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  1. Just reiterating what's already been said here original panj mukte. Unless I read it wrong
  2. I was under impresssion nand singh in sau sakhi is baba nand singh but since there are three attar singh , it may refer to nand singh puratan bhramgyani along with baba nand singh ji nanaksarwale. Suleman tape also talks about baba nand singh , baba attar singh There were three baba attar singh at the same time- baba attar singh ji mustanewale, baba attar singh ji attale wale and baba attar singh ji reru sahib wale.
  3. Got this ad from yogi Amandeep Singh Satnam Hope all is well Was wondering if anyone you know would like to learn Sanskrit There is a man from gangotri, he is a Sanskrit master He is teaching my sons Sanskrit He is in need of financial help and requested if any one I know who would be Interested in learning Sanskrit Name : anand joshi phone number +91 96434 84951
  4. Look into paratamik Satta and vavhairik Satta. As far paratamik Satta goes, mahapursh can never be wrong as they all connected to Ikongkar / supreme awareness atma paratma and but when it comes to vavhairik Satta they may differ in opinions vastly. It's all paradox but context helps.
  5. Lot of houses western Canada don't have built in AC due to usual nice mid 20 temps..heat wave has already caused 200 deaths ..mostly seniors source CBC
  6. Where you going for computer courses? I might try Uber in Oct lol. Nothing new in terms of katha.
  7. Welcome back. Nothing much looking for job got laid off lol
  8. Indeed India https://in.indeed.com/jobs-in-India Indeed AU https://au.indeed.com/jobs-in-Australia Indeed NZ https://nz.indeed.com/jobs-in-New-Zealand Indeed UK https://uk.indeed.com/ Indeed US https://www.indeed.com/q-USA-jobs.html?vjk=cfd6162450a3373f Indeed Canada https://ca.indeed.com/
  9. Same employe laid me off temporary before now it was permanent. They don't have work.
  10. Gurfateh all, For someone who is looking for work as i been recently laid off, i noticed there is lack of sikh employment connection in our circles. How do you feel about new section on here Sikh employment services to build solid apna network for jobs. Our people are highly successful group. Its shame there is lack of network within our circles. Please share your thoughts?
  11. very horrible news. I cant even imagine what aboriginal people are going through while pope at rome decides pr statement. He is under heavy scrutiny by justin trudeau I've been watching this news quite closely. Victoria which is capital of BC announced there will not be any Canada day celebrations in wake of this news.
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