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  1. Satt1176 Ji. Is page 2 different then the page 1.
  2. Thank you, Satt1176. It means after Anhad shabads we need focusing also.
  3. are we able to do any thing in this situation (entering sunn)? Because in this situation abhyaaasi will be out of Buddi Mandal, if he has a power of thinking and then he is not in sunn. Please correct me if I wrongly interpreted the seattlesingh quarry
  4. Sevak ji it will be great if you explain little more in simple way Thank you
  5. Some what confused. It will be great if someone make it more clear for me. First advised to concentrate on clear subtle and high pitch sound. Next it say He must not be tempted to follow the more obvious of these two sounds I am going through this stuff slowly. Sound to be very good stuff.
  6. From Discourses On The Beyond Part 3 page 163 Before Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib was constructed, we used to wander there. In my life, I met one great soul. Even today, I bow my head before him. He had learnt the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib by heart. Its reading took him only eight hours. He read so fast. One day I thought that perhaps he was making a fool of us all. An English educated person’s intellect gets corrupted. He does not put faith in anyone in a hurry. My intellect too is so, on account of my English education, I thought of bringing a tape recorder. I said, "Sir, I want to go
  7. Wgjkkwgjkf Very motivative and inspiring information. Thank you Lucky ji
  8. Welcome back Lucky Ji, after for a while not seen you on this forum on this topic. If this stage is a part of dhyaan. Constration in the trikutti or above. when I do my simran sawas sawas after some time effortless pulsation start in trikutti and in forehead. This pulsation is very pleasant. I feel not to open my eyes. if look above I see blue, yellow, white lights come and go. Sometime expend in circles. But I do more sawas sawas simran I hear hi frequency sound also since long but not giving any attention to it. But mind is still wondering during simran, thought still
  9. It is disrespectful when you play gurbani and talking to each other without listening gurbani. Thanks
  10. Wgjkkwgjkf This is very valuable forum for Naam abhayaasis and other who want to gain knowage about sikhisim. I am following this for couple a of years. Most intrest I have in meditation section and post of Gursikh rather I say Gurmukh Lucky ji and Sat1176 are giving very good guidance to Naam abhayaasis like me. Since my english is not so good and explation is bad so I hasitsate to post ask question or doubt whenever i got confusion, but searching back and forh from this forum some thing I use to get near by. I will write in very simple english My explanation may not b
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