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  1. yes i was, my fav team was south africa. I've always supported south africa for some reason over any other cricket team.
  2. Roop Dhillon, I have approved your post. But do consider registering on our website for speedy service.
  3. You've bought up good point. I remember doing some research on anandpur sahib resolution..lot of socially progressive/socialist points.
  4. We need to realize there are too many marginalized groups in Canada ( ie indigenous, visible minorities) for us to vote for right. Only indian community that I am aware voting right is Hindu Punjabi so called Aryan /modi chamchas.
  5. I totally agree regarding right wing that's why I am flabbergasted when I hear Apne supporting cons and trump. Cons are like magnet for white supremacists. I almost feel like some Apne feel they are not tired of British colonial rule over them for centuries.
  6. It was from Canada..rebel media right wing..they also know who Sikhs are..they just act ignorant.
  7. I agree with you. I remember seeing that video. However, in Canada everyone knows who Sikh is.
  8. I am not sure you can check this website for your riding https://www.elections.ca/scripts/vis/FindED?L=e&PAGEID=20
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