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  1. We go through birth n death according to our Karm from our previous life A person does not become better or worse by the amount of money he has, its the deeds that we do in our life that determine if we are a good person or a bad person. Its not equal..u are placed according to ur Karm from ur previous Janaam. We are judged by WHAT WE DOOOOOO IN OUR LIFE..... i think i said that above lol.... :twisted:
  2. gogogo, doesn't seem that its helped you much, following Guru Ji, maybe you should try to open your narrow mind and search for help from 'Sants' or 'GurSikhs', to help you understand how a Guru da Sikh should act and speak to others. All you have done is repeat one point over and over with millions of exclamation marks. A_Singh, you make a great point, Baba Budha Ji blessed Bibi Bhani Ji, why did Guru Ji send MataJi to him? Instead of dismissng this very important point, contemplate on the reason, Guru Ji did everything to help us learn, not dismiss everything and say only they know, your at
  3. Ok jjj we get your point, you dont beleive in Sants, only SGGS, your getting slightly annoying with all them posts, did u know that you can use just ONE post for everthing that you want to say?...You beleive what you have to beleive and I will beleive what i want to beleive. Fateh
  4. jjj for someone who's so clear on what he believes, and believes the rest of us are wrong, you have a pretty intolerant attitude. If this is what you learnt from believing in what you do..Im better off not knowing.
  5. Well DUH Can you gurantee that i wont get anywhere spiritually if i read biographies? who are you? God? Just because you'v had certain experiences does not mean to say that you will not reach God if u read biographies, How do you explain Bhagat Dhanna doing darshan of God through a STONE????? Good for you mate Without a doubt We shouldnt try and be like them? er... :? They might not talk about INNER-LIFE but they can be a inspiration to some people to realise the true path and follow SGGS can't they? Guru Ji's Hukam comes first becuase when you die,
  6. So do we wordship ourselves? Why would God (us by definition) want to realise Himself? :?
  7. They will get Mukti because they have become Shaheed for a good cause rite? Or maybe it will depend on what they have done in their life whilst they were alive, and even if they are innocent people they will not be killed unless it is the Will of God therefore there is no question of if they die before they should because everything happens according to God's Will rite?
  8. They might go out with their kesh open if they have just washed their hair or get headaches from tying it up maybe?
  9. So if they try and copy a Sant like Baba Nand Singh Ji, who devoted themselves to Naam Simran their whole life, this is wrong? We should not try and follow their example????? These so called 'Sant Babas' that your on about have been the inspiration for lots of people to take Amrit, follow the true path. Whats the harm in reading biographies if it means some one becoming part of the Khalsa? Are you crazy? Parents comment is true i guess but say for instance your parents say to you that they do not want you to take Amrit or they dont want you to become too religious because it ruins your chances
  10. I think it was just a joke..man, no one has a sense of humour around here.
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