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  1. If the Khalsa is bound by Maya, does that mean the Khalsa does not exist outside of the boundaries of Maya which to my understanding is just an Illusion like a dream? But I do agree that Khalsa is the 3rd Panth.
  2. My point was, it is lack of control of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar and other such negative emotions is what leads to all crime in the world. If one is not a Brahmgiani, yet still feels they need to keep a Bachelor lifestyle, then they should live away from human contact. There was a reason why Sadhus and Yogis would live away from civilization into caves and jungles to do meditation, “No humans, No temptation” is how they saw it. But for Nanaksar Babas, they live within society, plus they lead a bachaler lifestyle. Only the strong will survive this, the weak will submit to Kaam. Because ma
  3. I don’t believe that we should blame any one Jatha or Sampradaya for sex scandals. But I think that such cases do point to us how important it is that individuals live Grahisti Jeevan. Bihangam life style is not for everyone, and should not be a compulsory rule for Babas to join Nanaksar order. It should be optional. Kaam is such a strong emotion that anyone can fall. Even great Rishis sometimes have fallen.
  4. Singh47


    Kala afghana is an assole in my opinion. His views are not Tat Khalsa views. Kala afghana's views are a separate category itself. I believe in the Singh Sabha, and I strongly oppose Kala Afghana and his Kalay dil dhay chele. These guys only understand one language, and that is the language of the Chithars.
  5. Actually I dont think that people stopped wearing Kenttha because of Singh Sabhiya influence. Up until our grand parent’s generation people did wear traditional Punjabi dress such as Chadhra, Kenttha, Turlawali pagh etc. But with the influence of western culture our parent’s generation (baby boomers) stopped wearing these things, perhaps because it was no longer considered cool by them. It would be cool to see more people wearing these things other than the Bhangra dancers.
  6. Who is Swami Brahmdev? He looks like a Nirmala.
  7. According to Islam a Muslim is one who believes in the prophethood of Mohammad and follow his doctrine. Anyone who does not do this is a non Muslim, therefore a Kaffir (non-believer). It is no use for us to try to revise Islamic concepts to how we want to interpret them. Personally I don’t have a problem with Muslims considering me a Kaffir. They have their way, and I have mine. If they respect my right to freedom of faith, I’ll respect them. It is only when someone tries to enforce their doctrine on me that I have a problem with. Otherwise there is no problem.
  8. Sikh warrior culture and Rajput warrior culture seem to be very similar. They even have a Dhadhi tradition (ballad singing) like ours. Chivilry was what a Rajput lived and died for. They were like the samurais of India.
  9. I don’t know about Panthic weekly being AKJ, but in the Vancouver area AKJ is not very numerous. In fact it is other organizations such as Taksal or that Harjas Jatha which has a strong hold over the youth in Vancouver area. All the protesters that were out against Dadriawala were just mainstream Sikhs. Many were even Monaas. Personally I think that Dadriawala is a little too over rated. He is a good orator, I'll give that much credit.
  10. Shows the kind of respect people in Punjab have for Baba Deep Singh Jee. But they should have made a documentary instead of an Indian commercialized movie which we all know isn't very good in narrating history.
  11. So what exactly is Sanjam Kiriya (or Kriya?). Isn’t there also a Sanatanist website about this? Is it a type of an exercise?
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