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  1. @chatanga1 - are there any sources specifically that state Mai Bhago never participated in Amrit sanchar? i have always personally thought that there wasn't a specific reason women are not currently allowed to be Panj, that it was just a holdout from the 18th/19th century mindset where women weren't even permitted to take Khande di pahul.
  2. Hello, 18 year old from Amreeka popping in. Rather like this forum...lots of critical thought that goes about (even if you have to separate from the noise). Particularly like the analysis of old texts for what they are, even when opposed to our modern views of what Gurmat are. I'm personally interested in analyzing contemporary Sikh culture in terms of what our Khalsa ancestors were like. There's a lot of interesting tidbits I could go on even here. For example, in the 1980s, a lot of our intelligentsia was focused on showing that Sikhi's perpetual enemy was the Bahman. In the 1950's and d
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