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  1. I think what it means is that feel horny but do not get scared from it & jerk off ( happy ending). He is saying embrace it as a part of yourself & dont be nervous from it. Just dont let it out, conserve your shakti. Eventually you will see the shakti inside you will transform from lust to something beautiful if you stop lrtting off. often we get nervous scared and that adds to anxiety, guilt further weakening the self will. Embrace shakti because we are javan mards lol. Also it means we are healthy for now. for eg tumenescence in morning is a good sign of reproductive health if you are javan. The feeling of boredom & horniness are very uncomfortable feelings. We often tend to get rid of them via certain means. If we stay with them & let them run out on their own , next time it comes , you will be more comfortable & your will be a little bit stronger than previous. Guru Arjan Dev Ji gives a very useful tip . He says delay paap. So if you keep on delaying the means to get rid of feelin eventually the feeling will go away & next time it will be in a milder form. So next time you feel horny dont give the fuel or food to eyes & stay with the feeling as long as you can. And when you wake up in next morning you will be little bit happier. The mind will keep tricking you in different manners but be alert.
  2. Someone was seeing people with two faces or 4 legs etc in his meditation or sangat. Giani ji says there is only one person. The 5 vikars inside him change forms. The Aham rog is the mother of 5 dokh. This Aham changes forms.
  3. yep waves come & go whether it is iconography, history, views, or fashion or taste in music. gotta surf the wave & stay on top of it.
  4. A lot of parchar has been done for Vegetarianism by the Sants since 1900s such as Bhuchowale, Nanaksar, Rara Sahib, Hoti Mardan, Mehta Taksal, Radhaswamis etc. That is why " people apnay today would get seriously upset if someone created a modern version of such a scene, but it's obvious that people a century ago wouldn't have these issues. " Even in my family where everyone is Amritdhari now, my great grandfathers ( one in pakistan) both paternal & maternal were fond of hunting, drinking one peg every night, & chicken when guests came over and getting up in the Amritvela to do nitnem. So it was a norm back then. And I wouldnt be surprised if such paintings were common also. If you were not hunting you were not considered a real Sardar. History is just history. We will be history one day. Just gotta keep progressing taking guidance from Sants who are sent to re-emphasize the maryada.
  5. Its just an imagination of a meat loving artist imo lol. I am biased & interpret acc. to my own mental tendencies. Lets see what others think.
  6. Yeah I am not surprised either. When people are suffering their self will becomes weak & then they look for easy answers. And there are selfish people who play with peoples emotions.
  7. You can see him folding hands in gratitude. It represents the Atma of the jeevs whose udhar was done by Guru Ji. He is going up in heavens. lol . Even the muslim enemies who died at the hands of Guru ji were salvated and free from cycle of life & birth. It was really an honor or way to die at the hands of Guru. This is the reason two sikhs, son & dad, were so eager to become a testing target for the bullet of Guru.
  8. American People are too dumb to ever learn a difference between Muslim and a Sikh. It is sad. I have been called Osama on couple of occasions when I was in states. And at airports , I have been called Salam ale kum wtever, I guess they were being respectful but I had to tell them sorry I am not a muslim. Sometimes when I was in rush I just had to ignore their greeting. And I have been at US airports dozen times everytime I would take the explosive test from my hands but luckily never got asked to remove turban so that was good. This shit is stupid. Cant believe turks who were enemies are the same people we are getting confused for. These turk fukkers ruined everything for hardworking nice sikh people. I wish for a Sikh empire where the sun never sets and teach all these fukers a lesson especially gore.
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