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  1. http://jsks.biz/bhajan-bandagi-da-partap-sodhi-harbhajan-singh is it that one ? Thank you .
  2. My intuition is telling me your favorite channel is NewsChannel? I know I can read mind .:)
  3. This tree is empty inside and pretty soon will fall. Mom dad want me to get it cut since they afraid it can damage things or can fall at someone. So, my question is since we know trees feel pain too. What should I do? If I get it removed, poor tree Ji will feel pain and I will feel bad. If we don't get it cut, it can do some damage and mom dad will yell at me. Parents yelling is no fun :( Sorry OP Ji, too lazy to make a new thread.
  4. People have immense faith in Gurbani and they have the full right to say what Gurbani says. Next thing you will argue that I have no right to say labor pain is painful just because I have not gone through it yet and I should not trust my mom . If we are going to look at it that way then we all are frauds. Everybody is doing their best to help themselves and others. It's always a good idea to be humble and hear what others are saying rather than judging them "Oh show me if that's true". Knowledge is pretty powerful and free too. We all need teachers, when I am showing anger and if someone who i
  5. They are not taking it seriously because every single thing that OP is saying has been said on this forum so many times by the same person. Every thought of OP seems to be influenced by reading posts over here. True, there could be a 13 year old writing all this but where is she now? Unless she actively participate no one will trust. I joined the forum in distress too and when I posted my life here, I came back to check people's responses or to find some relief. I mean if I tell someone my pain, I will reply again if they talk to me . I won't just post and forget about it.
  6. Have been watching his videos and started reading a book. He does have some good or great points regarding not so common stuff . There are many more videos on his channel, worth checking out.
  7. This is beautiful.. He sings like Bhai manpreet singh ji kanpuri.
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