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  1. @Sat1176 thanks for the graphics! Please keep us updated
  2. It is literally just westernized pranayama, an edited version of "breath of fire".
  3. Hey Ragnarok, Ive noticed when i do antargat jaap it takes a few days of regular jaap to build up speed relative to vaikhari jaap, I have also heard in various katha that antargat has more phal. Would it still be recommended to do antargat even if jaap is slower?
  4. Hey Sat1176, in your opinion what are we supposed to do after entering sunn? just sit in the void, try to listen to internal naad?
  5. Also having good quality sleep has a great affect on increasing self control and will power.
  6. Yes if someone could clarify the situation about "kithe dhyan launa" I think Tohana ji and Gurmat Meditation sangat have different viewpoints.
  7. what do you think if it was neutral sounding?
  8. A very similar thing has happened to me a couple times over the past few weeks, my body is fully asleep but I am waken up by a super loud tone, any clarification would be greatly appreciate
  9. Exactly, its like you can feel pyaar in the voice through time and space
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