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  1. nice pic, keep up the good pics coming in!
  2. This is such a controversial issue, almost on every website this sort of issue goes on forever and ever. None of us really knew him personally so its difficult to say. From my personal views, I think that some of the many reasons why he was looked up to was cos of the fact that he revived the sikhs to come back to their religion, was one of the very few genuine Sikh leaders we had, he knew that oppositions wanted to destroy sikhi and he stood up as much as he could to prevent this. I know a few stories about Sant Ji that indicated that yes he was very much an enlightened person. He had eart
  3. C'mon man, thats a bit harsh. I have some Muslim girl mates, they seem content with their religion and family life. We cant generalise ??
  4. ^^^^ hey i work for Immigration, i'll help u send him back aimmeee bakwaas, its people who cause disctinctions between castes a breakdown in our unity.
  5. I rekon u should ask ur Local Gurdwara first, see what they think and let them authorise this. (my friend was in a similar situation a few years back).
  6. U know what, I actually think she was quite a good leader, but she messed up BIG time towards the end. If shes the greatest leader...that makes Mother Tereasa look like a dictator....
  7. Thanks N30, Thanks for keeping the positive memories of Sant Ji alive. keep up the good work. Nice portrait of Guru ji too
  8. Thank you very much for the info. I dont want to turn this thread into another topic but I want to express the fact that Sant Ji woke the Sikh population up and revived us all. Reading about him brought me back into Sikhi and I respect him for that. He was the only man who could stand up to inequalities and practices against Human Rights. We shouldn't judge him, its all up to god to judge him. '1 man's terrorist is another man's Hero', thats all I have to say. And the CD is great! Atleast efforts are being made for the Sikh youth
  9. Amardeep, (Aww@ the memories)..Have u got any pics of them? I was amazed at how fab the Nagar Kirtans were in India It was in Jallundhar Cantt Choni (shonii, dont know how to spell it), my Massi lives 3 minutes away from the main Gurdwara. Whilst we stayed there, my dad used to get up and do seva there and on Gurpurab, they handed him a Saropa due to his hard work..(great holiday for him !!) It was so great, they had Miri Piri Academy American Singhs and Singhani's (unfortunately I got so caught up in the fun that I didnt take pics of them- there were THOUSANDS of them). I really enj
  10. Wow, heard of that story too, amazing
  11. I dont know why people blame the girls, the guys are just as bad. Anyway, I dont want to create another topic here or agrue with any one! Its a problem which is significantly caused by lack of education and resources. Parents or upbringing is very important. If the parents dont educate their kids about Sikhi or make and effort to take them to Punjabi Schools or the Gudwara and teach them about Sikhi then as a result- the children will drift away. Look at Muslims as an example, they spend a lot of money on educational resources (at Universities I see sooooo many resources and stalls and s
  12. School Kids takig part; [highlight=red:96261411ce]girl power[/highlight:96261411ce]
  13. I went to India recently and got caught up in this huge nagar kirtan clebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Birthday. On of my fav parts was watching the Scottish Sardar Ji's band...WOW!! I'll post the rest later this week. I had such a fantastic time that day, probably one of the best moments in my life so far It'd be great to invite these guys to one of our Nagar Kirtans..!
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