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  1. Waheguru Ji Update 13 9/9-380 Jaaps 9/10-300 Jaaps 9/11-390 Jaaps 9/12-410 Jaaps 9/13-480 Jaaps 9/14-480 Jaaps 9/15-666 Jaaps Total done this week 3,106 Total done since started 44,370 80,630 left till 125,000
  2. Waheguru Ji Have you fully recovered or still have any of these problems? Waheguru
  3. Waheguru Ji Update 12 9/2- 365 Jaaps 9/3- 325 Jaaps 9/4- 360 Jaaps 9/5- 300 Jaaps 9/6- 300 Jaaps 9/7- 325 Jaaps 9/8- 440 Jaaps Total done this week 2,415 Total done since started 41,264 83,736 left till 125,000
  4. Waheguru Ji Update 11 8/26-350 Jaaps 8/27-420 Jaaps 8/28-330 Jaaps 8/29-230 Jaaps 8/30-240 Jaaps 8/31-290 Jaaps 9/1-280 Jaaps Total this week 2,140 Jaaps Total done since started 38,849 Jaaps 86,151 Jaaps left till 125,000 Jaaps
  5. Waheguru Ji The Great Gurus Of The Sikhs page 154 "... the word used to describe the number of Mughal soldiers is "Dahlakh". It is a Persian word and historians translate it meaning as "infinite" or "Ten Lakh"."
  6. Waheguru Ji Update: Still going, Waheguru Kirpa Week 8 4/12 Day 50-200 Jaaps 4/13 Day 51-200 Jaaps 4/14 Day 52- 230 Jaaps 4/15 Day 53-200 Jaaps 4/16 Day 54-250 Jaaps 4/17 Day 55-380 Jaaps 4/18 Day 56-305 Jaaps Total this week 1,765 Total completed since started 28,913 96,087 left till 125,000 Week 9 4/19 Day 57-350 Jaaps 4/20 Day 58-340 Jaaps 4/21 Day 59-170 Jaaps 4/22 Day 60-155 Jaaps 4/23 Day 61-25 Jaaps 4/24 Day 62-10 Jaaps 4/25 Day 63-20 Jaaps Total this week 1,070 Total completed since started 29,983 95,017 left till 125,000 Anothet 6,726 Jaaps done during last few months. Total done so far 36,709 88,291 left till 125,000 Waheguru Ji
  7. Waheguru Ji How bad was going through covid, how long did it take to recover naturally or was it the vaccine. What was the worst that happened while you were going through it and what helped. Did it leave lasting effects on you or have recovered from everything. Waheguru
  8. How long did your family symptoms last and how long it took to recover. How bad did it get for them and did anything help. Waheguru
  9. How long did your symptoms last and how long it took to recover. How bad did it get for you and did anything help. Waheguru
  10. Waheguru Ji Bhai Kahan Singh Ji Nabha meets Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastwana VISIT TO SRINAGAR-MEETING WITH BHAI KAHAN SINGH OF NABHA VISITED PATIALA AND DELHI DARBAR From Bara Mula, Sant Ji went to Sri Nagar, Bhai Kahan Singh of Nabha came to pay respects to him. He paid respects to Sant Ji. He was glad to note that the Divine Hymns sung by Sant Ji Maharaj in his most melodious voice had most extraordinary and magical effect on the minds of all. Bhai Kahan Singh found that Sant Ji was a Brahmgiani, the Knower of the Secrets of human beings and Super Soul, well-wisher and helper of all, and most calm and humble. Such most gifted souls come in this world very seldom to save all the humanity. Bhai Sahib heard Sant Ji's Shabad sung in different musical measures also. Source: Life Story of Sant Attar Singh Ji by Harbans Singh Doabia Complete pdf book can be found in below link.
  11. Waheguru Ji Week 7 update Day 43-260 Jaaps Day 44-320 Jaaps Day 45-165 Jaaps Day 46-110 Jaaps Day 47-250 Jaaps Day 48-165 Jaaps Day 49-100 Jaaps Total this week 1,370 Total completed since started 27,148 97,852 left till 125,000 External situations/events have shaken the mind and slowed the Jaaps down. Trying to recover after the mess. Waheguru Ji Kirpa. Please, share your experience of doing Bhagti to encourage Sangat members. Waheguru Waheguru
  12. Waheguru Ji These sections are from the book Bandginama. Which explains the state of Sahej. Also towards the end Sant Attar Singh Ji and Baba Nand Singh Ji give personal advice to the author of Bandginama on this state of Sahej, when he was going through it. 7.4 The State of Sahej The spiritual stage gradually continues to advance to such an extent that we consider even the recitation of mental Simran as superfluous. Then the physical process of Simran ceases, but the mind is in union with God, in a state of poise. Now, both the physical and mental stress of Simran cease, and the mind is perfectly at rest. This is called the Sahej stage, whose peace and bliss defy description. Then one feels: Those who have not practiced Nam Are leading a useless, insipid life. jini aisa Hari nam na chetio se kahe jag ae ram raje Guru Ramdas - Asa. The ambrosial joy of Nam is experienced at this stage. The mind is in a state of inebriation and is full of unfathomable bliss, and the joys of the world stand no comparison to it and pale into insignificance. We feel as if we have found a rare treasure. When we descend from this state, mental Simran begins and, through it again, we ascend to this stage of peace, poise, and joy. 7.4.1 My First Illusion When I first felt this stage of effortless union with God, I thought that though my bliss was infinite, yet Simran was seemingly wanting, and so I fancied that without Simran God-worship was meaningless. At first, I imagined that God-worship consisted in repeating the Divine Name only; then I conceived that mental Simran was God-worship: now I felt as if Simran had ceased altogether and, therefore, I felt that the repose of the mind in peace and poise, without Simran, was not God-worship and was, I thought, a mere waste of time. For years, I laboured under this delusion. I consulted some Mahatmas, one of whom was the late Sant Attar Singh Ji. The Sant said, “My dear boy, this spiritual state of yours is superior to your previous stages the very object of Simran is to attain this state of poise and peace.” Later, I met Dr. Chanan Singh of Jagraon, who himself was a devotee. He escorted me to the late Sant Nand Singh Ji of Kaleran (Ludhiana District), who said, “In the first stages there is Simran with the lips, followed by mental Simran. This is followed by the mind resting in a state of poise and peace.” He added, “When somebody is performing Simran with the lips, followed by mental Simran, he stands apart from God and adores God, but when he draws nearer to God, Simran begins to drop and there emerges a state of being-at-one and one drinks of the heavenly nectar.” He paused awhile, and said, “Take two pieces of iron. When the two pieces are welded, they become one whole. So is Simran the welding, the joining link that unites the soul with the Infinite Soul.” I inquired: “Since the mind does not continuously dwell in the state of Sahej, how can we permanently retain it in this state?” He replied: “Let the mind remain in the state of Sahej, so long as it will stay there. When it descends, take to Simran and through Simran, it could regain the same ideal state of bliss. In the course of time, the mind will ever abide in the state of ceaseless mental peace and bliss.” 7.4.3 The Fruit of Sahej In this blessed state, the seeker feels as if he has received an electric current within him-waves of ecstasy surge through him. A wondrous thrill permeates his being; there is boundless, overflowing joy; he is steeped in an ocean of bliss; he feels inebriated with brimming bliss. When he turns his mind to his ears he hears sweet melodies emanating from the universe; in the cortex of the brain there is the musical melodious tinkle of bells, and celestial symphony. When the seeker’s mind turns to his nose, sweet, enthralling perfumes greet his nostrils, and when his eyes open, he sees Divine Force pervading all things and feels that the Divine Force makes all living things dance to His tune. And when his eyes close, he perceives the same Force permeating His being. He finds himself indissolubly connected and interlinked with the universe, like beads strung together. This state of Sahej brings Divine Knowledge, which I shall refer to in the chapter on “Gyan, or Divine Knowledge.”
  13. Waheguru Ji Rare books and contemporary records on the bloody Partition of India Partition of India - SGPC Records (1946-47) Vol. 2, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (1946-47) Download / Read Rawalpindi, Prabodh Chandra (1947) Download / Read Select Newspaper Coverage - Partition of India (1947) Download / Read Khooni Saal Diyan Khooni Holiyan (Gurmukhi), Giani Kartar Singh (1947) Download / Read 1947 Da Khooni Itihaas (Gurmukhi), Avtar Singh Bedi (1947) Download / Read Partition of India - Report on Atrocities, Ministry of Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of India (1948) Download / Read The Punjab Tragedy (1947), Prof. Darbara Singh (1949) Download / Read Now It Can Be Told, Prof. Amar Nath Bali (1949) Download / Read Stern Reckoning, Justice Gopal Das Khosla (1949) Download / Read Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947, Prof. Gurbachan Singh Talib (1950) Download / Read Punjab Vich Sikhan-Hinduaan Upar Kite Gye Muslim Leeg De Hamle Di Vithiya 1947 (Gurmukhi), Prof. Gurbachan Singh Talib (1951) Download / Read A Diary of the Partition Days 1947, Dr. Ganda Singh (1960) Download / Read The Partition Of The Punjab - Dr. Kirpal Singh's PhD Thesis (1966) Download / Read The Partition Of The Punjab, Dr. Kirpal Singh (1972) Download / Read Sikhan De Pakistan Vichon Niklan Di Gaatha (Gurmukhi), Dr. Kirpal Singh (2001) Download / Read Select Documents on Partition of Punjab - 1947: India and Pakistan, Dr. Kirpal Singh (1988, 2005) Download / Read Bharat Di Azadi Da Agman Ate Sikh Sthiti (Gurmukhi), Dr. Kirpal Singh (2009) Download / Read (Digitized books courtesy Punjab Digital Library | www.panjabdigilib.org and other sources) Rawalpindi Riots of 1926 - SGPC Report Download/Read Source: https://partitionof1947.blogspot.com/?m=0
  14. Waheguru Ji Week 6 update Day 36-500 Jaaps Day 37-490 Jaaps Day 38-525 Jaaps Day 39-680 Jaaps Day 40-740 Jaaps Day 41-680 Jaaps Day 42-670 Jaaps 4,285 completed this week 25,778 completed since started 99,222 left till 125,000 Sangat Ji please share your experience while doing Simran or any other Jaap to encourage the Sangat members, so they can start Naam Simran.
  15. Waheguru Ji Week 5 update Day 29-520 Jaaps Day 30-550 Jaaps Day 31-460 Jaaps Day 32-590 Jaaps Day 33-580 Jaaps Day 34-470 Jaaps Day 35-390 Jaaps Total completed this week 3,560 Total completed since started 21,493 103,507 left till 125,000 Sangat Ji please share your experience while doing Simran or any other Jaap to encourage the Sangat members, so they can start Naam Simran.
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