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  1. I'm guessing she doesn't come here anymore? But I found this on Sikh Sangat someone posted it there. At least I think she is the same person?
  2. If they had such power to remove sexual intimacy from the equation, did they also remove the rather traumatic and painful aspect of birth from the woman as well? Maybe they beamed the baby outside the body so she didn't have to endure labour or pushing. Since a baby has to be born through a sexual organ normally and since some seem to think that the Gurus would never be associated with anything sexually, then do you think the baby was kind of beamed outside the woman's body so she also wouldn't have to sully herself with using her sexual organs to push the baby out? Or did the Mother not matte
  3. bro there are some Singhs with not too much up there naturally! I'm sure we all know someone!
  4. Some women also just brush their eyebrows and maybe use some sort of hairspray to keep them somewhat shaped but don't pluck them. My wife (amritdhari) uses a brush to keep them looking neat but she doesn't remove them or shape them that way.
  5. I find it very fascinating. While I don't think that DMT would help anyone who doesn't already have spiritual practice and discipline, I think a natural way to increase levels may help someone who already has had some progress in that area. Did you see the movie based on the book?
  6. paapiman, one should not be doing any sargun pooja or visualizing any "body" in relation to Waheguru: 1. Gurbani says Waheguru is formless 2. Gurbani says ALL forms are within Waheguru, therefore 3. Gurbani also says Waheguru is both the male AND the female, in fact 4. Gurbani tells us Waheguru is ALL there is. 5. Gurbani tells us No single part of creation (no single form) can be wholly Waheguru 6. Gurbani tells us EVERY part of creation IS Waheguru not just human male and female, but all the animals, plants, minerals, planets, stars, stardust, every single atom
  7. For true hallucinogens, the experiences generated would be false (hallucinations of the physical brain) so of course they would be detrimental. But DMT is a little bit more interesting. First of all, it's not actually a drug per say. It's produced in your own brain, and released in small amounts every night when you sleep and is believed to be partly responsible for dream imagery but it gets more interesting. It's released in huge amounts only twice in your life, at birth, and at death. One has to ask why. One doctor who researched it extensively believes it's the 'spirit molecule'
  8. I would say that it's a backup in nature. If something happens to the Mother, or if the Father is left alone stranded with a child, the appropriate hormone can be stimulated simply by the infant suckling. I remember a story actually where a man was stranded on an island with his infant and the Mother was lost in the boat wreck, and it was several weeks before they were rescued. To soothe the crying infant the father let it suckle him, and after awhile he actually produced milk, as in real milk which sustained the infant. So we actually do have the proper anatomy and the function is there altho
  9. So please tell me then brother, are you saying souls which get a female body are lower status than we are? If so, then you have to qualify why. I don't think gurbani says anywhere that being born female is result of any past sin. (I am well aware of the passage where it says that a man who thinks of women (in sexual sense) at death will come back as prostitute, but that is a specific situation where women are exploited, and the one guilty of that exploitation what better punishment than to experience what it's like to be on the receiving end of that same exploitation. Same as a slave owner a
  10. I think you are seriously missing the mark. I don't think Lucky Ji meant that we have to walk around blind. We need to see to navigate. But we need to see beyond this illusion of Maya. If one arrives to Gurdwara in a red car and another in a blue car does it really matter? The point is they both were going to the same destination and neither should have limitations placed or be put into status hierarchies because of what vehicle they happen to drive to get there. The body is just a vehicle and we are the passenger inside it and the passengers are all the same. In the case of the G
  11. In absolute concurrence with the above! Gurus were not the body, they were the jyot within.
  12. Ahh but, but what is a soul? Is not Waheguru the soul behind every entity? Paapiman can you please describe for us the nature of nirgun / sargun, while justifying existence of separate souls? All is ultimately one, is it not? Is the manifest separate from the unmanifest? Who is the I AM behind every single entity?
  13. Actually that was my point. I was trying to get him to think it out and come to that realization himself. Truthful living is not the same as telling the truth. So what you wrote above is exactly the point I was trying to make. It's not possible for a human to always speak the truth 100% of the time (in relative terms).I was just hoping everyone would read the scenario and come to that conclusion themselves thats why I worded it that way. So 100% in agreement with you!
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