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  1. yes thats y i pointed out that i dont know how religous they are - but the ones i know dont go to the gurdwara - and believe they have noting to do with sikhi
  2. Iv got a few radhaswami friends - who i have often discussed their religon with (baring in mind i dont actually know how 'religous they are) so im gna answer thw questions from what of know of them and their families, they dont believe in SGGSji, and dont take amrit as sikhs do, from what i know they dont have the 5 K's Their religon has nothing to do with sikhi and when asked in discussions they would rather refer to them selves as hindus confused the hell outta me
  3. Sikhs are vulnerable? if u believe in your faith - know and respect other faiths but still know where you stand how can you be vulnerable? we had warnings passed out in our gurdwara last year about a man who was dressed as a sant who was converting people (they said by black magic) and we were warned that he would wipe out sikhism! - None of which happened (obviously) but what i saw was that the sikh community held together and didnt become vulnerable to this mans ways! - some did but not alot. So maybe it depends on location? and when you say sikh - do u mean actual sikhs/people try
  4. Uuum N30-ji, u thnk sexual pleasures are wrong b4 and after marraige? i totally agree with the before marraige, but i thought it was OK after marraige, and yes Lust is something we r supposed to refrain from, but is it still seen as lust if it is ur spose? "By meeting up on the saint, my sexual desires and greed get smashed into pieces (SGGS)" Mayb the quote means when we die and our souls r passed on our sexual desires r crashed as we do not have a body? :?:
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