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  1. I have lost touch with them but I will ask my sister and she knows their contact. I will keep you posted.
  2. It also depends on spiritual maturity , connection and agreement between couples. There is connection with couples with heart centers and spiritual heart if partners meditate on naam together all that other stuff is quite arbitratary when that happens. Like if some one is hooked on kundalini awakening see all that stuff borderline ridiculous. Spirituality is different type of high.
  3. I heard sant singh maskeen ji is good authority on this subject. I don't know. I am on pathless enligthenment path which is quite self annihilation and quite destructive process. Every day things are seen and let go.
  4. There was a picture i saw on facebook long time ago, victorian church close to sri darbar sahib. I dont know the history behind it. Does anyone recall?
  5. Key is in Pavan Gurbani- Sukhmani sahib 21st asthpadi and gurbani question and answer. First 0;40 search is over- Sehaj- Parameshvar Vahiguru we come from and go back- source and target- Vahiguru/Ikongkar/Ikaongkar, target- Vahiguru/Ikangkar/Ikongkar - undefined infinite effortless infinite Vahiguru- Awareness/Turitya atith then further fragmentation starts of thoughts- universe/multiverse/khands/bhramands/ 4 types of mukhti/reincarnation.. I am willing to learn more and grow more, vahiguru is beant beant. The way i understand this, this takes precedence over ongkar/oankar dhun/
  6. I had to make full turn from Ikangkar, Ikongkar to finally Gurmantar- Vahiguru. I am in much more harmony. Guru Maryada is marayada ..none is above it.
  7. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Atam marg collection 2
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Atam Marg Collection
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Journey from Hinduism to Sikhism by Swami.pdf must read.
  10. Doctor just gives you sleeping pill. I will try again today slow gurbani audio helps.
  11. I have this problem now. Ira pingal imbalance I am not sure. Hope ardas and benti and seeking out feel from naam in heart might help. Imbalance literally feels split on right and left. I was doing va in navel, he in heart, gu in throat and ru parkash..may be I skipped 3rd eye all together which is ira pingala sukhmana triveni? I am not sure..should have stick with spiritual heart on the right.
  12. May be it's too early to tell but I think my insomnia issues are coming to end. Everyone is different but I find full long nitneem done by gyani thakur singh ji patiala wale extra soothing. Last night in 15 mins I am out. I will try again today.
  13. Perhaps lucky Singh can help or chatanga who is proficient in historical granths.
  14. I think the reason behind not writing any records of those who are incarnated again that its in our sikh panth - our central theme is - Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, so sikh saints are quite humble in that way, they don't publicly announce these esoteric / adhyatmic bachans to all. Buddhism on other hand has no central theme.
  15. If it's in Anand chamtkar I have it ..do you have page number by any chance?
  16. Look everything is possible including in vahiguru khed. When I was working many years ago I had a Buddhist friend who said lamas incarnation are picked early on by kali chakra or something like that. They have lineages. 1,2,3 lamas. Our Sikh panth has many bhramgyanis as opposed to other panths. As word of Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale, khalsa is Raj Rishiya da panth.
  17. Found this diamond discourse by Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale from old archives - - Jevan Mukht Bedah Mukht Lashan.mp3
  18. http://www.gursevak.com/drupal7/readsggs?ang=276 Reference: starts at 04:13 Its different pronunciation and perhaps different meaning also? I dont know. Please feel free to share your input. Gurbani has many different antriv arths, all i can say beant beant-apar apar- infinite infinite
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