot it beyond a reasonable line. Indeed things may have started becoming blurred and fundamental differences/distinctions were being ignored between Sikh Mat and Hindu Mat, and yes this needed highlighting and correcting but this could have been achieved without creating the "us vs them" mindset. Where has this led, and what has this resulted in...the same things me, you and many others mentions. The bias, the sheer antipathy, the paranoia, the whitewashing, and in some cases hatred...of all things Hindu/Indic. The other repercussions are missionaries and shankavaadi Sikhs (if you can call them that). Sikhi is distinct and Sikhi is niaara...have never denied this. But at the same time nor will I ever deny the Dharmic connection/s. A very simplified way of summing it up is...Singh Sabha made keema out of something that was much needed and should have gone in a totally different direction. Also, I think you're just better at wording things lol.
  12. At the risk of repeating myself...it's amazing how so much of this supressed information, and to what extent, is antithetical to the popular and average Sikh frame of mind i.e. Sikh"ism"/Singh Sabha narratives. I sometimes can't believe how divergent Sikhi became. Having a reform is one thing but one could go as far to say they practically reinvented the faith. They pushed their ideology as the standard for Sikhi which is so deepy rooted now that people dismiss information from the past as bullshit; it does not even come under consideration in many instances. Once you start to wrap your head around pre-colonial/SS Sikhi, and even taking into account possible interpolations etc, there is enough evidence to categorically state that there was an agenda.
  13. Does anyone know the procedure for making Kesar Tilak? I did try once but I didn't manage to grind it down fine enough I think...I also don't know what to mix it with...water or oil? It's not something I want to experiment with as Kesar is bloody expensive lol so the exact viddhi would be greatly appreciated. How much would I need to make a small amount? Should I try to dry it before grinding? What is the best way to grind it...pestle and mortar? Bearing in mind you would want to minimise loss. What else if anything do you mix into it...chandan etc? What is the best way to store it? @jaikaara beere you're from India right...would you happen to know? @paapiman do you know bro? Thanks.
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