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  1. Hmmm... According to her Iam now imbalanced. all that I wanted was her... I have lost faith in love.
  2. Thank you lalleshvari That makes me feel much better. We are like one soul, torn apart by religion. I am not practising my religion, nor is she. She is divorced and has a little boy, whom I also love, though I cannot see him due to her parents finding out the truth of where she has been. I am 35, no children, she is 31, one boy. All that I want is that we might be together, yet I fear the fact that her parents will not bless this, and threaten to disown her, will keep us apart forever. We have sheltered our love for 2 years. Now I want a family. I know what you mean about Catholic
  3. Hello, I am white, English. I am totally and completely in love with a sikh girl. Her parents refuse to accept me and it hurts to know this. Being of catholic upbringing I value traditional things, home, wife, child. All that I want us for her and I to be happy, together... Her parents however will not acknowledge my existence. I would die for the touch of her hand, I worship her. Please tell me How can you preach of love and exeptence yet deny a man and womans love and yearning to be together? I want the wife I choose, I want the family we deserve. As it seems she has to tur
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