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  1. Waheguru Ji Call him he will be more then happy to help you. He will explain what is happening to you and what will be the next step. Waheguru Ji
  2. Waheguru Ji If you need inner guidance please contact bhai dharamjit singh ji. Many members of this forum have talked to him and recommand him for inner guidence. Here is a video on his YouTube channel click on the description and his phone number is there, please contact him he will be able to help you. Let us know how it goes. Waheguru
  3. Waheguru Ji Bhai Sewa Singh Ji explains how doing simran out loud will bring the scattered attention together making it easier towards the inward journey to Waheguru.
  4. Waheguru Ji Another question that's important is what will be the future of farmers since technology has made farming less labour intensive? What's the long term strategy of farmers? Do farmers need to start other supporting agriculture businesses like consulting and marketing etc.. to be able to have a career in the agriculture industry in the future?
  5. Waheguru Ji This video might help answer your question. Waheguru
  6. Waheguru Ji Are you sure it had declined that low because udasi and nirmala sampradey were doing parchar so how could the sikh population get that low.
  7. Waheguru Ji What's the oldest granth/source we have that mention Sikhs doing mool manter jaap. Also, that mention Sikhs doing 125,000 times. Do we have any source that Sikhs were doing it during guru jis time or was this something afterward.
  8. Waheguru ji This would be a good opportunity for sikh sampradeys to set up a small dhoof shop. It can supply dhoof for the different sampradeys and the sangat. It would keep the dhoof tradition alive and the sampradey can use the income from the shop for the sangats benefit.
  9. Waheguru Ji Wanted the Sangats view of wheather the golak should be moved to the side or somewhere else. Don't want the golak to be so central.
  10. Wahegury Ji This YouTube channel has a big collection of katha, videos of Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala on Naam, Anhad Shabad, Bhagti, Gurmanter, Jaap and question and answers.
  11. Underground caves used by baba ji during battles.
  12. In the Jalandhar district of Punjab, there is a small village called Khambra. A non-government organisation named Spiritual Welfare Society is headquartered in Khambra. The NGO is headed by one Varsha Rani and other important functionaries include Balvir Kaur and Piara. About Spiritual Welfare society The NGO is registered with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and received Rs. 17076206.07 as contribution from outside Bharat in 2017-18. In 2018-19, the total foreign contribution it received was Rs. 28427339.00. So in a period of two years, it received approximately Rs. 4.5 crores fr
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