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  1. If it's in Anand chamtkar I have it ..do you have page number by any chance?
  2. Look everything is possible including in vahiguru khed. When I was working many years ago I had a Buddhist friend who said lamas incarnation are picked early on by kali chakra or something like that. They have lineages. 1,2,3 lamas. Our Sikh panth has many bhramgyanis as opposed to other panths. As word of Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale, khalsa is Raj Rishiya da panth.
  3. Found this diamond discourse by Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale from old archives - - Jevan Mukht Bedah Mukht Lashan.mp3
  4. http://www.gursevak.com/drupal7/readsggs?ang=276 Reference: starts at 04:13 Its different pronunciation and perhaps different meaning also? I dont know. Please feel free to share your input. Gurbani has many different antriv arths, all i can say beant beant-apar apar- infinite infinite
  5. Just oral tradition, thats why rara sahib is known as karamsar. If that wasn't the case it will be dedicated to Sant isher singh ji rara sahib teacher- sant attar singh ji reru sahib. But there is a reason it was known as karamsar.
  6. Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardanwale was incarnation saint- Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara sahib wale, also Sant isher singh ji rara sahib wale was also raja janak in their previous incarnations.
  7. I take no credit for this as i am connecting dots and may be totally out of depth but here is another similar perspective. All credits to sant isher singh ji rara sahib divan where i picked up this: Another light bulb "> ...in the awake state awareness is in the eyes, in deep sleep where there is no thoughts ..awareness is in right chest area ...turiya is conscious of right heart side while awake. Feeling of coolness and "> blue heart and quiet ">">, forne naturally goes quiet. Reference: Sant isher singh ji ears sahib tapes raja janak divan, Sant darshan singh dhakkiwale
  8. source: Gurbani Wisdom by Sant Waryam Singh Ji - How to know thy real self source: starts at 13:00 starts 13:00
  9. In my case, I narrow it down to diet and underlying medical condition and pills I am taking. I am improving my diet to shud satogun.
  10. This is shaan i was talking about, its by satpinder singh - - sat intro.wma.mp3
  11. I just got this from whatsapp- credit goes to taksalikirpan bhindran kalan: To celebrate the 400th Parkash of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji, Sikh2Inspire presents a digital calendar for Android and Apple devices which will sync all Puratan Gurpurb and historical dates to your phone. You can learn more about the day as it will include 'YouTube' links to informative videos. Each day also notes the solar and lunar date according to the traditional Sikh calendar. The calendar runs from now through the Sikh New Year in Chet, all the way through to the following Chet Please click
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