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  1. Is it this quote ? ; 'There was talk of such a science of archery and stick fighting only a few years ago in the Punjab that listening of it the English-educated young men will consider it astonishing. In sincerity I believe present day young men might just consider these skills and Shastar Vidiya most likely impossible, because they have not even seen those bows nevermind stringing them. Like this, many sciences and skills after attaining their heights have declined. Before 1857 many quivers full of arrows, matchlocks, flintlock guns, swords, lances, spears, Sang, Katar, Pesh Kabz, pistol
  2. Aw Shucks you'll make me blush
  3. This is the only one i have - hope it's of use !
  4. Disturbing Video - Anyone know when the full version is coming out ?? The comment from the SS of Police shows the extent of the problem - (contains 'heavy duty' punjabi swearing - you've been warned !!) - Any info about the film maker / channel / where it will be shown ??
  5. Gurfateh ! Saka Chamkaur Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj, Panth Ke Waali, Shamsher Pita, Sarbans Daani, Karam Veer, Shah e Shahanshah - ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਪਿਆਰੇ
  6. Biwi Agey Bannda Nawab Na Koi ! - The Classic two handed Beard/shoe combination ! hehehe (from The Cultural Heritage of Punjab 3000 BC - 1947 AD - K C Aryan (Rekha Prakashan) 1983)
  7. What's on your mind?

  8. Transglobal Underground - The Sikhman and the Rasta
  9. I've changed it http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=32452&id=100000744519233&l=e55e19b336 does this work ?
  10. Gurfateh ! In Celebration, Respect and Praise of Steel ......... Enjoy my collection .... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=32452&id=100000744519233&l=e55e19b336
  11. Gurfateh! Thanks for the link 'Chatanga' ji I love the photograph of Jathedar Sardar Kartar Singh Jhabbar - especially the 'samman vali dang' he is carrying.
  12. Gurfateh ! With Love on Mother's Day .......
  13. Oh and that Gutka has pictures from the article too.

  14. Try to get ahold of Namdhari Nitnem Gutka from 1992 published by Maharaj Bir Singh ji. it cites an article of Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha on types of turban and what is sidhi and tedi dastaar. Bhai Kahn Singhji also mentions in his own words that his father and grandfather also used to wear sidhi dastaar. i dont have the said Gutka with me. i read it once as someone had brought it to the Dharamsala.

  15. Dear Fateh Singh Ji, (Ashik Ashik Har Koi Kahai, Sir Tedi Pagree Dhar Ke - Kavi Bihari Ji, kavi of Guru Gobind Singh) Do you have a reference for the 'Tedi Pagree' line - I have been looking for it for a while. Many Thanks in advance Ranjit Singh
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