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  1. Waheguru Ji Bhai Kahan Singh Ji Nabha meets Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastwana VISIT TO SRINAGAR-MEETING WITH BHAI KAHAN SINGH OF NABHA VISITED PATIALA AND DELHI DARBAR From Bara Mula, Sant Ji went to Sri Nagar, Bhai Kahan Singh of Nabha came to pay respects to him. He paid respects to Sant Ji. He was glad to note that the Divine Hymns sung by Sant Ji Maharaj in his most melodious voice had most extraordinary and magical effect on the minds of all. Bhai Kahan Singh found that Sant Ji was a Brahmgiani, the Knower of the Secrets of human beings and Super Soul, well-wisher and helper of
  2. Waheguru Ji Week 7 update Day 43-260 Jaaps Day 44-320 Jaaps Day 45-165 Jaaps Day 46-110 Jaaps Day 47-250 Jaaps Day 48-165 Jaaps Day 49-100 Jaaps Total this week 1,370 Total completed since started 27,148 97,852 left till 125,000 External situations/events have shaken the mind and slowed the Jaaps down. Trying to recover after the mess. Waheguru Ji Kirpa. Please, share your experience of doing Bhagti to encourage Sangat members. Waheguru Waheguru
  3. Waheguru Ji These sections are from the book Bandginama. Which explains the state of Sahej. Also towards the end Sant Attar Singh Ji and Baba Nand Singh Ji give personal advice to the author of Bandginama on this state of Sahej, when he was going through it. 7.4 The State of Sahej The spiritual stage gradually continues to advance to such an extent that we consider even the recitation of mental Simran as superfluous. Then the physical process of Simran ceases, but the mind is in union with God, in a state of poise. Now, both the physical and mental stress of Simran
  4. Waheguru Ji Rare books and contemporary records on the bloody Partition of India Partition of India - SGPC Records (1946-47) Vol. 2, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (1946-47) Download / Read Rawalpindi, Prabodh Chandra (1947) Download / Read Select Newspaper Coverage - Partition of India (1947) Download / Read Khooni Saal Diyan Khooni Holiyan (Gurmukhi), Giani Kartar Singh (1947) Download / Read 1947 Da Khooni Itihaas (Gurmukhi), Avtar Singh Bedi (1947) Download / Read Partition of India - Repo
  5. Waheguru Ji Week 6 update Day 36-500 Jaaps Day 37-490 Jaaps Day 38-525 Jaaps Day 39-680 Jaaps Day 40-740 Jaaps Day 41-680 Jaaps Day 42-670 Jaaps 4,285 completed this week 25,778 completed since started 99,222 left till 125,000 Sangat Ji please share your experience while doing Simran or any other Jaap to encourage the Sangat members, so they can start Naam Simran.
  6. Waheguru Ji Week 5 update Day 29-520 Jaaps Day 30-550 Jaaps Day 31-460 Jaaps Day 32-590 Jaaps Day 33-580 Jaaps Day 34-470 Jaaps Day 35-390 Jaaps Total completed this week 3,560 Total completed since started 21,493 103,507 left till 125,000 Sangat Ji please share your experience while doing Simran or any other Jaap to encourage the Sangat members, so they can start Naam Simran.
  7. Waheguru Ji Very inspirational story of how Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jis life completely transformed because of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji. Only about 3 minute video, please listen Waheguru
  8. Waheguru Ji If you mean listen using a mp3 player or audio, no dass doesn't do that as that will become a distraction. You might be listening to a audio jaap but the mind will still be thinking and you might be under the illusion that you are accomplishing your goal. The mind has to do the jaap with intention and listen without anyother interference. Dass only try's to listen to own voice internally or externally while sleeping, eating, or doing any other activities. It's easy with some activities, hard with others. It's all a play of dhyan/attention. The more you do the jaap and
  9. Waheguru Ji Dass means sangat please share your experience while also doing Simran or any other kind of jaap to encourage the sangat. Waheguru
  10. Waheguru Ji It helps to do the jaap in a dark room to control the eyes from wandering around and getting distracted. As the goal is to go inward and away from the senses. This is a open jaap. Done mostly while sitting and walking around through out the day. The main focus is on training the mind listening to the Mantar no matter what is happening externally. Also, trying to observe what takes the mind away from listening to the Mantar as the mind gets caught up in the inner chatter. Waheguru Waheguru
  11. Waheguru Ji Are there any Sants or Sampradas that are based in Pakistan and still doing parcher there?
  12. Waheguru Ji What has been your experience using these techniques written in the granths. Have they produced any results or any experiences for you. Please share if you can. Waheguru
  13. Waheguru Ji Here is the link to upload to this site. https://www.sikhawareness.com/files/
  14. Waheguru Ji All these Biographies are available online but they are scattered around on different websites. It is a good idea to have them all compiled on one page for the benefit of the sangat and the sangat can add more to this list. 1. Pachhami Parkash A Biography of his Holiness Sant Karam Singh Ji (Hoti Mardan Wale) By: Giani Mohan Singh Ji Azad Book 2. Jiwan Gatha A Biography of his Holiness Sant Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib Wale) By: Giani Mohan Singh Ji Azad Book 3. In Search of the True Guru Autobiography of Bhai Rama Singh Ji Book
  15. Waheguru Ji Does anyone know if this committee still exists and what is its function? What does the word ਸਦਰ mean?
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