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  1. im a big fan of cypress hill check this out too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB2D7jf1iHw...20your%20number
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5cC4IpYl-Y...20gracious%20me damn lol
  3. hi... i have set some goals for this year which i must accomplish there is no easy way out and it must be done.. i cannot do this alone and i ask for waheguruji to help me.. as what i am facing now is destroying my life completely... 1. i need to lose weight through depression i ate the wrong food and rarely excercised resulting in mass weight gain.. now i have joined a gym but im having trouble in losing it even if im going everyday... what i want is some prayer or kirtan which will keep me going through all the excercises... i have made a habit of getting up early and heading 2 t
  4. oh kiddah.. well its all down to the person just be sure that the hindu/muslim/jew mamasitas dont just marry u 2 convert u 2 their religion... i see that you have fallen for a non sikh mamasita
  5. 80s man!... i heard those were the days that girls were afriad to go to clubs lol one footstep from their dad and i bet their whole house shook lol trust me... if it was the eightees asiano mamasitas would be chasing after you! how can they not? as a matter of fact both asiano guys and girls were scared types then.. the guys would get all scared if a girl started talking 2 them i know this because asiano ppl from that generation told me etc... so dont worry..;P theres always india
  6. man trust me all these asian girls have gone mad... all they want is some good looking guy nearly every asian girl ive met has turned me down, they cant take it if one asian guy is different they expect every asian guy 2 be the same.. u know the criteria to impress a asian girl u must: 1. posess earings... 2. have spikey hair 3. be built or skinny 4. talk in slang 24.7 5. all of the above either that or im in the wrong town... god knows man
  7. now if it was the 80's or early nineties.. i would not have a problem in finding any girl however these days something has happened... asian girls are becoming more modern than goria... and trust me goria do not fuss over a guy.. just these asian girls do!
  8. as a fact 99% of the asian girls in UK are narrow minded.. yeh i havent seen and spoke 2 majority of these girls.. so i will go by my judgement.. i have met enough asian girls 2 know they are narrow minded! take my example i am slightly overweight, i got curly hair girls dont want that they only want: a guy with spikey hair slim dude its sad but true the world revolves around looks.. i know nobody will like me.. but ur sitiation is different.. the girls who have singhs in their families dont mind a singh... be careful who you choose and if it dont work out here th
  9. hi my friend is going on holiday to new york and he would like to know if there are any sikh communities in that area much appreciated
  10. when i was at the gym today i noticed a programme this guy with a paag talking even participating in a pagan festival.. since i did not have headfones i just observed him talking whilst i did my excercise on the treadmill upon going home i found out what this show was called http://be-reasonable.typepad.com/be_reason...ep_does_re.html was a debate on religion!.. ur thoughts please after viewing that link
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