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  1. My question is which shabad or mantar is a Brahm Kavach ? Can you guys enlighten me ?
  2. http://www.searchgurbani.com/main.php?book...ge&page=239 check it out
  3. So is it the emptyness or the void that Buddhist talk about when they attain Nirvana ? Because Buddhists don't believe in the permanence of the soul, neither do they believe in a higher power/God. They believe ones goal is to extinguish the karmic energies that are reborn, and attain Nirvana, emptiness.
  4. The reason i said 'sitting 3 hrs continuously' was because I read somewhere that if you are able to sit 3 hrs continuously then you get 'asan siddhi' (anyone can elaborate on that please?) Speaking from the viewpoint of some yogic practitioners , it is believed that in order to keep the mind still keeping your body still is very important in the initial stage and if you are able to attain 'asan sidhi' then you can stay still for as long as you want without any distraction in your practice. and yup I agree with antinang that bhagats of Rab are not bound by any asanas or restrictions. But
  5. Maha Kharag Singh, You might be familiar with this one, I know Tantrics look for the bones of the deceased ones, But I have also heard that they especially look for those who died young or died unmarried. What might be the reason for this one ? Also this incident happened with my Nani ji. She was a great abhyaasi of Gurbani and Naam. The place where my naanke are (village Kutbinangal) it is said the area was mainly occupied by Muslims before the partition of India and Pakistan. And there was a Muslim lady who died in her shila or chalisa and her shila was broken, she was trying to acq
  6. very interesting I remember my Mama ji was interested in learning this Kala Ilam from some Pir in our village in Batala city, He went to him a couple of times but when my Nana ji found out about this the Pir was asked to leave the village and to stop teaching these things to the villagers...No body knew what happened to that Pir after.
  7. All my courses this semester involve Historical studies, and just after 1 week of attending these classes I have realized how I have to weigh things on an intellectual or scholarly level, and there are so many factors that have to be considered while writing an academic paper. Its just maddening lol I am definitely gonna need you lol Now I get what have you been trying to say all along.
  8. It is said that whoever are the abhyaasis of Naam and Gurbani, their faces will glow and radiate...It was very difficult to look into the eyes of some mahapurakhs... I dont know what is it tht stops people from looking directly into mahapurashs...they say its like trying to look at sun but u cant...Basically they have a strong influence/presence and power in their look. Not only sukhmani sahib but the whole gurbani will have the same effect... now tht i reflect back on this topic some of the points may sound like compulsion. bottom line i think is just read gurbani with prem and jap
  9. I bumped this thread because I just had a similar question in my mind of How exorcism is done in Sikhi ? From my limited understanding I believe if someone does get possessed I think approaching the Panj Pyaare would be great a idea and then they would give advise to what to do. Also if someone has a sangat of a Chardikala Mahapurakh or a Gursikh , they can also be approached. or Just lie down in front of the Guru Granth Sahib and keep asking the forgiveness for sins. I have also heard Chandi Charitar path is very helpful in countering these evil spirits. I believe that these spi
  10. now niranjana, if u look at the post i made abt asking if people r getting the correct idea , i think most of them r getting the right idea so far, i guess my communication is not bad after all
  11. I admit that I have a difficulty using words to express the concepts in Gurbani or as you put my lack of language skills but as long as people get the basic idea its fine. Although I used a wrong term "prapti" we all knew what it actually meant. If you looked at the context in which it was used 'the main goal' 'gobind milan ki eh teri bariya ', most of the people would get that Prapti is Realization, and many other terms relating the same idea of Realization. Although 'prapti 'might be an incorrect term, but I think people would get the idea or some even the wrong idea :twisted:
  12. Niranjana , all this scholarly gyan and education will fail, sehas syaanpa lakh hoye taan ik na chale naal, i try to stay away from this scholarly stuff, because its the scholars without actual kamai that create doubts in the panth and causes differences. Gurbani cannot be understood until you are in the 4th Pad Sehaj Avastha, all of us on this forum are wandering in te rajo, tamo sato gun , how we gonna understand Gurbani , very hard to do so without Guru Kirpa I dont create definitions for words, as i said before a word can mean differently instead of wasting time de
  13. Well when I wrote the word Prapti I just wrote it as it came to my mind, just as intuition, when I write words I dont try to analyze them and try to think of the various interpretations that the word can have. Because I dont try to be correct, I write as it comes. I assume people take the bhavarth. You said it is realization , I said it was prapti. And we both meant the same. Although you have interpreted prapti in a different sense , like obtaining objects. My interpretation is different the realization of the ONE, oneness, absorption, naam daan etc etc And then you tried to pro
  14. Niranjana ji , Ofcourse I don't believe in Dualism and neither do I think of Ishavara as an object. I will try to come up with a valid argument.
  15. I just used the word prapti from my common punjabi ; several words can imply the same meaning like Naam Di Prapti, Naam Daan, Brahmgyan milna, Prabhu De Charan hirde vich vasne, Prapti of Waheguru simply is becoming Waheguru , just like Akaal Moorat Hai Sadh Santan ki , Saints, Bhagats who have become one with God , God makes them their roop. Its a complicated thing , some will say that mukti is the main goal , free from the cycle of SAMSARA, but then others can argue Why do bhagats dont want mukti and they just want the charan of their gurus ? And others will argue that if
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