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  1. Interesting conversation last night amongst friends, where one supported Trump. Her arguement is "he is not afraid to speak his mind, is that something Hilary does? No." If you read his auto-biography that’s his style: say something outrageous to get you remembered. Doesn’t mean he means it. But then I then suggested he's like any other politician who says anything to get votes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-35758156
  2. If you plan to marry anyone (regardless of if they live in the same city or country as you) you must do back ground checks on them as people will only tell you there good side. You can ask someone random at their local gurdwara to see what they know about that boy/girl and their family. You mention the person moving may have little knowledge of local laws or language. I would suggest that the person moving (before they leave) must understand the language first and have a safe/confidential point of contact in the new city they can go to to talk about any issues or if they are feeling lon
  3. There are various elderly care homes in the city where I live, and I'm sure there are some near other members of this forum. I would definitely recommend this as the elderly really appreciate this. They can chat with others but you notice the glint in their eyes when a new youngster comes in and has chit-chat with them about any random topic (and they are funny and random at times). The thing is, there are many more elderly people who live on there own (ie. not in a care home with others) so can you imagine how lonely they get? There are so many different types of volunteer work
  4. A couple of times a month I spend time in an elderly care home sitting and listening with the old people there. They are so lonely and love that someone young has taken time to be with them because they really have nothing else to do, and rarely visited by their family. They share some lovely stories and really appreciate any visitor : )
  5. A couple of good charities I support to raise awareness of this are Binti Period and Pink Ladoo https://www.instagram.com/binti.period/ https://www.instagram.com/pinkladoo/ Lots of good work done to remind people menstruation is a natural part of life.
  6. When a UK citizen decides to marry an Indian national in Panjab, what needs to be done before the Indian partner (and newly weds) move to the UK? TIA : )
  7. Many non-Sikh photographers love capturing photos from Sikh weddings and the Gurudwaras because of the vivid colours and cultural essence there.
  8. Definitely agree that art is a great way to capture and introduce children, as well as teenages into Sikhi if they have not been interested in it before. I find Instagram and social media a good way too. There are so many images, and some with quotes, which can intrigue people.
  9. Many valid points. An important factor is language - when our communities have moved to places like Russia, France, Brasil - we were not quick enough to translate our beautiful gurbani in to a language the locals could understand when they visit the Gurudwara. This is improving in the English speaking nations like England. Mind you, you have to also bear in mind that when other religions have expanded so to have the interpretation of their way of life. I was chatting to a Catholic friend awhile ago and she explained how different Catholic worshippers in Espania differ to those in Latin
  10. Death tolls in any conflict will vary depending on which source you refer to. Yes, it is an interesting period we should be aware of. I haven't read the first book either so will check that one out first. Thanks for sharing with us.
  11. Stumbled upon this on Instagram and thought I share as some of you here are interested in Moghul history and the life of MahaRaja Ranjit Singh. I suppose that's one good thing about social media is people can share more imagery of our history for those who cannot access them in person.
  12. It's a shame there are very few peacocks in Panjab now in comparison to 20 years ago. Increase in motor vehicles and people have threatened there habitat : (
  13. Our department at work often have department meetings at external venues as we do not have offices that can accommodate everyday in our head office. This week we had our meeting in a room at a local church, and the church often hires out this large room for external functions. It would be great for our Gurudwaras to think outside the box when it comes to designing new Gurudwaras or redeveloping existing Gurudwaras to think what they can do to assist the wide panth and local committee. A function room which could be used to hold meetings, or a library should be consider essential. R
  14. Many Gurudwaras are easy targets, not just for money but aware of incidents where food has been raided unfortunately. Important to have internal CCTV in key areas (e.g. kitchen, hallways) as well as external. Also, for sevadars to assist in overnight security.
  15. Is there a new site which lists locations of the world's Gurudwaras?
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