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  1. Also having good quality sleep has a great affect on increasing self control and will power.
  2. Yes if someone could clarify the situation about "kithe dhyan launa" I think Tohana ji and Gurmat Meditation sangat have different viewpoints.
  3. what do you think if it was neutral sounding?
  4. A very similar thing has happened to me a couple times over the past few weeks, my body is fully asleep but I am waken up by a super loud tone, any clarification would be greatly appreciate
  5. Exactly, its like you can feel pyaar in the voice through time and space
  6. Paramhansa Yogananda references bible verses in his autobiography, he relates it back to yogic/eastern wisdoms. You can find the book as pdf for free on google.
  7. regarding sat1176 link, in which bhai sahib describes focsing on the nij padh between the eyes about a quarter inch inside, he specifically mentions not to "kich ke dyan" which I translate as forcibly applying dhyan, he describes an alternative method of focusing on nij padh which I could not understand in the video. Could anyone clarify? Thanks
  8. I have recently used Nippon Kodo's kayuragi Sandalwood sticks (this is their mid tier around 30 scents a stick 12.99 for 40 sticks on amazon they burn for about 25 mins) and have been happy with the scent, the scent lingers for around 1-2 hours following the burn.
  9. Most Japanese incense sticks are made with natural ingredients and don't have a bamboo core. Although they are a little lighter in strength and burn quicker compared to Indian or Tibetan ones. For some recommendations i would suggest visiting the incense subreddit on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Incense/ I would have to agree that khulee dhoof (+ using ghee jot with a new batti every time) is the best option when it comes into attracting good energies...
  10. starting at 17:10, the tribes people just grind the fresh saffron that they harvested in the morning and it turn it into a paste with its moisture, Or as the lady is grinding it by hand the oils from her hand may have mixed and created a paste.
  11. That is exactly what I thought too October having a 2 full moons and they (calender makers) just bumped the Gurpurab one month back.
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