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  1. Bump..happy new year if I am not mistaken chet is sikhi new year?
  2. Gurfateh all, I am looking for reference for saying Hirde Gyan Mukh bhagti by baba budda ji. I heard this saying long time ago in the katha i m not sure which one. Can you please provide some insight on this saying?
  3. Pappiman bro, please login into your account and post. It makes us easy for mod team instead of approving post.
  4. Everyone know them as ..sad news indeed. I used to watch his videos earlier in life.
  5. This one is really good too: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/922831627/jee-aayan-nu-set-of-3-blue-mandala?ref=hp_opfy-2&pro=1
  6. About time to get it online ji. Wonderstruck expanded light infinite awareness is most spiritual one for me.
  7. Sant Attar Singh Ji Mustanewale relics- rare video vaja 2006 video gifted to family in Surrey, BC. Haan ji darshan karo ji: sant attar singh ji maustanewaley vaja.mpg sant attar singh ji muastnaeywale vaaja part 2.mpg
  8. Ashtbunga is real deal and also another version of khalsa flag. I recently received custom kirpan made by taksali bhindran kalan love preet singh ji. It has asht bunga craving on it.
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