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  1. I beileve that Guru ji has provided all kinds of knowledge in Dasam Granth Ji which include the lives of the avatars, the tales teaching us about many important things and things are useful in our daily lives . What can we say in praise of Guru Gobind Singh Ji ? We cannot even come close to praising Him. And we talk about analysing His Bani ? How can we understand Dhur Ki Bani by Dasam Pitah Ji ? If we really want to learn we need to have an open mind and let go of our ego and previous biases. I think it can be understood only through the grace of Guru Ji himself. We can only learn from the anubhav of Kamai wale mahapurash.
  2. but how many surprises can they pull out in their next performances ?
  3. fateh singh veer, Please tell us more about this Bir. Why was it given sharaap ? So people become blind by doing a sehaj path of it ? I am curious :evil:
  4. Nice to see good discussion going on this topic ! Xylitol , I have to agree with you. We should respect the Puratan Maryadas and take lessons from the lives of Mahapurash. Whatever they say they say it for a reason. Sometimes we cannot notice the things that they can observe. So I guess maryada is there for a reason. So I will just give up this foolish or childish thought trying this Bani at night. These are serious matters and I shouldn't take these lightly. I guess I would need to build up more nitnem, simran and stricter rehit before I can be able to benefit from this Bani. And as MIthr and Shaheediyan pointed out practicality is an important point. When someone is in a serious danger or a battle this Bani with its immense power would be most useful. I remember that my mom's massi fell ill and remained so for about three years. The reason behind that was her possession by a Muslim Pir when she accidentally urined on his grave. Then with the hukam of Sant Ishar Singh ji Kaleran wale, a singh used to recite Chandi di var near her bed where she used to lie down. On 40th day or so , she saw the PIr leaving her body in extreme frustration. From that day on she started feeling better. Such is the Power of this Great Bani. Dhan Guru Gobind SIngh Ji maharaj!!
  5. I just finished Chandi di Var before doing rehraas sahib. My parents heard me and they are really worried that it is a very strict path and I should rather do Sukhmani Sahibs. I have to admit after doing this path I felt on top of the world as if I was ready to take anyone who may come in my path. I wonder what will happen if I include this in my nitnem and keep a strict rehat. Whatever Guru wants he will get it done through me.
  6. Just remembered an anecdote from Giani Thakur Singh ji's katha. He mentions a Singh who was a nitnemi of this Chandi Di Var gurbani. Once at Hazoor sahib, this gursikh was sitting down and when he opened his eyes he saw a huge huge divine being seated beside him. Upon questioning that divine being , he answered that since you are a nitnemi of this bani its our duty and hukam from Akal purakh to offer our protection and services to you. So that means this bani can also be used for protection given its done with pyaar, respect and marayada. And ofcourse as we all know Naam is always there for anything we seek. just thought this anecdote was relevant. Another thought that just came to my minds is that since this Baani induces Bir Rass it can also be used to tackle and wrestle with the 5 big strong muscular demons inside us What do you guys think ?
  7. yes das you are right that if somebody starts the path at night it has to be continued all night. This maryada was told by Sant HarnamSingh ji Rampur Khede wale. The reason I asked is because I intend to do this path at night but only once. I know I am being stupid lol but my brain just keeps thinking of doing dangerous things. MKS, if chandi comes to drink my blood i will recite brahm kavach 32 times LOl just joking
  8. What will happen if you recite the path of Chandi Di Var at night time ? I know it is not the maryada but still I am just curious . Has anyone ever recited at night ? :twisted:
  9. there are so many ppl on that group , the only two ppl i know from there r amrik and neo
  10. Its not even about men or pervs watching the singhni but the thing is why would men let a woman take the risk of climbing the pole when there are other people present out there who should do it. I think just of respect for their sisters, mothers and daughters Singhs won't let them climb up as long as they are present there. Also climbing a Nishan Sahib can be a risky business, there are many instances when people have fallen down resulting in their death. This could be another probable reason. Unless the Jatha is completely of women and there are no singhs around to do this seva , then climbing the NIshan Sahib by a bibi may sound reasonable. It just occurred to me right now that when they change the chola there is a seat that is fitted to the pole which rises up as the lever down below is rotated. So I guess even Bibis could do it if they are seated on a seat and as long as they dont climb it like a monkey with their legs wrapped around a pole and make a mockery of themselves. I realize i just made a mess of my post by posting contradictory views , anyways i will post to see you guys' reactions hehe
  11. I had great respect for this Gursikh , I am no one to judge him but hearing the truth about him just makes me sad. He backstabbed his own fellow singhs in a conspiracy to kill pakhandi Ashutosh.
  12. My question is which shabad or mantar is a Brahm Kavach ? Can you guys enlighten me ?
  13. I wonder that too. But I believe this is all the play of 'karams'. Guru ji bhakash lavo maharaj saade gun augan na vecharo..
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