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  1. I don't agree. It isn't Guruji's Hukam because Sikhi is based on equality, if it was Guruji's hukam, where does equality come into it? The thing is, why would you want to convert? I mean, I think that if someone loves you, they should love you for you and wouldn't wish to change you. Asking or wanting you to convert is just the same as changing you. This type of thing shouldn't be happening in the first place. Our religion isn't against us marrying a non-sikh, but our culture is. Bul Chuk Maaf WJKK WJKF
  2. I respect the things you've said Sukhi_v, but I'm just thinking that in our local Gurudwara, we don't get much sangat anyway and it isn't as though Sky has been broadcasted on Ladies Sangeet nights to that people would be aware of it. I'm just assuming it's being used for the old men that are in the Gurudwara commity. Alls they do is fight over the commity and whose going to be on it, so I don't get it. Anyway, thanks for the views and stuff. I did ask what it was for they said for the commity. As far as wrestling goes..don't know.. Fateh Ji
  3. My name..Aman, it's a Panjabi word..you hear it in Paath/Kirtan Means Peace. Full name, Amanpreet, Aman = Peace Preet = Love Someone who loves peace. Most names do have a meaning, however if it's a unique name such as my cousins name "Upnesh", it doesn't have a meaning. Fateh Ji
  4. I have asked, but if you have a Commity in the Gurudwara, you know what they're like, they never give straight answers, they twist it in one way or another. I'm assuming that it's for the old men that sit in the Gurudwara, well the Commity of the Gurudwara..shows how much they care about the Gurudwara and Paath.... :roll:
  5. Yeah, it'll make more people come to the Gurudwara, but instead of listening to paath/kirtan, all of them will proberly go to watch Zee Tv or Eastenders or Football, but yeah, it's ok! :roll: Fateh Ji
  6. I can see that you all think it's ok. I did ask for a reason, but they don't give one, they just start telling you where it's installed etc. If it is for The Giani's in the Gurudwara, why would you need one in the kitchen? If you want to watch TV stay at home, a Gurudwara is a sacred place for praying, Kirtan, Langar or Seva, it isn't for watching Zee Tv or football. I think it's wrong but I'll respect your views. Fateh Ji
  7. I live in Nottingham, and apparently my local Gurudwara has installed Sky Digital in hall 2. The Gurudwara is Singh Sabhan on nottingham Road. What would you say, wrong or right? Personally, i think this is pathetic, My dad said that it's ok because it's in Hall 2 but hall 2 also has SGGSJ and they've installed one in the kitchen in hall 2, but thats where the seva happens. Yeah hall 2 isn't the main hall but it doesn't mean sky being installed into it is right? Does it? Fateh
  8. I don't understand, I mean, in Sikhi does it say if your parents hurt you, you still should not hurt them? You should just take in whatever they give/say? Fateh
  9. So it is wrong to not cover your kesh. So there isn't a point in me asking do amritdharis have to cover there head is there? Thank You! Fateh
  10. Wouldn't they be known as the same? - As Not all males use a dastaar, they also wear a Patka but I just refer to them as Singhs as well? Fateh
  11. Is it a bad thing to leave your kesh loose?
  12. Firstly, sorry if this topic has been started before. I was just basically wondering, if you are religious and grow your hair etc, should you wear a dastaar? Is wearing one something you ought to do for showing respect? Someone told me that Kesh should be kept clean and wearing a dastaar does that, however, leaving it out keeps it dirty thats why most Singhs/Singhnis wear a dastaar. Anyone wanna do the honours of adding onto that? (Random Question) Fateh
  13. In my opinion a Singhni is just like a Singh. If you see someone wearing a Dastaar you call them a Singh? (Well, I have a bad habit of doing that), and I just say Singhni to women who wear a dastaar (Again, bad habit). Basically, a Singhni is like a Singh but is a woman. (I think thats a good way of putting it!) Fateh
  14. I get what you are trying to prove here. I just want to ask is it ok for parents to hurt you? This is a random question by the way! Fateh
  15. PunjabiG - Thanks for clearing that up. Kulpreetsingh - Thanks for clearing it up. Mugermach Singh - :roll: Fateh
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