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  1. starting at 17:10, the tribes people just grind the fresh saffron that they harvested in the morning and it turn it into a paste with its moisture, Or as the lady is grinding it by hand the oils from her hand may have mixed and created a paste.
  2. That is exactly what I thought too October having a 2 full moons and they (calender makers) just bumped the Gurpurab one month back.
  3. I had assumed that the gurpurab of guru Nanak dev ji has always been on and celebrated on Kattak di Puranmashi ( the day of the full moon in the month of kattak). As tomorrow is Sangrand of Kattak month (which lasts from October 17- November 15), the full moon during this month occurs on October 31st. But all calendars I've seen have the gurpurab placed on the 30th of November which is the full moon of Maghar. Hoping the sangat has any insights to the matter Bhul chuk maaf karni
  4. A perspective to how mantra/gurmantar can lead to naad, in a way their origins are very alike.
  5. How are Naam and Siddhi distinguished, do they come on the same path, or are the paths different?
  6. I took it for about 4 months straight, helps with constipation but I did not notice any other notable effects
  7. yes, I would assume grinding it dry, any moisture will cause mold. Also, all kesar that we can get in the store is "dried" in that there is no moisture left in the flower because if there were it would not grind dry.
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