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  1. Personally Ive heard Guru Har Rai more but one piece of evidence for the other iteration is the Kavi Santokh Singh's manglacharan "... Hari Rai, Har Krishan Gur, Tegh Bahadur Chand, Dasme Gobind Singh Guru namo charan ar bind."
  2. @raagmala In response to this, Giani Inderjit singh Raqbe vale, student of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh ji Bhindrawale share there own vichar about Sukha at Hazur sahib, Starting at 4:30. I find it quite interesting that two students of Vadde Mahapurkh (both Sant Giani Mohan Singh ji and Sant Inderjit Singh Ji) have such differing views... I feel that the issue of Sukha is more subtle than we can interpret ourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuXhCab_VZE
  3. I have no idea, But I can speculate that there is something esoteric about using fresh or "live" water that comes straight from nature and not stagnant in pipes. Water is meant to flow naturally so energetically it could be more beneficial to consume that type of water.
  4. In the early 2000s and 90s in America especially the Taksali singhs exclusively used water from freshwater streams and well water, even today I think they don't use tap water (in terms of the Taksali amrit sanchar jathas)
  5. Shaheedi Degh de Salok | Bhai Gurpratap Singh Ji Hazur Sahib | @Khalsa 1699 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnQkMDPCyfM
  6. Personal tips: - Have proper sleep, good quality sleep and will power have a strong correlation in my personal research - Have proper diet (don't get caught being "hangry") - Daily exercise (start with 5 pushups every hour or something, build up your strength) - You may have Pitta imbalance so try to eat a Pitta pacifying diet especially in the summer time aka Pitta season - Also the mindset by which you consume your food affects is conduciveness to your body, begin eating after 1 minute or two of Jaap, remember guru sahiban, and shaheed singhs to induce sato gun within the food and reduce its natural tamasic quality or the tamasic qualities it picked up when it was being prepared
  7. @Arsh1469, there are so many maryadas and sanskars not mentioned in SGGS or DGS, also just because something is mentioned in SGGS or DGS doesn't make it valid, it depends on what context the gurus mentioned particular practices in.
  8. @Sat1176 thanks for the graphics! Please keep us updated
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